A-Rod schedules surgery, books vacation


NEW ENGLAND (IMB) – Alex Rodriguez has announced that he will have follow-up surgery on his right hip on Monday, October 12, 2009. Rodriguez made this announcement during an exclusive interview with Biff Blowhard of the Macombs Dam Park Press.

“There is no off-season these days. Once we get through 2009, every day of work I can put in will be important so that I can reach March of 2010 as prepared as possible to participate in team drills and be ready for the season opener.”

Rodriguez recently underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right hip in early March. The 90-minute procedure was intended to stabilize a torn labrum, allowing him to miss only a small portion of the 2009 season while hopefully reducing the possibility of the injury worsening by playing.

Unfortunately for Rodriguez, the arthroscopic procedure was only a temporary answer, and not a solution. It was known from the beginning that a more aggressive procedure would be necessary after the season to repair the damage and allow him to fully heal.

The selected date raises questions however. The regular season ends on October 4, 2009, meaning this surgery is delayed at least a week from that point. Also, it seems strange Rodriguez would make an announcement now for a date that is right in the middle of any playoff appearance for the Yankees.

“We did the first procedure to get me back in there for as much of the season as possible, and then we’ll focus on the rest of my career with the second one.”

When asked about why he delayed the surgery for a week after the end of the season, Rodriguez smiled sheepishly. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this. I’m meeting Madonna for a vacation. If you spend any time with Madonna, you need medical attention immediately after it. So, I figure I might as well see her and then get everything repaired at once.”

He was asked about the playoffs, but elected not to comment on that. Most team sources did not wish to be quoted, but the unanimous response throughout the New York spring training facility was excitement that Rodriguez had decided not to play in any postseason games.

“This is fantastic. It means all we need to do is make the postseason. If we can get there, and Rodriguez follows his plans and doesn’t play, then we’ve got a shot at really winning in October,” said one executive that wished to remain unidentified.

His teammates may be able to rest easy if they can just qualify for meaningful October games, since most of these plans do seem solid. While medical representatives from Rodriguez’s first surgery declined comment, his travel agent said he had booked non-refundable arrangements, beginning with a flight on the afternoon of Monday, October 5th.

For now though, Rodriguez waits for a book release and an anticipated return to the field in May. Other than that, only time will tell.

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Everything up above is false. None of it happened. It was just a funny thought I had floating around in my head since everyone is saying he needs a second surgery once the season is done.

So… I rushed it out there as a joke.

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