"There’s nothing like a subtle sense of humor to catch a reader’s eye and ear..."
-- - - ~ Joe Kernan -- Warwick Beacon
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-- -- "In My Backpack - Stories and Travels of Bob Hocking"

"...its as if hes talking directly to you... there were times I was positive he was seated comfortably across from me in my study..."
-- - - ~ Roger Zotti -- The Resident
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-- -- "Essays to Enjoy and Learn From"


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Bob Hocking - Author

With several published efforts currently in print, this is the area of the web site to check out if you are interested in Bob's books, appearances and other corners of his professional work.



Since the first days back in 2003, the In My Backpack site has grown into a bit of a community. Here you can find general writing from Bob... the monthly Now Playing journal... ComplemenTerry Designs... Local Friends for Local Business... and more.


If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail us at Bob@inmybackpack.com