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The 18th Anniversary winds down, though the Special Offers continue...

As part of the March 2021 celebrations around Backpackville, we were pleased to share several announcements on some great deals as well as price changes for one title. One deal (and the price change) continues...

Until the end of April

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Continuing until April 30th -- and ONLY available by request here at In My Backpack -- you can get the following:

* A signed/personalized paperback edition of Life Won't Pass Me By

* A signed/personalized paperback edition of Thirty Days in November, Conversations, OR Title Town (choice of one title)

* A photograph of the Life Won't Pass Me By cover, signed by both Bob Hocking (author) and Jay Gillen (artist of cover artwork, designer of the In My Backpack Gus Logo)

* Shipping to continental U.S. addresses

For $25.

That's two signed paperbacks, a signed collectible, and shipping, all for $25.

New pricing

As of March 1st, the price of both the paperback and Kindle editions of A Parkside View: Volumes 3 & 4 have been reduced.

These changes have taken a few extra days before becoming available from all online booksellers. That said, Amazon has made the adjustments, and continues to be the primary location for finding all of Bob's published efforts.

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For more information on all of Bob's published efforts...

Writing & Books

Thank you for the consideration. And for those that do make a purchase or two, thank you for your support.

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