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2019 is going to be a busy year... but there's still time to catch up on the earlier release... like 2018's...

Last year, Bob released A Parkside View: Volumes 1 & 2. Collecting all of the essays from the first two calendar years of issues, plus some bonus material, it features more than three dozen different pieces from his monthly newsletter.

To date, Bob has released ten different titles. Essays... travel... interviews... sports... all available in paperback and Kindle editions. (And in addition to some fantastic online booksellers, occasionally The 'ville is able to set up some great Special Offers you might want to be aware of.)

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All ten titles... in print... on Kindle...

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Bob has published ten books. And the content spans a wide range...

Observations and essays




Each publication, including collections drawing from the In My Backpack web site, features new and exclusive material.

Every title is currently available, in both print and Kindle editions.

As always… THANK YOU. We appreciate the time and support offered to Bob's work. And we are grateful for your time and attention.

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If you're interested -- you can use the Where to buy link to learn more about how to find any of Bob's books. They are all available in both print and Kindle editions. Print materials may be found at several online book sellers. Kindle editions are best located using Amazon and the Kindle store.

CreateSpace and Amazon.com are the two primary locations for ordering the books. Amazon carries all of Bob's titles on their pages in several countries.

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