Dare I say it? All New England does is win


The following essay was produced as part of my 2013 effort for the November National Novel Writing Month effort. As such, please understand that while I did give it a quick review, it has not gone through the same proofreading and editing I normally try to give all of the material posted on this site.

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Thank you.

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In a few hours… ok, tomorrow afternoon actually… the New England Patriots will play the Pittsburgh Steelers. At the risk of jinxing the results, the Pats will win and move to 7-2 on the year.

And that’s pretty impressive.


Take a look around the league. In fact, you don’t need to go much further than Pittsburgh to see that traditional powers are having difficult seasons.

(But you could. The New York Giants are having a terrible year… in a terrible division. People are wondering what happened to those young quarterback sensations in places like San Francisco and Washington. And so on… and on… and then there’s New England. 7-2. On top of the division. Heck… name recent Super Bowl winners… Baltimore, New York (Giants), Pittsburgh… go back to the year 2001, and I believe you’ll find only New England, New Orleans and Green Bay have won the Super Bowl since then and have winning records in 2013.)

Now, here’s the thing… I’m not writing this to be in depth and researched to all sorts of amazing points. For example…

I’m not going to ask you if you, by chance, happen to know how the Patriots have done over the past two, three or four seasons in the final eight games of each year. (Or… what they looked like in December.)

I won’t take that information and then attempt to explain why a lead of multiple games in the division looks very good at this point.

I don’t have plans to point out how I heard that Tim Brady is now more than 100-games over .500 for his career. (And the only quarterback to ever accomplish that feat.)


That isn’t the point of this essay.

Instead, I’m simply trying to point out how unpredictably amazing things are in the football land of New England… and how amazing they’ve been since Tom Brady and Bill Belichick became a duo.

We are seriously saying that for more than 10 years, not making the Super Bowl is a disappointment. I mean… honestly… the biggest critiques…

Brady is being left out to get injured and struggle with an offense that is well below average due to injuries, youth, and other circumstances.

Still… 7-2.

The team isn’t looking like it can run with Denver and Kansas City in January.

Still… 7-2, and actually looking at a potential second seed that could mean a week off and that they only need to defeat Denver or Kansas City, and not both.

I mean… come on… the most problems for New England fans in two handfuls of years is wondering whether or not the playoff bye week hurts them.

Really. How’d you like that as something that ranks as your team’s biggest concern?

And is it really that good? Yup.

2008 season.

When Tom Brady was injured and lost for the year, the Pats missed the playoffs. No stunner there. Most NFL teams would miss the playoffs if their starter… a Hall of Fame, multiple Super Bowl winning starter… was lost for the year.

That season, the Pats went 11-5 and barely missed the playoffs though.

Lost Tom Brady… and still, New England fans were not treated to an Indianapolis-drafts-Andrew-Luck horrendous run.


They hit December and there were actual, justifiable conversations being held about how they could be playing for another title. Heck… they missed the playoffs while an 8-8 San Diego squad made it.

So… yeah… it’s 2013, and New England is 7-2. People are talking about how awesome Peyton Manning looks… and how Brady is struggling… and how fantastic Kansas City has been… and across the country the storyline is simple… the Patriots will be in the playoffs -- so what’s the new angle?

Simplistic? Sure. There isn’t much research being done here.

But the reality remains… things in the NFL land of the Patriots are not just pretty good, they’re super, with super aspirations on the mind.

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