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October 2021

October 31st

Wrapping up the month with a few links. Look for new essays and assorted stuff once we get into November.

Dwayne Johnson and Jake Kasdan are reportedly bringing a holiday movie to Amazon. And, part of the story seems to indicate we could be getting The Rock as Santa. Currently titled Red One, as you might expect it sounds like this may have to find a place in the line of projects for Johnson, with a 2023 holiday release being described.

The Marvel One-Shot efforts have been awesome. While none have been produced in a bit, it sounds like we may see them begin to return.

I wasn’t amazed at first, but every look I’m getting at Hawkeye is fun and well done. They got me. This is a holiday celebration I don’t want to miss. I’m in.

For those of us that love Crash Bandicoot, an awesome rumor. Cannot stress enough, however, rumor. There appears to be a new game in the pipeline.

October 28th

A few links… a new essay… back over the weekend…

Lightyear is on the way from Pixar and Disney. And it looks really good.

A loaded, brilliant cast featuring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, and House of Gucci has a great story to build around. Comes out next month.

Looks like we finally have some news about the next moves for National Treasure. After some whispers we might see another movie, and a few things kicking around a show, it appears to be headed to Disney+ with an effort building around Lisette Alexis.

Interview with Bjorn Ulvaeus of ABBA, and it covers some fantastic ground and questions. The new album. Chess. Old material and the writing process.

Trees for the forest

October 26th

Although it made its way to distribution a bit later than I had hoped, I can safely announce that the October issue of A Parkside View has been released.

I want to extend a special thank you to Ollie Simmonds. An author, Ollie participated in this month’s Parkside Takes Five interview segment, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with him.

Ollie is moving along with his next project, while at the same time promoting his first release, The Timepiece and the Girl Who Went Astray. I’m honored to be able to refer you to Ollie and some of his work.

The O. R. Simmonds web site

On Twitter: Ollie Simmonds (@o_simmonds)

The Timepiece and the Girl Who Went Astray at Amazon

Of special note, the Amazon book address used here is specifically designed to take you to the Amazon web page in your country for The Timepiece and the Girl Who Went Astray. I’ve tested it and can confirm it works in at least three countries. If it doesn’t work…

Head to Amazon.com. Set category in the search field to books, then enter O.R. Simmonds. Results will feature The Timepiece and the Girl Who Went Astray. The title is currently available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle editions.

If you are signed up for the newsletter, ENJOY! (And thank you for the support.)If not, I have no idea why you’re waiting. Send an e-mail. Send a message on one of the social media pages. We’ll get in touch with you and work on setting things up so you don’t miss any more.

When Stephen Merchant is involved in a project, you should pay attention. Just for that, The Outlaws deserves a bit of notice from all of us. Then, well, THEY ADDED CHRISTOPHER WALKEN!

Dave Grohl. One of THE names in music for three-plus decades. And everything you’ll ever hear about him involves how amazing and likeable he is. Good interview with him.

The Blues Brothers are moving along as subjects of a documentary project. Most people—and, rightly so—think Jake and Elwood. That’s fair. But there’s more. The Blues Brothers Band was one of the greatest collections of musical talent ever assembled. Simply brilliant musicians, virtually all possessing ridiculous personal histories and contributions to music, playing at the top of their crafts when brought together.

I love Kevin Smith projects. Love them. Appreciate his voice. Clerks was the first I ever saw, and Dogma is my favorite. So, the Clerk effort is one that I’m looking forward to seeing.

October 22nd

The World According to Jeff Goldblum is back with new episodes in November on Disney+. So, go now, catch up on what you may have missed. Then come back and get more Goldblum goodness.

Tom Holland is in the lead of the upcoming adventure Uncharted. And, the advance looks we’re getting are solid. Should be a fun and exciting movie.

Red Notice is setting itself up as a brilliantly good time. Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds together. Out in November.

Whispers are building that World War Hulk may be getting produced as a movie. Considering some of the issues involved in producing a Hulk film (not as problematic, but it involves another studio and is a bit similar to the multi-studio Spider-Man dilemmas, and there does seem to be some debate about it as the article mentions), this is very interesting scuttlebutt.

The great diet (should be no surprise)

October 19th

We’ve got some announcements coming soon, and we’re pleased to share one of them with you today…


- - -

- - -

- - -

Yup, you can now add all twelve of Bob’s releases to your Kindle library for less than a dollar each.

Twelve bucks… twelve books.

That includes the book that started it all… Time Just Drifts Away.

That includes the latest release… January Resolutions.

So, get your Kindle… grab your tablet or smartphone and open the app… head to the store and get started updating your library today.

(And, for Kindle Unlimited users, don’t forget that each title is also available as part of the program.)

