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Around the time Bob was six-years-old, his parents attended a meeting with his teacher. She explained to them that of all the children she had ever taught, “Little Bobby” was the one she would most want to be marooned on an island with because of his amazing stories.

This did not shock his parents.

Since that time, Bob has managed to avoid being stranded—alone or in a group—on a deserted island. However, he has: graduated from Syracuse University, been an instructor for several Red Cross courses, worked at the largest casino in the world, and in all sorts of wonderful ways repeatedly avoided utilizing his English degree and medical background.

He’s also been sharing his stories.

Bob graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in English. While at school, he began working on the campus ambulance service, which developed into some decent medical experience after also spending several years working in the operating room of a hospital. Naturally, with an English degree and medical background, the majority of his professional career has been spent in other fields.

In March of 2003, Bob brought his writing efforts to the web with his own site, In My Backpack. Over the years, the site has included general interest essays, sports and travel material, specialized writing such as movie reviews, and also has captured the flavors-of-the-day in an on-going journal entry segment.

Bob has conducted hundreds of interviews, many of which have appeared in full or in part on the Backpack site. Some of the people he has met and worked with include: Tom Colicchio, Suzi Quatro, Earl Swift, Jimmy Haslip, Terry Fator, Jerry Springer, and Emilio Estefan.

Though Bob considers himself “a writer with a camera,” that hasn’t stopped him from creating a sizeable portfolio of professional work. On his web site, photo galleries exist for several entertainers, as well as a feature on the touring exhibition of Diana: A Celebration. His photographs have been used by groups such as Legends in Concert, and his writing and/or photography efforts have also appeared in several print and on-line outlets.

In January of 2012, Bob began an effort called Local Friends for Local Business. By establishing a monthly challenge, Local Friends strives to raise awareness and support for unique and special neighborhood treasures -- the small businesses in every community.

Born and raised in Rhode Island, Bob currently lives in the northeast United States with his wife, Terry.

If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail Penny@inmybackpack.com