The Attic


All of the material that has been posted on In My Backpack since December of 2008 has been filed away, reflected by the categories noted here... and hopefully where they truly belong.

In some cases, you may find that an article or segment contains the designation "From the Backpack". This basically means that the material was presented/released in some fashion previously. This may involve things such as: (1) Material that had been on In My Backpack before, but had been removed for any of a number of reasons. (2) Materials retrieved from Bob's notebooks, papers, and other sources. (3) Items published/posted previously, and Bob/we have obtained the rights to the material.

General Interest ~ Essays published here can be on just about anything.

Interviews ~ The material in this section is exactly what it looks like.

Sports ~ This is easy enough, too. (Thing is, since many folks have no interest in columns about sports, the best thing to do was find a special spot for them separate from the rest. In fact, some specialized areas are nice to have. So... next up...)

Travel ~ Primary idea is just about any type of travel article Bob produces, from the diaries that have been here all along to summaries of trips and other comments. Also in here are efforts from The Ballpark Tour.

The Diary ~ An archive of the more recent monthly Now Playing columns... the monthly diary of sorts with links, short observations, and a much more casual presentation of material.

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Are you looking for information about my published works? The Writing & Books section of In My Backpack has material that covers all of the professional efforts and how you can order them.

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Interested in checking out some pictures? In addition to writing, Bob has occassionally been called upon to do some photography work. Click on the logo/link and you can meet some of the people he'sworked with, learn a bit about each of them, and see several shots he's taken in for the In My Backpack Photo Gallery.



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