Or... more specifically... the answer to the ultimate question...
What is this all about?


I have always wanted to be a professional writer. Magazine articles, books, plays, scripts… I’ve got ideas for them all. I won’t pretend that I’ve been productive about attacking these projects. Maybe that lovely bride of mine has added a line or two (or fifteen) to her list of projects that I need to pay more attention to. Perhaps the dogs decided to wake me up several times during the night to express their thoughts on a recent effort of mine (or, more likely, to express their desire to chase the squirrels across the backyard in the moonlight regardless of my need for sleep).

Or… of course… maybe I’m just damn good at procrastinating, and it’s always fun to work on something you’re good at. Let’s face it… I’m very willing to put a hammock up in the back yard and take frequent naps (and then refer to them as thought-filled research and development efforts). And while having no desire to be a starving writer, I am open to hearing arguments about the pro-side of being an alcoholic writer. (Well... not alcoholic... but I do like those fancy umbrellas and a nice frozen beverage.)


I have sent many letters and packages out for consideration and placed others into the filing cabinet. I’ve got several envelopes ready to go as you are reading this. To date though, the most experience I can pass along to aspiring authors is how to handle a rejection slip.

Comes with the territory. Anyone that tells you differently probably hasn’t attempted much. The only guaranteed way to avoid failure is to not try. I intend to keep trying.

I wanted a way to put some things out there though… even as I keep working behind the scenes at creating a best seller that could justify those future naps. Pull out some of the stuff and ideas I’ve been carrying around for so many years and perhaps get them read by a person or two. Do I think a miracle will take place… and a friend of a friend of a friend will e-mail the site address to someone in a position to make a difference? Perhaps. But more importantly right now is that I am producing material, working off some rust while getting in some practice, and hopefully that you enjoy it…

This web site was initially designed in February of 2003, and it went live in March of that year. In 2008, I smashed into several computer issues… and smashed I have found to be the best word to describe the wide range of challenges presented… and eventually a new version of the site was re-launched in December of that year. I plan to use this as my way of posting columns, articles, thoughts and ideas. The exact dates for updates is roughly whenever I feel I have something ready. (Or more specifically when I get off my butt and write.) However, hoping to get you interested enough to return on a frequent and regular basis, and understanding the feeling of wanting more material from web sites I enjoy, I will do everything I can to make certain something gets posted as often as possible.

I am also setting up portions of the site to celebrate other accomplishments and activities. There is a page for my Writing & Books, my Photo Gallery, Terry’s crafts with ComplemenTerry Designs, and supporting the community with Local Friends for Local Business.

The success of the site will ultimately depend on you. So I hope you will take a few seconds, visit the Complaint Department section, and let me know your comments and suggestions for future efforts. I also encourage you to visit the Extras section, where I have placed some links I think you may find interesting. If you continue down this page you’ll find descriptions of what this site contains, and how to use the banner at the top of the site to find things.

Thanks for visiting. I appreciate it.

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Heres a quick overview of In My Backpack

Now Playing ~ Kind of a daily diary set up for a particular month, with informal thoughts and comments on anything that strikes me as worth mentioning. When a new article is posted to the site, I’ll have it noted in an entry for that day. I’ll also have special links and other items here. Once a month changes, a new “Now Playing” entry will begin, and the old month will be filed away in The Attic.

The Attic ~ Easy enough to figure out, this is the storage area... the archive of articles and material. Go here and you’ll find general interest as a catch all along with specific sections for interviews, sports, travel, and basically any thing else I think I need.

42 ~ If you’re reading this I don’t need to explain it.

Complaint Department ~ Contact information.

Extras ~ Links that either mean something to me, or that I would like to direct your attention to, that deserve a bit more permanent spot than a simple listing in an entry in Now Playing.

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