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May 2021

May 11th

An invitation of sorts…

January Resolutions is Bob’s latest published effort. Released in 2020, it includes more than five dozen essays, including several exclusive to the title.

The book is one of twelve Bob has published, all of which are currently available in both paperback and Kindle editions. (We generally recommend Amazon as kind of a one-stop place to look. You can find his efforts, especially paperback editions, at several online booksellers, including Barnes & Noble.)

January Resolutions at Amazon (paperback)

Bob’s Amazon author page

Please take a moment to check out Bob’s released titles. Great reading. Great gifts. We appreciate your time and support.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is on the way. First film was an unexpected delight. Far from perfect, and yet incredibly enjoyable. This one adds Woody Harrelson, and according the trailer, what appears to be a really corny awareness of what it is. (Corny in the sense that, like the first film, the writers, cast and crew have found a great voice for Venom right out of the gate, and the sequel may expand wonderfully on it.)

We mentioned The Green Knight a few days ago, and now the trailer is out. Good stuff. Visually impressive. One of the Arthurian tales, the Green Knight is a terrific character. Great story. Looking forward to seeing if they deliver a solid movie.

A father’s recipe

A brave new world (Brought to you by NBC)

May 9th

Social media is our nod for today. We’ve got pages up and running with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Truth be told, full disclosure, Instagram isn’t in full-service operation just yet. We’re getting there with it.)

We’d be incredibly grateful if you took some time, found the pages, and began a routine of like, follow, share, comment and more. Here you go…

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We should begin seeing more and more about the upcoming Jungle Cruise release.

The Green Knight is an upcoming movie release, based on an often overlooked tale from the King Arthur world.

May 6th

Today we have a couple of things for the Kindle users…

First up, ninety-nine cents. That’s $0.99. That’s less than one dollar.

Ten of Bob’s published titles are available for your Kindle at the tremendous price of $0.99. For ten bucks, you could get you a great batch of reading material to add to your e-book library, almost complete your Bob Hocking collection, and have a bit of change remaining.

Next, Kindle Unlimited.

All of Bob’s books are available for free as part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

So, if you’re using Kindle, visit the Kindle store and take a look at Bob’s books. And if you use Kindle Unlimited, then get going.

(Thank you.)

And since we’ve begun wandering down the shameless promotional path…

All of Bob’s books are out there, available in paperback editions as well. We usually nod in the direction of Amazon… one-stop shopping, and all of his books are there. But you can find many of his works at Barnes & Noble, along with several other online booksellers.

Bob’s author page at Amazon

We’d like to sell some books. You’d like to put together some great reading material. It’s like a massive win-win, and we’ll even toss in a few balloons and some warm chocolate chip cookies with every purchase.

As always, THANK YOU for your kindness, consideration, feedback and support. Massively appreciated.

(Now go. Get moving. You’ve a few things to add to your cart.)

May 3rd

New month starting up. Simple post today, more coming this week.

Marvel released a compilation trailer welcoming us all back to the movies. It celebrated what’s come before, and nodded in the direction of what’s on the way. Beginning with Black Widow this summer, there are currently ten films set in place over two years. It appears to be one hell of a brilliant ride on the way.

Cruella is drawing closer.

Night Court is moving toward a revival. John Larroquette has been attached for quite some time, and now the rumored addition of Melissa Rauch to the cast appears to be confirmed.

Because it’s not…



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