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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


August 2021

August 1st

Grab a nice beverage of choice, set up a comfortable area, and fasten your seatbelt. August has arrived, and it’s going to be busy…

It starts with the official announcement of National Buy Bob’s Book Day. We’ve been hinting about it a bit for a few weeks. Time has arrived to lift the curtain.

We’ll be setting off the fireworks on August 26th, and 2021 brings with it the TENTH ANNUAL festivities. Ten years of them.

It all began with the work being designed to help promote the release of Bob’s first book, Time Just Drifts Away. Noticing that national days of celebration were being set up for all sorts of silly and offbeat reasons, from raspberry cream pie to multiple days for scallops, it seemed like a goofy, shameless, slightly twisted, fun event designed to spotlight his writing was perfectly appropriate. It’s been with us ever since.

This year we do have a few things being designed to help celebrate. Look for those to be shared over the next few days.

We’re also continuing with a very special effort

A portion from every sale – on all twelve books, print and Kindle editions – is being set aside, ultimately destined for two amazing cancer centers: Roswell Park and Yale. This effort continues until August 31st, so buy yourself a couple of books to read… pick up a couple for friends (they make great gifts)… and head over to our social media pages to like and share announcements.

In addition, we want to point out that we understand you may have a cause that is quite near and dear to you personally. Please, if nothing else, take a few moments to investigate the efforts being done in the areas important to you, and if you can donate to their work. While, yes, of course we would love to sell a few books, the reality is simple: Some fantastic groups are having struggles right now and can use our support, attention and help. Please do what you can.

If you do decide to but a book or two, thank you. Bob’s books have been known to create enjoyable moments of wonderful reading, make fantastic gifts, and purchases have made unicorns smile.

This month, we are planning to see a return of interviews around Backpackville. Two specific efforts are nearing their first appearances: Backpack Takes Five and Parkside Takes Five.

Each of these efforts will introduce participants and ask them five questions. Backpack Takes Five will appear on the web site, with Parkside Takes Five exclusively on the pages of A Parkside View.

We also expect to see full-feature interviews appearing on In My Backpack again in the not-too-distant future.

Speaking of A Parkside View

Finishing touches are being put on the August edition. We plan on a release of that roughly around next weekend.

Ok… deep breath… that’s the basics. Keep coming back. More announcements coming up during this week and throughout the month. New essay should hit on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Have a great day.



If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail us at Bob@inmybackpack.com