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Kevin Guest House

Roswell Park

During the months of November, December and January, a very special effort is being organized here at The 'ville.

A portion of EVERY book sale - print and Kindle - is being set aside for two phenomenal organizations: Kevin Guest House and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

We'd be honored if you took a few moments, used the links above, and learned more about these wonderful places. And, we'd be thrilled to find out that you made a donation to these worthy causes with or without a book purchase.

These are caring, generous facilities delivering great support and care. Please look for more details.

Thank you.

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Writing & Books

Thank you for the consideration. And for those that do make a purchase or two, thank you for your support.

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We are extremely grateful for all of your attention and consideration. Thank you for spending some time with us, and especially for checking out Bob's published writing. Consider best wishes, rainbows and sincere gratitude sent your way.

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