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Each year around this time, I try to dig into the archives and mention a couple of essays...

"Merry Christmas… and I mean that"

"Would Harry Chapin be proud?"

Essentially, I do it as a bit of a reminder... a bit of a nudge... a bit of a reality check. We have reached a time of the year when there is a raised awareness of others, and I like to believe in the quality of man to be kind, as we extend greetings and wishes (and, hopefully, actions) that deliver hope, inspiration and community.

Take a look around, and see if there is something you can do to help. Reach out to friends you may not have contacted in a bit and add a note to a Christmas card for them.

Perhaps, if you can, a donation of money... a donation of goods... a donation of time. Smile a bit more, make eye contact with folks, and offer a simple hello while holding a door open.

We all have the ability to make a difference, and sometimes the biggest and best changes begin with small efforts. You may never know how much they will mean to those around you.

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What's coming up...

December is going to be a chaotic and strange month. Postings will be whenever I can... new material will be whenever it's done... and... well...

Stay with me.

It's all part of lining up what should be a very busy 2019, while at the same time addressing a few projects currently in progress and making some time to connect with family and friends.

From all of us here at In My Backpack...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We hope the next few weeks (and beyond) find you, your family and your friends happy, healthy and safe. May you enjoy the celebrations in exactly the places you wish you could be.

Explore your world... do something to smile each day... and create a bit of excitement along the way.

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99-cents... 99-cents... 99-CENTS!!!

All ten of Bob's published titles are available in paperback and Kindle editions. And... right now... every title is available for Kindle and the Kindle app at a price of 99-cents.

(GREAT side note... all of Bob's books are also part of the Kindle Unlimited program. And that means some of you could be reading Bob's books for free.)

For more information about Bob and his published works, check out the Writing & Books area of Backpackville.

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It's the monthly newsletter... featuring at least two essays each month (with one taking a bow exclusively in A Parkside View).

If you would like to receive each edition...

* To sign up, send an e-mail asking to be added to the distribution list. (Or, if using one of our pages on social media, a message will work.)

* It is distributed by e-mail. Along with a short announcement in the body of the e-mail, a PDF file of the newsletter is attached.

We have some exciting plans for A Parkside View, and hope you'll be a part of this project by receiving it each month, and by sending along your feedback and suggestions for it.

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Local Friends for Local Business

This month the Local Friends challenge is...

Over the river

The holidays are often a time of travel... to see family and friends and grandmothers (or so the song goes). And while the horse may know the way, that doesn't mean all of us always see some of the sights, treats and special locations along the way.

While making your rounds this month -- out and about, and not along the local streets surrounding your home -- the challenge this month is to look at a few of the treasures you might find while making trips and along the travels.

Perhaps it's a meal you enjoy while out shopping with friends...

Maybe it's a great hotel or bed & breakfast you visit while visiting family...

Could be a specialty shop thet features unique gift items...

The main idea is to look around when you aren't driving or walking along the same streets you visit day after day.

Over the river
December 1st - 31st

Join the December Local Friends for Local Business...

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