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This is going to be a great month around The 'ville, filled with new essays and material on the web site, all sorts of great announcements, and... a pressing of the pause button for moment, so say hello...


Welcome to



Ok... there's a bit of a story behind the greeting...

Over the past few weeks (and even months), it seems that we've got a few new people stopping in. So this month, we're going to use Now Playing entires as a way to explore the In My Backpack neighborhoods... take a stroll around the Backpackville community... offer up the welcome mat in The 'ville.

So, if you happen to be making one of your first visits to our site -- and even if you're an amazingly appreciated regular that hasn't checked out all the tangents and nooks and crannies around here -- this is a great time to learn about the In My Backpack web site and family.

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The Seventh Annual

National Buy Bob's Book Day

Once again, you folks exceeded all of my wildest expectations.

We offered up some free Kindle editions of books... and you found them. We had some fun... and you responded.

Thanks for enjoying our fun and goofy attempt at raising a bit of awareness for the writing and web site.

Tell your friends * Tell your family * Visit again

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99-cents... 99-cents... 99-CENTS!!!

All ten of Bob's published titles are available in paperback and Kindle editions. And... right now... every title is available for Kindle and the Kindle app at a price of 99-cents.

For more information about Bob and his published works, check out the Writing & Books area of Backpackville.

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It's the monthly newsletter... featuring at least two essays each month (with one taking a bow exclusively in A Parkside View).

If you would like to receive each edition...

* To sign up, send an e-mail asking to be added to the distribution list. (Or, if using one of our pages on social media, a message will work.)

* It is distributed by e-mail. Along with a short announcement in the body of the e-mail, a PDF file of the newsletter is attached.

We have some exciting plans for A Parkside View, and hope you'll be a part of this project by receiving it each month, and by sending along your feedback and suggestions for it.

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Local Friends for Local Business

This month the Local Friends challenge is...


If we took a trip around the world, we would likely find some form of a sandwich in every town... state... county... country. It is a virtually universal source of food.

It's so darn simple... and amazingly, so central to our day.

We grab sandwiches and head out for adventures, such as a visit to a national park with a picnic lunch along with us.

We pack sandwiches and head off to work.

We find our favorite spot and have a quick bite while meeting with friends.

September 1st - 30th

Join the September Local Friends for Local Business...

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Should learning more about Bob's writing be of interest to you -- and if it is, THANK YOU -- use this link...

Writing & Books

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There are other places where you can follow In My Backpack, ComplemenTerry Designs, Local Friends for Local Business, and Bob's published writing (and other assorted efforts). We have pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon.com, where you can receive updates and details, read postings, and learn all sorts of exciting stuff.

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There are a couple of pages over at Facebook that we'd like to nod in the direction of...

Time Just Drifts Away -- A page at Facebook for Bob's published and professional writing efforts.

Muddy Paws and Puppy Love -- A fun page on Facebook where we celebrate Lady, Travis, Molly and Gus... along with their friends (and ours).

We would be incredibly grateful if you took a few minutes to check out some of these pages. (And if you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account, our on-going appreciation and ever-lasting gratitude goes along with every "Like" or "Follow" you add. (So you'll have that going for you.))

(Thank you!)

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We are tremendously grateful for your time and consideration, and appreciate your comments and feedback.

If you can, please send along an e-mail and let us know what you think of things around here. A lot of work goes into the material that gets posted on this web site and the process of tidying up content, and if you spot something that you particularly like... or something you believe we might be able to do a bit better... that information is always welcomed by us.

Have a great month folks... and thank you again for all of your attention and visits.

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My dearest companions and supporters since the beginning of the site... proud to call them family...




If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail us at Bob@inmybackpack.com