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There's a certain something involved in being at the front of a rock band. Attitude would be a good word... swagger, confidence, command would be three good options for beginning a list of other choices.

The trick is, there really is no single way of defining it... no single way of creating it... no single way of perfecting it. While you might be able to learn it and improve, most of the great talents and skills you will ever see presented on a stage are created by motivations and passions pulsing within the performer... they are seldom taught.

Chris VanDahl is a dominating presence when handed a microphone and placed in front of an audience. He creates a charged atmosphere that honestly is well beyond a portrayal of Steven Tyler with Legends in Concert... is more than the greatest Aerosmith tribute band in the world with Aeromyth... it is a gifted, talented, pure rock-and-roll entertainer taking a showroom by storm and leaving everyone exhausted by the time he's done.

The pictures in this gallery were taken during performances with Legends in Concert in December of 2015.

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