Dwayne Johnson is taking the lead as Black Adam heads our way. And now, some of the first footage is out.

The Batman… ok… I admit that I haven’t been excited about the project. Love Paul Dano. Love Andy Serkis. But nothing else about it was connecting for me. (Full admission, I have not been impressed by much from the DC movie efforts since Heath Ledger and The Dark Knight in 2008. A bit here. A bit there. Not much.) The cast itself is fine here, just no one that gets me interested in the project beyond Dano and Serkis.) New trailer is out, and honestly it looks really good. Nice feel to it. Actors, from what is shown, have really worked into the roles.

Ok… I said some DC stuff hasn’t thrilled me. That is not true about the show Harley Quinn, which has been awesome. New season is on the way.

Rob Zombie appears to be doing some great things with his production of The Munsters. Cast and crew moving ahead, faithful in ways to the original, but we can expect Zombie to bring a special spin to the material.

Adele will be appearing in a television special a few days before the new album is released.

Been waiting for a movie project involving Batgirl, and there is one moving ahead at HBO Max.

Over the river and under the fridge

Historic (and other misused words)

October 16th

The return of Doctor Who is closing in, and we are getting additional new looks. And yes, those are Weeping Angels.


The Beatles. Peter Jackson. Disney+. All three collide with a tremendous project coming in November.

More from Eternals. Next Marvel adventure is approaching quickly.

October 12th

Last Night in Soho is a remarkable project. Phenomenal cast. Strong director. Full effort, cast and crew all look good. One of my favorite movies is Dead Again, and I even get a small bit of a Dead Again vibe from the trailers.

As the Guardians of the Galaxy projects move along, we now have confirmation of an Adam Warlock casting.

When name brands matter

October 10th

Sort of back on track, but still going to have some stutter steps coming up. Stick with us, we’ll get there.

Schitt’s Creek Monopoly? Absolutely. I’ll take a dozen.

Jodie Whittaker’s farewell tour of episodes and specials is about to begin. Whittaker has been brilliant in the role of The Doctor, and the new season of Doctor Who arrives later this month.

October 8th

Ok… we’re back… appreciate the patience during a bit of a pause. We’re getting there, but October is taking shape as a month that will be scattershot. Several things this month are being shifted around a bit. Look for A Parkside View to arrive mid-month as the most visible result.

We’re getting glimpses of season two of the best show on television. That’s right, Resident Alien is back for more.

Looks like Agatha Harkness is set to make her return in upcoming Marvel efforts.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum is returning with a second season. And, the first episodes from that season are headed our way via Disney+ in November. (Should be part of the absolutely stacked celebration of Disney+ Day on November 12th.)

Been quite some time since Tears For Fears have released new material, and “The Tipping Point” sounds really good.

Source material is solid. The cast is just loaded with brilliance. Here comes the latest attempt to bring Dune to the movies. Given the history of films taking on the material, I’m skeptical. But I’ll be watching, because they have really stacked the gang working on it.

Two new pieces…

That’s how they get ya

Give us this day, our daily algorithm adjustments

October 2nd

Well… I predicted unexpected interruptions for this month. Crazy, behind the scenes stuff causing a bit of confusion.

And… we’ve hit it already.

So, we’re going to be missing for a couple of days. I expect the posts to pick up again in the not all that distant future. Hopefully Tuesday, but likely Wednesday or Thursday. Might even have an essay or two to add by then, so we’re stumbling out of the gate, but hoping to get right back at it.

See you next week!

October 1st

Let’s kick things off with a return of a great project…

Local Friends for Local Business

This month, we’re bringing back the Local Friends effort. We’ll have some more in the coming days, but here are the basics…


This month, we’re setting out the challenge to find and visit a place specializing in barbecue near you.

Now, with everything that’s going on—perhaps more than at any other time since we began this endeavor—you may not be able to seek out a place that connects with the challenge. Might not be a restaurant near you as one issue, with your ability to call for a road trip limited. And there could be plenty of other challenges standing in the way. So…

If not BBQ from a terrific spot, head to a small, local grocery store and pick up the fixings for yourself to do some cooking at home. Or, if need be, think about offering support to a local restaurant of any type that perhaps you haven’t tried before.

Even if it doesn’t perfectly fit the theme, the important thing is to find and support those local treasures in your community. That’s always been the heart of Local Friends for Local Business, and that will continue as we get it moving again.

Ok… more on that in the next few days.

From theatrical efforts to theme parks, Disney is in the middle of a run that is only speeding up. And now, confirmation that the Guardians of the Galaxy ride will open in Orlando in 2022.

There’s really not much a visit to Mockingbird Lane can’t improve.



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