Welcome to New Hampshire
Bob and Terry on Tour 2013
The Best of Jackson and North Conway


It was a weekend trip… get out of Connectituct, away from the phone, and just enjoy a few days of something different.

And it was so much more.

What were your favorite things about the Jackson and North Conway areas?

Bob: The whole weekend was set up as a low-key, collection of a little-bit-of-everything. So my answer here is slightly all over the place.

I thought Diana’s Baths provided an unexpected thrill. It was a complete experience when you include hiking over the snow. On one bridge along the trail, we saw that the packed-down snow we were walking on was at least 6 to 8 inches thick.

Four Your Paws Only would be my highlight of the shopping stops. There were several really good and fun places that we visited, including repeat visits to L.L. Bean. Four Your Paws Only though… that was fun and had me smiling all the time.

Food? Hmm… I’d probably go with Moat Mountain. All of the places where we ate were good. Several of them I would go back to… and hopefully will. But Moat Mountain… from a perfect beer (we tried the Czech Pilsner) to a great pot stickers dish… a really good meal.

Honestly though, it was just a great weekend from the moment we left until we arrived back home. Everything was good.

Terry: Shopping.

What were you most impressed by during the trip?

Bob: A couple of things.

First, the people. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.

Second, the location. Even when we set off on an adventure… heading out to Mount Washington… it was pretty much just ten to fifteen minutes. Every drive was ten to fifteen minutes. Once we settled in to North Conway and Jackson, it was all right there.

And third, the pace. We wanted an easy-going weekend. No plans… just see where any moment took us. And we still managed to go through everything we talked about plus adding in a movie and visiting Mount Washington. We never felt rushed… the day drifted smoothly along, always a bit earlier than you would think considering how much we were doing… and it was all relaxed and fun.

Terry: How close everything was.

Favorite things we did…

Terry: Walking around.

Playing cards in the den area of the hotel.

Bob: I’d agree with these thoughts. We had a perfect weekend for weather (40-degrees or more and sunny every day). So no matter what we did, being outside was incredible. And in general terms, whether it was the trail to Diana’s Bath or the sidewalk between shops, it was great wherever we walked.

We also never turned the laptop on… and that was fantastic.

Best place to eat (overall)…

Terry: The Moat.

Bob: If I had to pick… Moat Mountain or the Scarecrow. I still can’t get over how perfect the fries were at the Scarecrow Pub & Grill.

Best place to eat (inexpensive)…

Terry: Flatbread Pizza Company.

Bob: All of our stops were pretty good on price. That said… when we get back to Moat Mountain I am going with the beer sampler, which on this visit would have been seven of their beers, in generous sampler glasses, for $7.

Biggest surprise…

Terry: Diana’s Baths

Bob: I’m really tempted to say Four Your Paws Only, because any time you thought of a different dog breed ** poof ** they had something with that breed featured.

Diana’s Baths was a fun hour. And, we both felt like we had accomplished something by deciding to see it and then hiking the short trek through the snow. (It’s six-tenths of a mile from the parking lot.)

You know, I never thought about this before, so I found it interesting when…

Terry: You could go cross-country skiing from right outside the hotel.

Bob: Probably Monday morning… between Mount Washington and the White Mountain Cider Co.… when I got the best examples of something Terry mentioned earlier, which was learning how close everything was.

We were sort of debating leaving for home on Monday morning or staying through lunch. Not really debating it in detail… but kind of going back and forth to see what either of us had left to do that we hadn’t seen.

While visiting New Hampshire often in the past, we’ve stayed in the Lincoln area. In fact, that was our first thoughts for this trip. We both enjoy the Woodstock Inn Station & Brewery. And a bit to the north, a fun surprise from past visits, is Lincoln. I enjoy taking an afternoon to stroll Main Street in Littleton. The trick is… driving from Lincoln to Littleton, while not far, seems like it can be forever. It’s barely more than a half-hour in reality. And since we’ve spotted moose along the route, it’s a nice, scenic ride. Still… half-hour.

I mention that because I don’t think anything… even getting to the visitor’s station of Mount Washington… took more than 15 minutes. Everything we did was pretty much along route 16. And we were even guided by Mi Luv U into some great and fun shortcuts.

If I had to recommend something that a person had to do, regardless of expense, I would say…

Terry: Diana’s Baths

Bob: Well, nothing we did would be in the expensive area, so the dollars idea is out the window. I’ve got a couple of things though…

First… don’t look around with the standard hotel idea in mind. When someone mentions a bed and breakfast, the true definition of the concept is New Hampshire. (Well… New Hampshire and Vermont.) And the areas of Jackson and North Conway are also home to some of the oldest hotels you will ever find. When you enter your room, you don’t think hotel… these are bedrooms on the road, with antique furniture, beds with gorgeous frames, and subtle treasures throughout the property. There’s even a comfort in hearing the hallway floors creak.

Second… we went in March for this trip, but I can tell you that New Hampshire can be a year-round destination. So keep it in mind for a trip at any point, in any season.

And finally… more to the idea of this question… it’s the natural scenery that makes a trip around this place different and unique. Get to the waterfalls, include the covered bridges, and check out some parks or mountains.

If I had to recommend something but expense did matter (so go cheaper), I would say…

Terry: Our hotel… the Eagle Mountain House.

Bob: I pretty much covered it in the previous answer. There isn’t anything outrageously priced from this trip. But Diana’s Baths (as Terry pointed out), Jackson Falls, the covered bridges, and Mount Washington cost us a grand total of nothing.

Person/people that impressed me the most…

Terry: The hotel staff at Eagle Mountain. Very friendly, incredibly helpful, and I don’t think I ever saw them without a smile or helpful offer.

On Sunday night we walked into an area that was kind of like a den in a house… a couple of tables, some chairs, lots of pictures and knickknacks, and a few shelves filled with books. We hadn’t dealt the first hand of cards and Gregory had stepped in from the front desk to ask if we wanted the fireplace started or needed anything else.

Bob: I’m going to agree with Terry here. Everyone I can think of was friendly and nice throughout the trip. The staff at Eagle Mountain though were always a step above, from my first phone call to make reservations on.

Event that impressed me the most…

Bob: Hmm… is it bad I want to mention the fries from The Scarecrow Pub and Grill? They were hot and perfect. Quite possibly the best I’ve ever had.

This is a tough one because everything about the weekend was so consistently good.

Terry: The sales at L.L. Bean!

Thing I’m really glad we included…

Terry: Driving out to Mount Washington. It was only a few extra minutes, and it made me want to head back there when the winter weather is gone and more options for exploring are available.

Bob: I would agree with Mount Washington and add in the White Mountain Cider Co. Really nice morning getting to both of those places.

Thing I wish we had done…

Bob: Nothing. I got nothing for this one. We covered it all.

Terry: We did everything I wanted to do.

Suggestions from this experience…

Bob: Pretty much covered it already. Stay in a hotel with personality… keep your schedule open, but make sure to include shopping, eating and sightseeing.

Terry: See Diana’s Baths.

Sure, this will be set up as a best of column, but you should always warn people about the bad, so here is something I think we need to mention…

Bob: You’ll have to read the travel diary, but the only thing I can do here is make a joke and tell you to double-check your luggage. Other than that… great trip… no worries.

Terry: I’ve got nothing for this one. Everything went smoothly, we met nothing but friendly people, and we included all the sights and stops and things I wanted to do (including playing some cards and seeing a movie).

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