The 2010 NFL Picks
Week Fifteen


I can’t say things are going amazingly well for me. I’m now 5-games off of Mike’s pace, and have Gus and Molly closing in, along with Terry. Most importantly, I’m staring directly at the possibility of falling below even on the season… which is always my biggest desire of the year. I may not be able to stop Terry from having a great season… which she did her first time playing, while setting the highest Backpack score for wins against the spread ever. I may not finish better than Mike… he knows what I know, and a few breaks or chances for either of us can be the separation. What I can do is try to win more than I lose… and there are 48 games left to go.

The work is steady though, the holidays festive, and the pace of the world so far is better today than yesterday… I can’t complain too much.

So many stupid, stupid picks though… especially recently. I feel all alone and isolated when I look at some of these games. So this week we’re going to try and keep it simple. No thinking too much. And we’ll use Cast Away as the movie.

San Francisco at San Diego (9)“First thing it’s two minutes, then four, then six, then the next thing you know, we’re the U.S. mail.” I’m just not of a mind to pick too many big spreads this week. Well… that’s not true. I’ll be picking New England. My point instead rests on two ideas. First, I don’t trust the San Diego head coach. Second, I wonder exactly how good San Diego is. There is a very realistic chance they don’t play in the postseason this year. A bit more depth of research might be deserved for this game, because, well… did I mention I don’t trust the coach? I’m going to take the 49ers, but realistically and primarily, my biggest concern is Frank Gore. See… the Chargers are showing they can run the ball. Rivers is playing very well. 9-points isn’t too much. But I likely should be a bit more careful here and recognize that the 49ers have not shown that they can doing anything on offense other than hand the ball or throw the ball to Gore.
Bob: San Francisco
Terry: San Francisco
Mike: San Diego
Molly: San Francisco
Gus: San Diego
Sam: San Diego

Philadelphia at New York (Giants) (3)“We live and we die by time. And we must not commit the sin of losing our track on time.” Big game… and there are a few this weekend. The winner takes a one-game lead in the division with two to play. Eagles are playing better on offense… Giants better on defense. Both have played just about equally well at home and on the road. About the only difference comes from November… where Philly won the first contest between these clubs. In short… a win for the Eagles all but locks up the NFC East for them, as it gives them a one-game advantage and also the tie-breaker. The thing is… the Giants are on another streak. They lost to Dallas and Philly, then took care of Jacksonville to get back to winning, and in recent weeks simply dominated Minnesota and Washington. I like the home team here.
Bob: New York
Terry: New York
Mike: Philadelphia
Mike Jr: New York
Molly: Philadelphia
Gus: Philadelphia
Sam: New York

Washington at Dallas (6)“You wouldn’t have a match by any chance, would you?” There is so much crap happening in Washington… now it involves benching the quarterback… I don’t see how to make any type of case for selecting them to make this game much of a contest.
Bob: Dallas
Terry: Dallas
Mike: Dallas
Mike Jr: Dallas
Molly: Washington
Gus: Washington
Sam: Washington

Jacksonville at Indianapolis (5)“Hello! Anybody?” I can honestly say the Colts concern me. I wouldn’t want to play them, but they just don’t have that definitive edge that you plan to see from them… which I suppose happens when winning 12 games each season, year after year, is suddenly replaced by a season where winning out gets them to 11 victories and a division title they didn’t have in hand back in October. In turn, the Jaguars are playing some solid football. Not great football… but to my eyes much better than when I was making fun of them week after week for finding a way to win enough games to stay in the race while routinely being destroyed. Make no mistake… other than Manning, there is nothing taking the field in this game that scares any other AFC playoff team. But I don’t expect the Colts to win in a laugher. This one should be close, or a Jaguar victory.
Bob: Jacksonville
Terry: Jacksonville
Mike: Jacksonville
Mike Jr: Jacksonville
Molly: Jacksonville
Gus: Jacksonville
Sam: Indianapolis

Detroit at Tampa Bay (6)“Hey, you want to hear something funny? My dentist’s name is James Spalding.” I admit it. I want to pick Detroit. I want to recognize them for playing tough games this season. But let’s run off some facts. (1) Detroit is 0-6 on the road. (2) This is the first Detroit road game since November 21st. (3) With Philly or New York likely losing and not finishing with a tie, and Green Bay headed to New England, there is a good chance with a win here that the Bucs will be tied with the second-place NFC East team for the final wild card spot.
Bob: Tampa Bay
Terry: Tampa Bay
Mike: Tampa Bay
Mike Jr: Tampa Bay
Molly: Detroit
Gus: Detroit
Sam: Detroit

Kansas City at St. Louis (3)“We buried you. There was a coffin, a gravestone. The whole thing.” “I had a coffin? Well, what was in it?” I want to pick the Chiefs in this game… and definitely would love to see the Chiefs take the AFC West. That said… let’s be realistic… Kansas City on the road has been tough to watch in 2010. St. Louis has a shot at winning their division, and really needs this game to position themselves for the final two weeks. I like the home team here… pure and simple.
Bob: St. Louis
Terry: St. Louis
Mike: Kansas City
Mike Jr: Kansas City
Molly: Kansas City
Gus: Kansas City
Sam: Kansas City

New Orleans at Baltimore (1½)“Do… do you have to keep bringing that up? Huh? Ok, so it was a good thing we did a test because it wasn’t going to be just a quick snap.” I got nothing insightful to say. I just think the Saints are the better team. Should be a great game.
Bob: New Orleans
Terry: Baltimore
Mike: New Orleans
Mike Jr: New Orleans
Molly: Baltimore
Gus: New Orleans
Sam: Baltimore

