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September 2019

September 19th


Did you miss me? (I have missed you more than you can imagine.)

As I tried to cover a few weeks ago, things around here have been flat out ridiculous for several months. Lots of reasons why -- both personal and professional -- with most of them exciting and happy, and a couple frustrating and not so fun.

Hopefully, a few minutes of writing today becomes a few minutes more tomorrow, and in the not so far off week or two ahead, things here in The 'ville regain a bit of normal progress. You know... not amazingly productive, but at least a few things posted each month.

I do have a funny surprise.

A Parkside View was just about ready for release before the end of August. Everything was placed, I just hadn't been able to proofread a final draft. So, in the next couple of days, both August and September editions will be released.And, I should be on track to have October out on time.

I know. Exciting stuff.

One more thing for today...


We did hold the annual National Buy Bob's Book Day celebrations in August. The Strange and Unexpected trilogy was featured as part of the day, and generated an ineresting reaction:

All three books climbed the Amazon charts in the days around the event
Two, Volume Two: California and Colume Three: Las Vegas, cracked some interesting lists:

Top five for Family Travel

Top ten for U.S. Regional Travel

I've always been grateful for your time and attention. I do truly appreciate that you visit my web site and check out my work. These particular results, in the middle of a ton of other things, meant a lot to me. Thank you.

Stop in again!



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