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You may never get published

(Horror stories and thoughts to help you try anyway)


The world of publishing is, in a single word, chaos.

There are plenty of other words. But to capture all of the joys, the frustrations, the hurdles, the thrills, the disappointments, the excitment, the challenges, the highs and the lows and the in-betweens -- and on and on -- involved in the process of bringing a project from thought to published, chaos covers all of the ground fairly well.

In this workshop, Bob will focus on his own thoughts, efforts and experience, drawing from the perspective of things he wish he knew when he was starting.

What things did he do right? What mistakes were made? Where could he have improved? Where did he improve? All these questions (and several more) combine to create a presentation designed as an introductory-level program that offers details every writer might benefit from considering.

Make no mistake... there are NO guarantees! This workshop acknowledges and describes the difficulties facing writers that plan to bring a book to the marketplace. It promises no slot on a bestseller list... offers no contract with an agent... provides no space on a bookstore shelf.

What does it offer?

** An overview of publishing methods

** Information about the responsibilities and demands of self-publishing

** Understanding personal investment

...and perhaps a little bit more.

Unless noted otherwise, these events are planned as free and open to the public.

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