Arizona at Carolina (2½)“I should’ve never gotten on that plane. I should’ve never gotten out of the car.” Wow. That quote is what alot of people will be saying if they attend this travesty. Ok… umm… every one of Carolina’s victories has been at home this year. Go ahead. Look it up. They won a game. That was a home game. Arizona doesn’t do much of anything particularly well right now, and travel is one of the things they do particularly poorly.
Bob: Carolina
Terry: Arizona
Mike: Carolina
Mike Jr: Arizona
Molly: Carolina
Gus: Carolina
Sam: Arizona

Atlanta (6½) at Seattle“Gotta love crab. In the nick of time too. I couldn’t take much more of those coconuts.” I’m just taking the better team here. No magic tricks. No deep research. Seattle can be beaten at home, and they do give up points. Works for me.
Bob: Atlanta
Terry: Seattle
Mike: Atlanta
Mike Jr: Atlanta
Molly: Seattle
Gus: Seattle
Sam: Seattle

Houston at Tennessee (1)“So, let me get one thing straight here. We have a pro football team now, but they’re in Nashville?” This could go against me in so many ways, I’m scared to talk about it. Do the Titans have any fight left in them? If so, the Texans are toast. And, I suppose you could ask if the Texans have anything left. But Tennessee has been awful at home this year and has managed to look very bad since obtaining that wide receiver (name slips my mind right now) and having troubles with a quarterback (again, I think that happened, I don’t recall any names). In other words… nothing memorable going on here at all. So let’s take the Texans based on nothing other than I’m so tired of picking them and watching them fall flat that I know I shouldn’t pick them here, which means when I don’t pick them they’ll do just fine, so I should pick them. How’s that? No… really… that’s the best I’ve got. Houston looked so ridiculously bad ending the game against Baltimore I wanted to pick against them in every game for the next five years. And that’s exactly the type of finish that makes me act emotionally, pick against them, and then get ticked off because they show up the next week.
Bob: Houston
Terry: Houston
Mike: Houston
Mike Jr: Houston
Molly: Tennessee
Gus: Tennessee
Sam: Tennessee

New York (Jets) at Pittsburgh (6½)“This could work! This could work!” There is nothing… and I mean nothing… impressive about the Jets right now.
Bob: Pittsburgh
Terry: New York
Mike: Pittsburgh
Mike Jr: Pittsburgh
Molly: New York
Gus: Pittsburgh
Sam: Pittsburgh

Cleveland at Cincinnati (1½)“Wilson!” Great… crap playing inept. Only hold on… McCoy is back.
Bob: Cleveland
Terry: Cleveland
Mike: Cleveland
Mike Jr: Cleveland
Molly: Cleveland
Gus: Cleveland
Sam: Cincinnati

Denver at Oakland (6½)“You look lost.” “I do?” “Where’re you headed?” “Well, I was just about to figure that out.” “Well, that’s 83 South. And this road here will hook you up with I-40 East. If you turn right, that’ll take you to Amarillo, Flagstaff, California. And if you head back that direction, you’ll find a whole lot of nothing all the way to Canada.” “I got it.” “All right, then. Good luck, cowboy.” It’s just too many points. Isn’t it? I mean, the Broncos suck. The offense is bad. The defense is worse. They don’t travel well. They haven’t played other teams in the division well. By a touchdown? When Oakland has basically scored as much as they’ve given up this season? Truth be told… no, it’s not too much. The Raiders defeated San Diego on the road and made it close against Jacksonville. And after the tremendous showing last week, there is zero reason to believe Denver is capable of doing much here.
Bob: Oakland
Terry: Oakland
Mike: Oakland
Mike Jr: Oakland
Molly: Oakland
Gus: Oakland
Sam: Oakland

Buffalo at Miami (6)“Aha. Look what I’ve created. I have made fire.” Normally I’d pick the Dolphins here and not think twice… but the Bills could score enough points to make this interesting. I think the Dolphins struggle. Which is a shame… because running the table could earn them a tie with the Jets for the last playoff spot.
Bob: Buffalo
Terry: Miami
Mike: Buffalo
Mike Jr: Buffalo
Molly: Miami
Gus: Miami
Sam: Miami

Green Bay at New England (9)“Don’t worry Wilson, I’ll do all the paddling. You just hang on.” Yeah… anyone that wants to make a case for Green Bay is invited to e-mail me. Otherwise, we move along.
Bob: New England
Terry: New England
Mike: New England
Mike Jr: New England
Molly: New England
Gus: Green Bay
Sam: Green Bay

Chicago at Minnesota (1½)“That’s a search area of 500,000 square miles. That’s twice the size of Texas. They may never find us.” Have you heard what Minnesota is going through just to find a quarterback for this game? Have you? If so, then you don’t expect them to even compete… forget win.
Bob: Chicago
Terry: Chicago
Mike: Chicago
Mike Jr: Chicago
Molly: Minnesota
Gus: Minnesota
Sam: Minnesota

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mike: Last week 7-8-1, currently 106-92-10
Bob: Last week 6-9-1, currently 101-97-10
Gus: Last week 8-7-1, currently 97-101-10
Molly: Last week 7-8-1, currently 95-103-10
Terry: Last week 9-6-1, currently 95-103-10
Mike Jr: Last week 8-7-1, currently 89-95-10
Sam: Last week 11-4-1, currently 84-114-10

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