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Hocking’s latest release proves “tomorrow will be better than today”

New York (November 2020) – Bob Hocking is excited to announce the release of his twelfth book, January Resolutions. A collection of non-fiction essays, it will be available in print and electronic formats on November 24, 2020.

On its pages, January Resolutions heads into the subjects of frosty northeast weather and attempts at self-improvement that the title would suggest. Bob also veers off on his usual tangents to consider other thoughts, such as how nothing lasts forever, the origins of coffee, the benefits found when must-have whoopie pies aren’t all that must-have, the civics test for United States citizenship, and what might happen if you drove an ice cream truck through the side of a circus tent into a calliope.

Containing more than five dozen essays, including four that have never been released in any format previously, January Resolutions represents one of Bob’s most ambitious collections to date.

A graduate of Syracuse University, Bob was born and raised in Rhode Island. He currently lives with his wife, Terry, in upstate New York.


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The initial release will be a paperback edition running approximately 265 pages with an e-book available on the same date.

Bob Hocking provided the photo used on the cover, with the traditional In My Backpack Gus Logo design from Jay Gillen on the back.

Publisher: Parkside – Backpack Productions
Language: English

ISBN-13: 979-8568032021


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