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May 2024

May 16th

There is A LOT to share today…

First up, I was a guest on the KPL Lit Talks podcast with Claudette Stockwell and Kim Mather.

I have been thrilled to visit Killingly Public Library several times over the years. (Even have an event for late August that will be getting added to the calendar soon.) Working with Claudette has always been a true pleasure. She’s just incredible. And, Kim is right up there with her.

The episode—“Bob’s Journeys”—is available from the KPL Lit Talks podcast on just about every platform that hosts podcasts. I’d be grateful if you checked it out.

Next… I’m heading your way, Safety Harbor!

Next week, on May 21st, I’ll be at the Safety Harbor Public Library for a book signing. The event is schedule to take place from 10am to 2pm. The featured title is the latest release, A Parkside View: Volumes 7 & 8. I’ll also have a limited supply of other titles along with me. More information here on the site and on social media pages over the next few days.

And, because chaos is usually busy, things with the Dumb Old Bob podcast are moving along. I expect to have several announcements about it next week, hopefully including a new section of the In My Backpack site.

The hope is to debut in May, but a few things need to be wrapped up before we begin releasing episodes. We are definitely still on track for a May-June arrival. Look for additional details soon.

Agatha All Along is the title of the new series, and the brilliant Kathryn Hahn returns as the title character in September.

Only Murders in the Building returns in August. Preview looks like the story and celebrity appearances will continue at a high level.

A new adaptation of the Grendel story is on the way. An extension if the legendary tale of Beowulf—or more precisely, from a different character’s view—the effort is putting together an amazing cast. Jeff Bridges, Bryan Cranston and Dave Bautista are currently attached to lead roles. Thomasin McKenzie and Sam Elliott are involved. T Bone Burnett is working on songs for the film. And, the production itself is coming from The Jim Henson Company.

I’ve always thought that Barbarella was an interesting character to explore for a new film project. The 1968 movie has been a cult classic for decades. The character has been held as the example of all that is wrong as well as all that is right for far too many debates to count. Which is why, for me, she is a really great choice to revisit for something new. Enter Sydney Sweeney. Her involvement in some work was announced back in 2022. Good stuff there. Now Edgar Wright, one of the most solid (and yet I think still extremely underrated) filmmakers around these days, seems to coming onboard as the director. Pay attention to this one.



May 9th

The next few months are going to be very busy and pretty special.

As many of you know, as In My Backpack has moved along, developing and changing and growing, I’ve come to think of it as a community. A collection of different efforts that work as neighborhoods, joined together in many ways. It has become Backpackville. More than two decades of history, it is The ‘ville.

There are no false presentations here. While I do everything I can to offer my best, I don’t pretend the work is perfect. There are experiments. There are plenty of things we tried and no longer do. Still… I am convinced… what we do, we do well.

A website that began as a way to share my writing has become so much more. I’ve met people, begun relationships with project participants and visitors, that are now folks incredibly close to me. I like to say that the site is built on casual conversation and warm cookies, and I love to say we’re all friends here.

Observational essays have always been the heart of it, but look around the general area and you’ll also find interviews, travel and sports, and photo galleries. In my writing section, there are fifteen published books plus assorted appearances and events. And now, our little community is about to grow a bit…

We’re adding a podcast.

This is a thank you. My appreciation for the time we’ve shared over the years. For the books you’ve purchased. For your comments and thoughts and support.

Have a great day, and check back over the next few days. Always glad to see guests arrive… to see friends return.

News is out that Steve Buscemi and Christopher Lloyd have joined season two of Wednesday. Oh, and Billie Piper. Yup, Billie Piper is involved as well. And, those three are just the start of a great list of new cast members for the show.

Not fit for man or beast

May 2nd

It’s probably going to sound like I’m exaggerating, but I don’t think I am. This month – May 2024 – is likely to be the busiest, craziest, and most challenging month I’ve faced with my writing since all of this Backpackville stuff start back in 2003. It is most definitely going to kick off an outrageous summer.

Without babbling forever, we’re adding a podcast…

The Essays with Dumb Old Bob

Some testing and production work is still taking place, but the expectations are that the first episodes will be finalized soon and a debut scheduled before the end of this month.

The Essays will feature – yes, not much hiding in the title – my essays.

Here on the In My Backpack site, the three main areas of general interest, sports and travel, all on their own are home to roughly 1,100 essays right now. That doesn’t include content found in the interviews. Doesn’t include material from more than eight years of A Parkside View. Doesn’t include efforts produced for the published books. And all of this is the content we plan to explore and share as the podcast starts.

Of course, we have a bit of a map for where we’d like to go. Plans for the first few episodes, and thoughts we might try along the way. We even have some other areas we might include in the work, or even use to expand a bit. The ‘ville is not today what it was over twenty-one years ago when I started. The Dumb Old Bob podcasts will grow and develop and possibly even change a bit as it continues.

None of that changes the basic intention I have for any of my work, all of which has come to form what I look at as the In My Backpack community.

I’m a storyteller.

I enjoy spending time with folks – readers and audiences and now podcast listeners – and sharing material with them.

Will it be perfect? Nope. But I plan on having a lot of fun. I hope you feel like telling family and friends to check it out. I hope you feel like sending along suggestions and comments and messages about it. I hope you keep coming back for more. But most of all… and I say this sincerely…

We’re all friends here. I hope you enjoy it.

Look for news about The Essays with Dumb Old Bob to continue all month.

That’s not all we have taking place in May.

The new book has been out for a few weeks…

A Parkside View: Volumes 7 & 8

You can find it here in paperback at Amazon. It’s also out in a Kindle edition, and available with Kindle Unlimited. Plus, you can find it at several online booksellers.

This month, we’re beginning some special appearances again with one that involves the new book. On Tuesday, May 21st, the Safety Harbor Public Library in Florida will be hosting me for a signing. More news about additional events will be coming out shortly.

Got A Parkside View for the month just about ready to go. Also have several pieces in development for the site. So, we’ve got all the usual efforts taking place as well.

And, we’re gearing up to finally make good on some new surprises and efforts no later than June. More on that soon.

Ok. Deep breath. Podcast. Book signing. Newsletter. Website. Assorted additional stuff.

May 2024.

Welcome to In My Backpack. Glad to have you here.

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