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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


May 2022

May 15th
May 13th

The A.V. Club has a terrific interview with John Astin. (Great job, Will Harris.)

The gang seems to be lined up, the project is in the works, Spinal Tap will be back. (Don’t party too hard right away, project is looking at 2024 for release.)

Appears wishes and special requests are being answered. Married… with Children is looking to return.

Details about Twisted Metal have been trickling along. Now the effort, slated to be presented as a half-hour show, has announced Stephanie Beatriz is joining.

Looking forward to Dark Winds. In addition to a solid cast and a storyline that looks awesome (great source material), extra special bonuses for us include the participation of folks like Rainn Wilson.

Things that go bump in the night

I don’t trust technology

May 10th

A Parkside View

First… if you’re not signed up, stop missing out…

For one thing, it’s free. Just need an e-mail address.

For another, it contains some really good stuff. Every issue includes a minimum of two essays. One is pulled out of the Backpack archives. Another is new, debuting only on the newsletter’s pages. Most issues end up with three or more essays.

And, we’re beginning to adjust and develop even more content. One area we brought in last May that’s been earning quite a few comments is called Streaming in The ‘ville, which is basically a list of things we’ve watched on streaming services. No reviews or critiques or deep details, just the titles of movies or shows we watched and enjoyed along with where we found them. Gives you a name to consider, a recommendation of sorts, and you get to take it from there.

Send an e-mail along, or use any of our social media pages and pass on a message. Tell us you want to get A Parkside View. We’ll get in touch with you and set everything up.

Second… if you are signed up for it, please check in with us.

I do not take for granted that you have shared your e-mail address with me. You trusted me with its use. I take that very seriously and try not to abuse it.

We’ve been making some adjustments around here, including updating some stuff behind the scenes. That included going over the distribution list one recipient at a time. While unlikely, it is possible that we made a mistake and something got missed. So, if you didn’t see the March 2022 issue (there was no release in April 2022), or you just want to contact us and say hello, please reach out. We’d like to apologize directly to you if there is any problem and get things set back up.

The May issue of A Parkside View will be out by next Monday.

Got another essay to add today…

Any suggestions for lunch?

May 9th

Another quick post…

Only Murders in the Building moves along with season two, and more cast is being announced (and guest residents will again be part of the events). Amy Schumer is the current name revealed.

Trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water is out. Next film in the series is finally heading toward release.

Three new essays…

Five minutes early (or five minutes late)

Am I bored?

A higher power

May 7th

Two links… two essays… quick post…

Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone and Leslie Bibb are just the start of the gang arriving when God’s Favorite Idiot hits Netflix in a few weeks.

George Carlin’s American Dream arrives on HBO and HBO Max later this month.

There are two kinds

I’ve lost my shoes

May 5th

At some point this month… might end up being next week… I’m going to resurrect an old effort that would come around for an appearance from time to time. Not a frequent idea, but one I enjoyed. The basics of it involved taking a run around the news from online sites of local and state newspaper, television and radio.

For today, we’ve got a bit of a tale on a third book project (a few days ago I said four projects were still being sorted out… this is one of those four, and yet it has enough in place to realistically keep moving along)…

Once in a lifetime

That’s the working title. It might get adjusted slightly… something to make it a part of the Strange and Unexpected series (and the fifth book in what is currently a four book trilogy), but nothing too significant. When completed, the travel efforts for my writing are likely to get a bit of an overhaul in how they are approached and produced.

The book itself is being built on three specific trips, though the only ones I can confirm are Seattle and Nashville. Once again, Terry and I are the featured players on the journeys.

This effort is kind of developing in the background right now. Material is there, notes in place, some of the writing completed. But, to actually wrap up the first draft and fine tune the content is going to take a bit. My guess is we are looking at late 2022 and possibly 2023 for release.

May 2nd

As of today, I have six books in production.

That doesn’t mean an idea for a book. It means material has been written, a draft of a manuscript has some weight and form to it, things are moving along and the effort has a good chance of being completed.


The trouble is, I don’t know about four of them. They’re just not ready for complete attention to be placed in their direction. Also have some questions to answer about each.

So, today I want to give you some additional details on the two that are moving steadily along toward release.

A Parkside View: Volumes 5 & 6

Feels odd to consider this as accurate, but if anything exemplifies the swirling craziness around my writing recently, A Parkside View efforts might do the best job of it. The newsletter itself is an extension of the web site, and has become an important part of the Backpackville community. (At least it definitely has for me.) It began as a way to take the writing being done and present it in a new way. It has provided some interesting approaches to new content. And, a lot of struggles have been overcome to keep it moving.

The newsletter really has a bit of everything.

In 2020 and 2021, more than five dozen essays appeared on the pages of A Parkside View. All of them will be included in this book, which will be the third collection released of material from the newsletter. There will also be a few surprises and exclusive content involved as well.

A brief digression (usually from a tangent)

Our second book features In My Backpack essays drawn mainly from the past five years, and is also likely to include material from all nineteen years of Backpackville goodness.

That’s right… I said five years.

Five years have passed and it’s time for the next slightly askew celebratory anniversary collection. We also might see moments of new content developed especially for its release.

Both of these books are on track to be released no later than mid-August. And, yup, for those of you familiar with the importance of August 26th around Backpackville, you know that means the push is on for them to be available for the next National Buy Bob’s Book Day festivities.

Two essays to wrap up the day…

The great corn cob mystery

How do you do that?

May 1st
Welcome back.

I don’t generally share much about my personal life. Today isn’t going to be much different. But I want to do is acknowledge a few things…

We’ve had some challenges and hurdles to overcome… count over days, weeks, months and even years. And now, I feel like I’m finally ready not only get started, but get started and keep going.

This isn’t a massive reopening. It’s not a reboot or new approach. While there will be updates and overhauls and adjustments made in all the neighborhoods around The ‘ville, most of them will be subtle. But when you consider essays on the site, publishing books, associated efforts like A Parkside View and Local Friends for Local Business… and the list goes on… the reality is there are a lot of pieces to put back in motion and we’re going to get to all of them.

To start out this month, we’re going to approach May with one of our legendary post-a-day-average. That means a target of at least thirty-one essays posted on the web site before the end of May.

There are six books that can be considered in various stages of active production right now. Over the next few days, I’ll introduce you to a few of them. For a tease on those efforts… the eleventh National Buy Bob’s Book Day will take place in August, and I intend to have at least two of those books released in time for the celebrations.

The next issue of A Parkside View will be out by the middle of this month. And that comes with a quick note… please check in with us if you have been signed up to receive each issue but did not receive the March edition. (And, if you haven’t signed up, this is a great time to contact us and get set up for it. Send an e-mail or reach out with a message on any of our social media pages.)

And that’s about it for now with the general stuff.

I want to thank all of you for checking in, offering your best and your support, and encouraging me to get back at it. I’m grateful for it.

And to finish it off, three new essays…

Wherever you go, there they are

The legacy of sand

Looking for a can opener


If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail us at Bob@inmybackpack.com