Four weeks in -- 2015 NFL season -- NFC East


Basically, the story here is simple enough, and broken into three parts of one question.

Can Dallas get healthy, and then play well and not as if they haven’t been on the field together for weeks, before…

…the Giants learn some consistency…

…the Eagles sort out their problems?

It’s not pretty here in the NFC East. The trick is, I’m not sure any of the three candidates for a playoff slot from this division will settle down and play decent football for multiple weeks in a row. Which is important. Because if they all keep stumbling, scraping their knees, and hovering around even, then only the division winner goes to the playoffs and the wild cards are coming from elsewhere. Shame, too, since I think any of these three teams… healthy and neutral field conditions… could defeat any of the second place teams from any other division in the NFC.

Seriously. Amazing as it may seem to think about when you check out the standings… if the Cowboys, Giants and even the Eagles do figure things out, any one of them could be a viable threat in the playoffs to win pretty much any game.

(Now calm down… I’m not saying anyone in the NFC is ready to defeat the Packers, especially in a game at Lambeau. Instead… just consider… Dallas with a healthy offense… New York and the Coughlin/Manning history in the playoffs, especially when counted out… Philadelphia righting their ship and getting out of this division, likely meaning the defense is doing well and the offense is finally clicking. Now match any of those three teams, with a divisional win earning a first playoff game at home, playing Atlanta, Carolina, St. Louis, Seattle, Minnesota, and you get the idea… any of the three could win a game or two.)

Dallas (2-2)

Let’s face it… health… easy enough.

With so many stars out it isn’t even worth debating where they are, how they’re playing, or what the rest of the season holds.

One thing worth noting… they’ll only have Washington as a divisional opponent after November 8th, and by then they’ll have already played New England. So, realistically, they could hit the game on November 15th against Tampa Bay with virtually a full set players having returned and only Green Bay remaining as a significant force on their schedule.

New York (2-2)

For years, Tom Coughlin led the Giants to a stretch of 6 consecutive wins at some point during the regular season. Last time that happened? 2008.

And it’s kind of a shame, because at 2-2… with both losses coming in games that they could have won… any stretch of 6 victories this year would probably put every other team in this division out of sight in the rear view mirror.

They looked very good on the road against Buffalo this past week. And with San Francisco coming up, followed by Philly and the likely still to be limping Dallas, they have the opportunity to win at least 5 in a row. Again though… inconsistent… and their defense hasn’t been a shutdown, statement making, hold any lead unit.

Washington (2-2)

This is a weird situation. I just don’t believe in Washington. And for now, here they sit in third.

The bigger problem? Organizational. They haven’t figured out who they are. They have no clue where they’re going. It’s an issue from top to bottom. Watch…

Robert Griffin III

Are they holding on to him because they’re afraid of facing him if he goes to another team this year, improves, and leads that team to the playoffs?

Are they holding on to him because they expect to play him at some point?

Are they holding on to him because they believe in him for the future, but not right now?

Whatever… and there are plenty of other twists on the same theme. They’re treating him as if they’re scared. Scared of him succeeding elsewhere… scared of having to pay him if he gets injured… and so on. It’s indecisive, and it’s a trait you find throughout the organization on virtually every issue.

The entire organization needs an overhaul.

Philadelphia (1-3)

Bradford isn’t working out well… Kelly is being blasted… and on and on.

Winning cures a lot though.

Trouble is… they’re not out of the woods. Nope. Even after playing Atlanta, Dallas and New York to start the season. Two games against the Giants… the Patriots… and teams that possibly could have a lot to play for in December like the Bills and Cardinals.

5 of the last 8 are at home… and they get a very interesting bonus. They play on Thanksgiving, with the short week involving Tampa Bay and Detroit. Two winnable games. (Unfortunately after those games they get about ten days off to prepare for a trip to New England, but you can’t have it all.)

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