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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


November 2021

November 30th

We should have a really great start to December around here…

Several essays are about ready to go. A Parkside View will be back to its normal release timing near the beginning of the month. Might even have a few surprises along the way.


This is NOT a promise of high-output for the month. So, please don’t start thinking about things like two to three dozen essays on the way. (Not impossible, I suppose, but honestly I would be stunned if that happened.)

But we should be able to have some fun. And that starts with… FREE BOOKS!

Today is the last day of a quick Kindle special offer. Three titles, all available for free.


Strange and Unexpected ~ Volume 2: California

Title Town (and other tangents)

- -

If you haven’t already, get over there and add them to your Kindle library now.

I hadn’t heard anything about plans for it to be a two-season effort, but it may have been the plan all along and it does allow a lot more room for understanding how the first season was developed and ended. Kevin Can F*** Himself is set to wrap about the next season.

November 29th

Free for your Kindle…


Strange and Unexpected ~ Volume 2: California

Title Town (and other tangents)

- -

The Kindle editions of three of the twelve released titles from Bob are available for free today and tomorrow.

Do not miss out. Grab your Kindle… your tablet… your smartphone… head to the Kindle store and get them now.

Looks like work on the next Enola Holmes movie may be a bit further along than we knew. This is good news.

Productions involving the works of Jules Verne are moving steadily along.

November 28th


On Monday (November 29th) and Tuesday (November 30th), the Kindle editions of three of Bob’s books will be available for free.

Yup... three titles… FREE!

- -


Strange and Unexpected ~ Volume 2: California

Title Town (and other tangents)

Grab your Kindle and add all of them to your collection!

All of Bob’s efforts have Kindle editions, and the normal price for each is 99-cents. Use this special offer, and you can also get the remainder of the full set of twelve for under ten dollars.

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER, so don’t miss out.

(Also, as a reminder, the clock is running toward the holidays. All twelve of Bob’s works are available in paperback and Kindle editions. January Resolutions is also available as a hardcover. We aren’t provided with specifics on printing times, so if you’re looking to give Bob’s books as a gift—and THANK YOU if you are—PLEASE place your orders in the next few days.)
November 17th

Not much today. One outside link. One essay. Hoping to be back over the weekend.

We’ve got a new look at Spider-Man: No Way Home, and it’s another batch of incredible. There are more potential twists being added, a few new official confirmations of sorts, and the anticipation builds.

I don’t understand colors

November 14th

And… just like that… November begins.

I know. I know. Began two weeks ago. And, you’re right. But I did tell you that November was going to start slowly. Bit of bumps coming out of the gate.

Today… a new essay. We’re moving.


Gingerbread Fudge Stripes? Dammit. Someone find the car keys.

No ghosts or goblins knocking on our door

November 10th

January Resolutions

I am THRILLED to share with you a new release for January Resolutions. My twelfth title is now available in hardcover.

As of right now, this is something special available only from Amazon. Enjoy!

January Resolutions hardcover edition at Amazon

I’m expecting things to pick up next week. Still a few more days of schedule hiccups.

November 7th

Should have a few announcements as we are coming out of the weekend, along with a handful of new essays. (Well, at least one essay. Minimum.)

This is going to be a strange month (I suppose they all are). Looking at a slow start and then things are going to pick up speed.

Getting excited for a new season of Stranger Things? (You should be.)

Word is out that Dolly Parton will be making an appearance during the final season of Grace and Frankie.

November 5th

A Parkside View is being put together for November.

Are you ready for it?

If you’ve signed up, you already know most of what’s on the way. Essays, featuring material debuting exclusively on its pages. Other great stuff, including a Parkside Takes Five interview and Streaming in The ‘ville.

If you haven’t signed up, get that fixed.

Fixed now.


All it takes to sign up and receive A Parkside View is an e-mail (or a message sent to one of our social media efforts). Simple.

November 4th

Kicking things off… Local Friends for Local Business

This month, we’re returning to an old favorite…


We’re asking you to find your favorite neighborhood shops and drop in to look around and check out the amazing baked goods.

Tip of the cap this month to Eileen’s Centerview Bakery in West Seneca, New York. A fabulous place with a tremendous (and delicious) assortment.

Not sure why I hadn’t heard about 8-Bit Christmas before. Neil Patrick Harris. Holiday fun. And, from the looks of the trailer, a lot of the eighties is correctly in place.

One project that has been waiting on the live action efforts from Disney is, of course, Snow White. Well, word is Gal Gadot is nearing a finalized deal to join the effort as the Evil Queen.

Getting some good looks at The Book of Boba Fett. New effort arrives on Disney+ in December.

Yes, I was part of the group wondering what Sony might be able to do with their Spidey-Universe creations. I was hesitant to get on board. Venom has been a blast… fun and enjoyable and thrilling in all the right ways. Well, here comes Morbius, and it’s looking pretty solid.

The Broken Lizard folks are getting back together. Easy, it’s not for a new Super Troopers effort. Still, the gang has been productive working on several other projects in groups and individually, so the news is good stuff.

Some of the details, such as deeper cast information, are a bit lacking right now. However, word is Miracle Workers is getting another season on TBS.



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