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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


August 2019

August 23rd

Quick post today, because it’s started...

National Buy Bob’s Book Day...

It’s started for 2019. Because even with the day coming up on August 26th, a free Kindle offer begins today...

More details coming up over the next couple of days. But for now, head over to Amazon... break out your Kindle and head to the store... and check out the deals on the Strange and Unexpected volumes of the Travel Trilogy.

August 18th

Hey Bob –

How are you? Things ok?

Did you spot a herd of moose, or stumble across a bear setting up a den in the brush near your house?

Just wondering, because it’s been four or five months since anything was really posted on your web site. And, if I don’t get a chance to catch up with you by e-mail or a text, usually I can at least spot something on the web site that says you’re alive. (And those moose are big animals.)

Anyway, hope you’re doing well. Get in touch soon.

There’s an old joke involving setting up schedules and thinking everything will go according to your agenda. I’ve use it before around here. Basically, goes like this…

If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

The e-mail that began this entry arrived a couple of days ago. He’s right. We need to head back to March and April to find a decent run of new essays and consistent posting around here. So… most of the story of why…

A few months ago, I became aware of an opportunity that might be in development. Didn’t involve writing, but it was something that seemed incredibly exciting, interesting, and worth researching and investigating.

So, I did. I reached out to a few people, dug into some of the details, and made myself available for consideration. And, everything went well. Looked like I was heading back to having a regular job as part of my daily life.

Even before I began the new position though, I had to kick into gear around the house. Finish off some projects that I had been putting off because they weren’t massively important. Then…

…yup, then… the work really began. 10 to 16 hours days so far (an a few times, more). One stretch found me putting on a jacket and tie for nineteen straight days.

Yeah. Web site fell to the side, along with a lot of contact with the outside world.

I had plans. God was falling out of his chair laughing at me. (No moose involved.)

Over the next few days, I’m going to get the August issue of A Parkside View ready and released. Hope to have an essay or two (or, dare to dream, three) ready for the web site before the end of this month. And… in September… I should be able to take a deep breath and sort out a new schedule for getting things posted here on the web site. Once I know what is truly going on, I will let you in on the details.

Sorry for any frustrations you may be experiencing. I truly am grateful for all of you that visit regularly, and I hope you haven’t given up on me. Just a bit more time, and things should be back to normal. (If it ever was normal.)



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