"There’s nothing like a subtle sense of humor to catch a reader’s eye and ear..."
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"...its as if hes talking directly to you... there were times I was positive he was seated comfortably across from me in my study..."
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October 3, 2018







Around the time Bob was six-years-old, his parents attended a meeting with his teacher. She explained to them that of all the children she had ever taught, “Little Bobby” was the one she would most want to be marooned on an island with because of his amazing stories...


We could begin in a few places. It really depends on which details you are trying to find...

How did Bob begin writing? When did Bob first post on the internet? Where did Bob first publish his efforts?

And yet... the true beginnings of his storytelling are exactly where you would likely expect... developing in the mind of a child and never really reaching an end.

Bob has always enjoyed writing and creating. That has been true as far back as he can remember. What has changed is the presentation. (You can make him grow old, you can't make him grow up.)

His books have offered collections of essays and interviews, and have explored themes of travel and sports. You can look over information about all of his published efforts in the Writing & Books area of the In My Backpack web site...

Writing & Books

Here you'll find material on all of his titles (which are shown by cover on this page in the column on the right, in the order of publication).

You'll also be able to find information about Bob, where to purchase his books, and his schedule of upcoming events.

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