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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


December 2017

December 9th

Still getting things back into some version of normal chaos around here. That means a short entry. One item… a new essay… and then moving along with more over the next few days…

Disney is bringing a new attraction to Disney World… and that would be a lot of the world. A gondola ride, or skyliner, is moving along in development. It appears at this time that it will link multiple stations, ranging from some of the theme parks to a few resort areas. No word yet officially on when we might see operations begin or even how operations will be handled.

And the new piece… “Here, is a rock

December 8th

Quick entry today… just a handful of links. New essay tomorrow.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… or, fine, the Doctor Who special.

The looks at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom are beginning to arrive.

December 5th


While supplies last, I’m offering up a package that you can only get directly from us. The full list of details can be found here – Bob’s 2017 Special Book Offer. Here are the basics…

For $25, you get the following:

(1) A copy of Life Won’t Pass Me By.

(2) A copy of a second book, which you will be able to select from Conversations, Time Just Drifts Away, Title Town (and other tangents) and Thirty Days in November. (You can even ask for a second copy of Life Won’t Pass Me By. Title selections may vary based on the timing of your request… first come, first served… again, offered as supplies last.)

(3) A picture of the Life Won’t Pass Me By cover, signed by both myself and Jay Gillen (the artist responsible for the artwork).

Plus… that $25 includes most shipping. And I say most to cover options created by scenarios such as (but not limited to): (1) People living in places where additional costs may apply (international requests, or Alaska and Hawaii). (2) People asking for delivery options to be sped up (I am expected 10 to 12 business days for processing and delivery, but I can not guarantee delivery dates on the shipping covered by the offer).

So… a handful of conditions possibly applying… that’s $25 for two books, a limited-edition collectible, all shipped to you. And, if you want, I will sign and personalize each book.

Send me a message or an e-mail. We’ll get back to you, confirm the details, and get things moving.

This is a limited time, limited supply offer. Depending on the response, we might alter it, adjust it, and even continue it in some way. BUT… once the autographed pictures are gone, they are gone. And for right now, if you want your first selection of titles to be a possibility, you need let us know as soon as you can.

Thank you for the interest and the support.

December 4th

Ridiculously busy few days kicking things off in December… and honestly, as I mentioned back in November… it’s been a crazy run heading back for weeks (and even months).

Beginning here, I’m going to take two days to get up to speed… make some announcements… and generally just get the place organized. Later this week, by Friday (or so), we’ll get to some new stuff.

Later today, I’m going to lift the lid on details for special offer on my books. It involves a package deal, featuring Life Won’t Pass Me By, and will include some limited-edition stuff as well. Information will be announced on social media pages, and I expect that tomorrow I’ll be running down the full description here on the web site.

Local Friends for Local Business has begun for December, with the challenge of The Holly and The Ivy. Yes… because, of course, a holiday theme. It’s about friends and family and joy and celebrating. Get out there and support your neighbors and community this month.

And to finish off today’s entry… a HUGE THANK YOU

This past weekend wrapped up the 2017 Holiday Tour for ComplemenTerry Designs. We were in New York Mills, New York, for the annual Holiday Craft Show. And… it was awesome. Incredible people running, staffing and volunteering at this amazing event. We were thrilled to return this year, and are already looking ahead to being back in 2018.

It was a limited run in 2017… Putnam (Connecticut) in October… Turning Stone Resort Casino (New York) in November… New York Mills (New York) in December. All events we’ve attended previously… great people, great friends, and great times.

Thank you to everyone that helped with these shows, and to everyone that came out to visit with us and support our efforts. We really appreciate it.

If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail us at Bob@inmybackpack.com