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It's the most wonderful time of the year... at least around In My Backpack

The story has become part of In My Backpack legend…

With the release of Time Just Drifts Away in July of 2012, Bob was looking for ways to raise awareness and promote the effort. Around the same time, the internet was buzzing with celebrations here and there for national days of this-and-that. It was National Raspberry Cream Pie Day that finally pushed things over the edge.

If avocados can have a day… If scallops can have multiple days… If raspberry cream pie can have a day… Why couldn’t Bob have a day for his published books?

As the idea took shape, it was—and today still is—offered with good humor and a goofy approach in the hopes of self-promotion.

And so, on August 26th…

National Buy Bob’s Book Day!

It has become an annual tradition. On August 26th each year, Bob and the In My Backpack web site host the celebrations. And while presented as a way to be a bit silly and slightly to the side of modest in a shameless and yet still fun way, the reality remains… this is a bit serious as well…

It is offered in the hope to bring a bit of attention to Bob, his books, and his work around Backpackville. We hope you’ll look around and think about picking up a copy or two. Plus, we’d be grateful if you meandered over to In My Backpack and spent some time on the site.

Tell your family! Tell your friends! Visit In My Backpack often! Let’s have some fun!

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Bob has published ten books. And the content spans a wide range...

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Each publication, including collections drawing from the In My Backpack web site, features new and exclusive material.

Every title is currently available, in both print and Kindle editions.

As always… THANK YOU. We appreciate the time and support offered to Bob's work. And we are grateful for your time and attention.

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If you're interested -- you can use the Where to buy link to learn more about how to find any of Bob's books. They are all available in both print and Kindle editions. Print materials may be found at several online book sellers. Kindle editions are best located using Amazon and the Kindle store.

CreateSpace and Amazon.com are the two primary locations for ordering the books. Amazon carries all of Bob's titles on their pages in several countries.

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