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The web sites noted in this section are all special to me for different reasons.

I've had the pleasure of working with many of these people -- interviewing them, taking pictures of their performances, and in many cases creating great friendships.

This area will more or less always be open to development and changes, so I hope you'll stop back and check it out frequently. And, I hope you'll enjoy (and support) what you find.


Jay Gillen  

Sure... I may be biased... but I love his work. From the basic ideas he gives you as sketches to the more developed ideas, there is a creativity and talent here that is quite striking. Take a few moments to check out his material, and be sure to visit the sites of his friends.


Keris Stainton

Keris has been a friend of ours and In My Backpack since the early days of the site. She was one of the participants in a Harry Potter edition of the "Lucky Seven" interviews, and was also kind enough to take part when we revisited the Potter universe with a second effort on the subject.

Most recently, she joined us for a terrific interview focusing on her and her writing. She currently lives in England, writes on a variety of subjects, and offers some simply fantastic reading in published books and on her web site.

The pictures you see here and in the interview with Keris have been provided by Keris Stainton. All rights to these pictures belong to Keris, and she has approved their use on my site. They cannot be used for any other purpose without her permission.


Brian McCullough

Brian McCullough is known internationally as one of the finest tribute artists in the world. For almost two decades he has been a featured cast member with Legends in Concert. In addition, he regularly appears in full shows on his own and with other performers.

He has an incredible voice and a soft-spoken charisma that immediately charms and connects with audiences. While watching him on stage, you can't help but feel he is exactly where he wants to be, is loving every moment, and that your enjoyment of the show is the key element in his enjoyment of performing. And when it comes to performing, he is damn good.



Chris VanDahl
An In My Backpack interview participant
The In My Backpack Photo Gallery

As a performer, Chris VanDahl is the complete package -- he doesn't just take command of a stage... he grabs it, fills it beyond capacity with thunder and electricity, and thrives on delivering audiences to experiences beyond their wildest expectations.

He has been compared to Steven Tyler throughout his career, and he currently offers stunning efforts as both Tyler and Aerosmith as a featured performer with the casts of Legends in Concert and with his efforts as a member of the world-class tribute band Aeromyth.


Brandon Evans

Soft-spoken and thoughtful, Brandon is an incredibly approachable, kind, and terrific young man. He's also an amazingly talented performer, and has a tremendous presence on social media platforms.

Get over to YouTube to check out his work. (Go there now!)

The pictures you see in here and in the interview with Brandon have been provided by Brandon Evans. All rights to these pictures belong to Brandon, and he has approved their use on my site. They cannot be used for any other purpose without the permission of Brandon Evans or his authorized representatives.


Bruce in the USA

Led by Matt Ryan, there are a few things you need to know about these guys... (1) An amazing collection of people. Friendly, approachable, and thrilled about what they do. (2) Outstanding musicians. Their live performances are energetic and passionate, providing the best tribute artist effort in recognition of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band that you will ever see. (3) It just so happens that I've worked with them. In the summer of 2010 they became aware of some pictures I had taken of their set for a project I was working on, and Matt approached me about working with them on a complete package. You can find the results of that on their web sites, like the one linked to here.


Rick Price

Rick has a tremendous voice and is a gifted live performer. His music is filled with a passion that immediately connects with an audience. It's an amazing thing to be a part of, and I highly recommend taking any and every opportunity you may have to see him on stage. Also, look for his music. Given the acoustic foundation of the collection, I would highly recommend the release Revisited.


Terry Fator

Additional links - Terry Fator at The Mirage

Terry is a comedian... a singer... an impressionist... a celebrated all-around entertainer that has gone from victory on America's Got Talent to las Vaegas as a headliner with his own theater at The Mirage. He has brought many lovable characters to the stage with him, and thrilled audiences along with earning critical acclaim.


The pictures of Terry included here and in the interview have been provided by Terry Fator and Terry Fator Companies. All rights to these pictures belong to Terry and Terry Fator Companies, and Terry Fator Companies has approved their use on my site. They cannot be used for any other purpose without the permission of Terry Fator and Terry Fator Companies.


Brigitte Valdez

Brigitte is an amazing performer... a true powerhouse that electrifies audiences with an incredible voice. She has been a member of Legends in Concert since 2002, dropping jaws with her incredible tribute to Celine Dion.


Tom Sadge

I've had the chance to see Tom perform twice to date, and the easiest description I can offer is that the man has a fantastic voice. There is a depth and power to it that makes him a natural, and he has worked in radio on the air. Singing is a passion for him, and he brings a great combination of energy, pride and showmanship to the stage. His tribute for Neil Diamond is simply incredible. You would be hard-pressed to find a nicer individual or more professional entertainer.


Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith has performed across the country... and literally around the world... entertaining people with an incredible stage presence and a fabulous voice. She has delivered tribute performances as Cher and Shania Twain, and provided the singing voice of Cher for the movie And The Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story.


Art Vargas

When performing on his own, Art is regularly backed by The Swank Set, a dynamic and talented group of musicians that provides his showmanship a rock solid foundation from which to soar. And soar he does. I've seen Art perform, and he is fantastic... but don't take my word for it. The Las Vegas Review Journal and Las Vegas Life magazine have named him their Best Entertainer in annual awards and reviews. Publications… too many to list… have run out of adjectives to capture the essence of his performances. Art Vargas and The Swank Set are, time and again, recognized as one of the best show bands in Vegas today.


