Diana: A Celebration


In July of 1981 my parents took my sisters and I on vacation. I can still recall being in a hotel in Toronto and watching parts of a wedding on television. I can see the enormous train flowing behind her… the couple riding in the carriage… the kiss on the balcony.

It is one of those always-remember-where-you-were moments... the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana.

In September of 2011, I had an opportunity to attend two special events for an exhibition called Diana: A Celebration. These moments included an uncrating ceremony for the wedding dress as well as a media tour of the exhibition itself. I am thrilled to be able to share these pictures from those days with you.

Let's begin with a quick thought... the most famous dress in the world.

I can only think of two that could be considered for such an honor.

As soon as I say Marilyn… I don’t even need to finish the name… you know the dress. Yes, Marilyn Monroe and the white dress from The Seven Year Itch.

And, of course, the other...

Princess Diana’s wedding dress.

I would like to say hello and tip my cap to two tremendous gentlemen that make a few appearances in the pictures. Nick Grossmark and Graeme Murton... these two wonderful, friendly, fantastic people are Art Handlers for the Althorp Estate, and the only ones in the world permitted to handle Diana’s wedding dress. (Those names are accurate, left to right, in the picture that includes both of them facing the camera. Nick and Graeme appear again in these shots, both identifiably and their gloved hands from the uncrating.)


The award-winning exhibition - Diana: A Celebration - has concluded its run after more than a decade of shows that involved stops around the world.


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