Tommy Emmanuel


I have had the pleasure of seeing Tommy Emmanuel perform live on multiple occassions. Here are a few of the adjectives that work... breathtaking... brilliant... outstanding... dynamic... incredible... and those don't scratch the surface. He is widely regarded as one of the finest guitarists to ever play. (And I would be one of those in favor of such standing.)

Go over to You Tube... type in his name... and then select one of the videos. "Classical Gas" tends to be one of the favorite selections, but you can't go wrong. "Guitar Boogie" has become a signature piece of his, and "Angelina" is a personal masterpiece. His medley of Beatles material will drop your jaw to the floor. The list goes on and on, and, incredibly... as fantastic, creative and professional as his recorded songs are... and as wonderfully as many of the videos capture his abilities... a Tommy Emmanuel live show is simply beyond compare. It is a rollicking, thrilling, emotional experience that will have your heart pounding and leave all of your senses dazzled.

The pictures in this gallery were taken in September of 2009.


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