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2020 was a very busy year for new releases...

...and January Resolutions is the latest effort published.

It began by reviewing materials that have been posted over the years here at In My Backpack during the month of January. Several times, as part of that concept that features improving efforts in areas today and for tomorrow… you know, making resolutions of sorts… Bob would set out in January with the intention to post more than thirty-one essays during that month. Makes for an average of one or more pieces per day.

With that challenge was declared, it was usually completed. And when added in with all January efforts dating back to the first days of the web site, he had a good amount of material to review. (Even after the first cut reduced the pile for consideration, there were still more than one hundred that had been moved along.) Once completed, the result is January Resolutions.

As you might expect from an author living in the northeast United States... focusing on January... and mentioning resolutions in the title... the effort does have its share of material about the lovely weather that completely numbs you in frost within seconds and the hopes for a better tomorrow. Bob's tendency to swerve along into tangents and side stories remains, however, bringing about thoughts on the discovery of coffee, the ability to have a great day even after the must-have whoopie pies you set off on an adventure to find turned out to be not-nearly-as-advertised, how nothing lasts forever, and what might happen if you drove an ice cream truck through the side of a circus tent into a calliope. He even found a possible unexpected and never previously identified perk for living in Rhode Island.

To date, Bob has released twelve different titles. Essays... travel... interviews... sports... all available in paperback and Kindle editions. And in 2020, two new titles joined the collection...


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All twelve titles... in print... on Kindle...

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Bob has published twelve books. And the content spans a wide range...

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Each publication, including collections drawing from the In My Backpack web site, features new and exclusive material.

Every title is currently available, in both print and Kindle editions.

As always… THANK YOU. We appreciate the time and support offered to Bob's work. And we are grateful for your time and attention.

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If you're interested -- you can use the Where to buy link to learn more about how to find any of Bob's books. They are all available in both print and Kindle editions. Print materials may be found at several online book sellers. Kindle editions are best located using Amazon and the Kindle store.

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