Or... more specifically... the answer to the ultimate question...
What is this all about?


And the answer is... there are days when I honestly have no clue.

Ok. That’s not fair. And also not true.

But perception and reality are tricky things. Over the years, In My Backpack has expanded and... I think fair to say... matured.

In 2003, my efforts had a fairly basic purpose: To write. I wanted to pull some of the material and ideas that I’d been carrying around for so many years, work on them, and perhaps have them read by a person or two. I wanted to kick off some rust, experiment with different subjects and themes, and have a place where I could share columns and articles and thoughts and more.

During the time since those intial days, well...

We’ve had the joys and thrills of all sorts of computer issues

We’ve added some efforts

We’ve stopped some efforts

We’ve published books

And those are just a handful of events, presented without diving too deeply or exploring the smallest of details. (And -- dare I say -- not too bad for someone quite willing to put a hammock up in the back yard and take frequent naps (while defending them as thought-filled research and development efforts).)

I have sent many letters and packages out for consideration and placed others into the filing cabinet. I’ve got several envelopes ready to go as you are reading this.

Along with some successes, I have plenty of experience that I can pass along to aspiring authors about how to handle a rejection slip. Comes with the territory. Anyone that tells you differently probably hasn’t attempted much. The only guaranteed way to avoid failure is to not try. I intend to keep trying.

And while this web site has developed into what I now playfully call the Backpack Community (and at times, Backpackville and The ‘ville), it remains true to those early days in its most basic purpose... a way to put some things out there for others to enjoy, even as I keep working behind the scenes at creating a best seller that could justify future naps.

Portions of this site celebrate my work, accomplishments and activities. There is a page for my Writing & Books, my Photo Gallery, and other segments and areas may be added and updated. So, visit often and look around.

The success of the site ultimately depends on you. I hope you will take a few seconds, check out the Complaint Department section, and let me know your thoughts and suggestions. I also encourage you to visit the Extras section, where I have placed some links I think you may find interesting. If you continue down this page you’ll find a bit more about the areas of the site, some of our other spots around the web, and how to use the banner at the top to find things.

Thanks for visiting. I appreciate it.

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An overview of In My Backpack

Now Playing ~ More or less the daily diary of a particular month, with informal thoughts and comments on anything that strikes me as worth mentioning.

The Attic ~ This is the storage area... the archive of articles and other material. Here you’ll find general interest as a catch all along with specific sections for interviews, sports, travel, and more.

42 ~ If you’re reading this, youve already seen it.

Complaint Department ~ Contact information.

Extras ~ Links... shared for a variety of reasons.

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