Just go Terrell, just go away


“Nobody ever had the balls to step out and grab T.O. by the throat and say, ‘You're paid to be a receiver and catch the ball… You're not paid to berate the coaches on the sideline. You're not paid to sign autographs in the middle of the game. You're not paid to try and call the plays and coach the quarterbacks.’ Nobody ever said, ‘God-dammit, play football. That's what you're paid to do.’”
-Bob Garcia, father of quarterback Jeff Garcia, speaking with Don Banks of Sports Illustrated about Terrell Owens

“So that there is no misunderstanding, regardless of what happens with the grievance, under the present circumstances I do not see myself playing for the Ravens. I can assure everyone that I will continue to keep fighting for my right to play for the team of my choice even after the grievance. At the end of this process, I simply want to be able to exercise my right to play for a team of my choosing under a deal that is fair to me and my family.”
-Terrell Owens as noted in an ESPN story, also attributed to the Associated Press

“If it comes down to the point where I can't win, I'll be a Raven.”
-Terrell Owens as attributed by CBS Sportsline to an interview with WCAU-TV

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Is the itty-bitty baby upset?

That’s what this situation has come down to, and it’s sickening. Owens, a crying, pampered, spoiled brat with no common sense, is acting like a wailing baby. And hopefully, if there is any justice, he won’t get away with this disgusting and immature stance.

Let’s take a look at the situation…

Owens was signed to a contract with the San Francisco 49ers. That deal had three years remaining, with a total value of $17.7 million. Not an outrageous amount for a player of his acknowledged ability, so that amount was as close to guaranteed as it comes in the NFL. But there was also an option that allowed Owens to void the contract and become a free agent. And in NFL contracts, the real dollars are found in the signing bonus.

As soon as the season ended, the quote machine was turned on. He specifically attacked Jeff Garcia, but made no secret that he was packing his bags and planned to leave. I don’t believe there is any doubt he intended to leave, and I will admit that up front. But something funny happened…

As Owens was walking out on the organization, he basically did so by walking backwards toward the door while giving the figurative finger to the San Francisco 49ers. He didn’t like the organization, the coaches, or the teammates. Heck, it seemed like he didn’t like anything about the city if it didn’t involve a paycheck for him from endorsement money. And when he hit the exit door… he literally smashed right into it. Turned out he was so involved with hand gestures and television interviews bad mouthing the 49ers, he hadn’t noticed that no one… not even his agent… had opened it for him to leave.

For while no one disputes the fact the Owens had an option in his contract to void the deal… and while no one doubts that he intended to leave… neither Owens nor his agent filed the paperwork necessary to notify the league officially of his intentions.

To some that’s a technicality. Not to me. We’re talking about millions of dollars here. We’re talking about a man that had taken cheap shots at every member of the organization that he could aim at. This is a child that has accused everyone else of being to blame when things go wrong and never accepts responsibility for anything. And here he is, in a situation where only he and his agent have clear responsibilities, and apparently it is still everyone else’s fault that the paperwork didn’t get filed.

All he had to do was open the door for himself, declare his free agency by filing paperwork, and he didn’t. So when he walked into the door and fell on his ass, it isn’t the fault of the 49ers, the Ravens, the NFL or some second gunman on a grassy knoll. Terrell screwed up. And the 49ers got a huge laugh and tremendous bonus out of it.

So that this is crystal clear… Terrell had the opportunity to be a free agent. He had the opportunity to select where he played. He had the chance to select where he played, for how much, and everything else he says this is all about. And he gave up that opportunity when his agent didn’t file the paperwork. The blame seems pretty clear here to me.

And understand that no one has to give Owens anything at this point. He’s got a contract that is still valid. Why? Because he didn’t void it.

Now San Francisco knows they can’t bring him back. They don’t want him. Bad attitude, bad team player. But by an amazing stroke of luck, they have a chance to get something by trading him when they originally were going to get nothing.

Owens and his agent asked for permission to try and work out a trade for his services. The 49ers said alright, but they were going to work on a trade too. Owens worked out a new contract with Philadelphia. The Eagles offered a fifth round draft choice and a player that the 49ers had no interest in. Baltimore offered a second round draft pick. So the offer is basically a fifth round pick or a second round pick. Exactly why is Owens stunned that the 49ers traded him for the second round draft pick? How is that unfair?

Gee, do you think Terrell wants to go to Philadelphia so badly because (1) he gets to play with Donovan McNabb, or (2) Philadelphia offered him a new contract (which remember, no team was required to do since his other deal still runs for three more years) and Baltimore did not? I’m going with number 2.

Terrell Owens doesn’t deserve to play for a winner. He doesn’t deserve any of the benefits afforded a talented professional athlete. He was notorious for a bad attitude, and if… hopefully… he is told to go to Baltimore he is going to have a ton of fences and bridges to mend because of this childish screaming and crying. Do you think any players on the Baltimore roster are thrilled by the antics on display? All he has done is show why the 49ers are happy he’s gone, and given validity to the comments of Bob Garcia as noted above.

Terrell, you’re a receiver.  One that makes some splendid plays but drops an amazing amount of easy catches as well. Right now, you are not worth this trouble. This is the National Football League, not the “hey everybody look at me league.” Wake up. You had your chance, and you… not anyone else… you blew it. You have no freedom of choice, because you didn’t ask for it. You have no free agent rights, because you didn’t ask for it. You have no “right to play for the team of your choice,” because even with the contractual right to ask for it, you didn’t ask for it. You are the idiot. You are the one that messed up. You are the classless idiot… the crybaby. Take your $17.7 million and smile. Or, play your butt off and hope someone shows you some mercy, does something they don’t have to do, and offers to renegotiate your contract.

It does make one wonder though… since San Francisco was prepared to get nothing from his departure and currently stand to get a second round draft pick… Do you think they’ll be happy just being able to laugh at Terrell the baby and how he is acting if they end up not getting the pick?

And a final note to the NFL and the players’ association. If Terrell’s rights wind up any place except Baltimore, then shame on you. Seems like everything is pretty clear to me.


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