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The monthly newsletter from Bob Hocking

In July of 2016, Bob released the first edition of a brand new project... a monthly newsletter.

A Parkside View is designed to focus on the In My Backpack web site and Bob's published writings. In addition, content may be drawn from the sister sites of the Backpack family, such as ComplemenTerry Designs and Local Friends for Local Business.

Each newsletter will feature the exclusive debut of a new essay. Also, a "From the Backpack" classic essay will be included.

When available, there will be details about projects in development and upcoming appearances.

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If you would like to receive A Parkside View each month, contact us by e-mail and let us know.

We'll reach out to you to confirm the registration, send along the current issue, and include you in the distribution of future releases.

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A Parkside View is a monthly publication based on the works of Bob Hocking. It contains material exclusive to the newsletter at the time of release as well as content from the In My Backpack web site and other efforts associated with Parkside Backpack Productions.

No material presented here may be used in any form without prior written permission from Bob Hocking or an authorized representative of In My Backpack.


If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail Penny@inmybackpack.com