The pictures you see here and in the interview with Art have been provided by Art Vargas. All rights to these pictures belong to Art, and he has approved their use on my site. They cannot be used for any other purpose without his permission.


Kevin Mills

Look over Kevin’s accomplishments and it won’t take you very long to realize that he is one of the very best in the world at what he does professionally… and that is performing as an Elvis Presley tribute artist. He has been recognized with accolades and awards pretty much since the very first time he performed as Elvis, and the applause has only grown louder… the praise has only become stronger. Kevin is incredibly versatile with his portrayal of the King, expertly covering the ground from the Louisiana Hayride days and early Elvis of the 50s, through the movie years and the Comeback Special, and ultimately into the iconic jumpsuit of Las Vegas and Aloha From Hawaii.


Joe Bonamassa

I had the opportunity to interview Joe for a "Lucky Seven" column, and I left very impressed with a man that was as friendly and accommodating as he is talented. Visit his site... buy his music... and if you can, see him perform live.


Christina Shaw

Christina is a talented woman that currently performs professional tribute acts for a number of singers, including Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Faith Hill. (And… she has recently begun to add Lady Gaga to her resume.) Two things stand out from any performance… her strong vocals and the undeniable enjoyment she takes from being on stage.


Daryl Wagner

Daryl has performed on some of the greatest stages, with some of the biggest names. He’s been on Broadway. He’s worked with Rosemary Clooney and Bernadette Peters. And now, he is delivering a brilliant tribute to Liberace that showcases his phenomenal talents accompanied by a terrific cast.


Most of the pictures you see here and in the interview with Daryl have been provided by Daryl Wagner. All rights to these pictures belong to Daryl, and he has approved their use on my site. They cannot be used for any other purpose without his permission.


Scott Jordan

Scott Jordan has been on stages across the country delivering world-class tribute performances as Justin Timberlake. He has a true passion and appreciation for what he does, offering this fantastic and humble opinion of his professional efforts: “the great thing is that I’m getting paid to do what I’d do for free in my truck.” Scott is looking to bring his work to stages around the country, and is a name to check out and a show to see.

Most of the pictures you see here and in the interview with Scott have been provided by Scott Jordan. All rights to these pictures belong to Scott, and he has approved their use on my site. They cannot be used for any other purpose without his permission.


Tommy Emmanuel

Breathtaking... brilliant... outstanding... dynamic... incredible... just a few of the words you could use in describing Tommy, and those don't even begin to provide the credit he deserves. Widely regarded as one of the finest guitarists to ever play, he is a creative and unique professional that excels whether you are listening to a recording or watching him live... and understand, a Tommy Emmanuel live show is simply beyond compare. It is a rollicking, thrilling, emotional experience that will have your heart pounding and leave all of your senses dazzled.


Ines Zak

Additional links - Ines Zak at You Tube

Ines has performed around the world... and left thrilled audiences at every show. As one of her professional efforts, she offers a dazzling tribute as Shakira for Legends in Concert. She is also widely recognized for her outstanding performance as Gloria Estefan. In addition to these efforts, Ines continues to tour with groups like Monroe Powell and The Platters. Her smile, powerful singing voice, and overall personality earn praise at every turn.


Sara Hickey

Sara Hickey is a versatile entertainer with a beautiful voice. My personal experience in watching her was while performing a set of Carrie Underwood songs as a member of Legends in Concert. These days you are most likely to catch her in Las Vegas, where she has been on stage at The Orleans and on Fremont Street along with several other notable casino properties.


Legends in Concert

Legends in Concert is the best of the best... offering the top tribute artist performances in the world. The organization is a collection of some of the most professional, accommodating, and friendly people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.


Deirdre Flint

Additional links - The Four Bitchin' Babes
Deirdre is a fantastic woman, and an incredibly talented musician with a wonderful sense of humor. Her comedic view of life is at the heart of her musical efforts, which features such classic songs as: "The Boob Fairy," "The Bridesmaid Dress Song," and "Cheerleader." She performs as a solo artist, as well as a member of the girl-supergroup, The Four Bitchin' Babes. Her resume includes wins of the Kerrville New Folk Award and the Falcon Ridge Showcase.


Joe Posnanski

One of the most well-known and celebrated sports writers, he is also by far one of the most productive. He has won numerous industry awards, including recognition as national sports columnist of the year on multiple occasions. He is also a best-selling author, with the tremendous The Soul of Baseball to his credit.


Tom Colicchio

You may know him as one of the leaders of the culinary industry, currently providing outstanding dining options across the country under the Craft name. Or, you may be familiar with his work on Top Chef, one of the best and most entertaining cooking shows on television. However you know him, Tom takes pride in delivering high-quality efforts.


Suzi Quatro

A leader in the music world, Suzi changed the industry for women. As the introduction on her web site says: "...she kicked down the door, and the rest followed."


Earl Swift

A tremendously gifter writer, Earl has provided efforts in a variety of settings, from newspapers to books. His work has been recognized numerous times, and he continues to provide brilliant storytelling that informs and entertains.


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