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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


June 2017

June 20th

Due to some crazy scheduling demands, this may be the last post for a bit, since I need to shift my attention to other projects. But we might have something fun to hold you over…

It’s a new addition in the Photo Gallery.

The New York State Chinese Lantern Festival opened their displays at the New York State Fairgrounds in April 2017 to begin a run that lasted more than two months. From a stunning display of artistic effort and craftsmanship to some wonderful stage performances, the festival was a fantastic way to spend an evening.

Attending the fair in late May, I was able to take a ton of pictures, both earlier in the evening and after the sun set for the day. This photo gallery captures many of the images from throughout our visit.


Now… some of the reasons for the upcoming disappearing act…

With two books nearing publication, there is a ton of stuff that needs to get done. Cover designs… manuscripts to finish, followed by proof editions to double-check… organizing the efforts associated with the releases.

Life Won’t Pass Me By will be ready to come out in July. Celebrating the Fourteenth Anniversary of the In My Backpack web site, the book features more than forty essays published between March of 2003 and March of 2017.

Conversations is also designed to celebrate the anniversary of the site, this time with a look at several of the interviews that have appeared over the years. But this effort is going to be a lot more. A few participants have shared some new material that will be featured exclusively in the book. And, we will have a new interview with a returning guest… a special friend of ours has answered several questions that will also debut on the pages of this effort. Look for it in August.

I’m also assembling a run of appearances that will take place this year, mostly between September and November. I should have more details on these to share in July. Look for information on the Events Calendar, where three dates already have teasers in place.

June 18th

Another new essay today. A few other things first…

Local Friends continues. This month the challenge is Prepping for Summer, with the concept involving doing things around the house that are tied to seasonal projects. Painting… grilling… gardening… etc.

While we have adjusted the timing of Local Friends every so often, for now though, this and fiuture challenges will cover the complete month.

A Parkside View is getting ready to begin year number two. The July edition… Volume 2, Issue 7… will be the thirteenth release.

Each edition of A Parkside View contains at least two essays, with one debuting exclusively on its pages. Material will also occasionally look at other areas of the Backpack community… ComplemenTerry Designs as one example.

To sign up and become part of the monthly distribution, send us an e-mail and we’ll get everything sorted out and set up with you. (If you follow us on one of our social media pages, send along a message.)

Writing & Books

There are going to be a lot of things coming up in July and August, with two new book releases planned. The fun will continue from there, with appearances being scheduled for book signings, readings, and the brand new program A Writer’s Workshop.

Photo Gallery

Should have a new batch of pictures up by this Tuesday. (Wish me luck.)

And to wrap it up… “Even those that cannot cook have favorite recipes

June 14th

I know… two days in a row. Stunning. Two days in a row, and two new essays in a row. That will be it for today… more over the weekend.

And here we go… “Wandering the aisles

June 13th

Finally settling in for the month of June. Which is wonderful, since it’s approaching the time to begin mapping out July. Still… could be worse (I think)…

I do have another new essay. Let’s make that the only item for today and save the rest for later.

Clearing the playdough from the fridge

June 10th

Had to jump when the weather gave us the opportunity, and ended up power washing a bunch of stuff one day, staining our deck the next, and then finishing everything up (with some last second coats of stain tossed in for good measure) on a third. Sorry it moved a few things off by a couple of days. Thanks for understanding.

New essay today… link at the end of the entry… and at least one new essay coming over the weekend. A Parkside View will be out today or tomorrow.

There’s stupid… and there’s classic levels of stupid. This attempt to get free popcorn climbs a few levels on the scale.

And to wrap up… “Improving politics… without talking politics

June 6th

Local Friends for Local Business

This month we’re adjusting a few things for the effort. We’ve had full-month challenges in the past, and moved the lengths at times beyond what started out as five-day runs. This month, we convert the program to cover each day of the month from now on. The basic reasoning behind it is that this is an unofficial, community awareness drive. In order to move toward the true destination of getting people out and about, learning about their surroundings, and supporting the businesses that create the incredible and unique neighborhoods we live in… yeah… it shouldn’t matter when you get out there. When you can, go. If you can, invest some time and perhaps spend a few dollars.

This month, the challenge is Prepping for Summer. And in a specific sense, we are talking about things like cooking outdoors… maintenance projects… general improvement efforts around the home.

Do you want a new grill? How about new toys to go along with your existing barbecue set? Maybe a fire pit?

Do you need to get some things painted or stained? A deck? The window frames?

Do you have an area you’d like to turn into a garden with some new stones or a change of the soil? Are you looking to build a shed?

Between June 1st and June 30th, the idea for Local Friends is to get outside in the improving weather, look around your house at things that need to be done, and find out what places nearby can help you out with your projects.

June 4th

I apologize for the strange finish to May and move into June. I ended up running directly into three different things that needed my attention and had to shift away from the site for a bit.

Quick rundown for today… get things caught up… and then transition to June more completely by mid-week (including that essay I promised a few days ago)…

A Parkside View

The next edition of the monthly effort is about ready to go. This one completes the first year of the project. The June release… Volume 2 Issue 6 of 2017… marks twelve straight months, and will be making its rounds by the 6th or 7th.

If you’re already part of the monthly distribution, I appreciate your support.

If you’d like to receive the newsletter, send along an e-mail and let us know. We’ll get everything in place.

Photo Gallery

I’m putting some finishing touches on a new addition to the site’s photo gallery. This one will feature The New York State Chinese Lantern Festival. I hope to have it ready and in place by the middle of this month. Unfortunately, timing may push this one to later in the month, and maybe even July.

The lantern festival was our Local Friends effort for the month of May. The June challenge will be described later this week. The overall theme will be Prepping for Summer, and it is a month-long effort.

Life Won’t Pass Me By and Conversations

I am very happy with the way things are coming together on these projects. And… yes… these two efforts were part of the chaos last week. Great part of the chaos is that I feel very comfortable with the July and August release targets for them.


If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail me at Bob@inmybackpack.com