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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


November 2018

November 28th

A strange, long, busy run is coming to an end.

This weekend, we’ll be bringing ComplemenTerry Designs to the annual New York Mills PTSO Holiday Craft Fair. This is a tremendous event, and we are thrilled to have been invited to participate once again.

The fair runs on Saturday and Sunday, December 1st and 2nd, with hours of 10am to 4pm on both days.

And that’s just the basic chaos.

The weather has been downright silly (because the words that come to mind first aren’t family friendly at all). We can just rest with the thought that if you have to break out the snowblower more than once in the month of November, chances are good you aren’t feeling too kindly about fluffy stuff falling from the sky.

Progress is being made on the new book—You may never get published (Horror stories and thoughts to help you try anyway)—and things seem on pace for a release in the first two weeks of March. (More on that soon.)

The December issue of A Parkside View is going into the final stages of work before release. That should be making the rounds early next week.

Ok… with that ground covered…

I hope to bring you one or two more essays this month, but with the craft fair preparations taking up time it is possible we won’t be back until December. Stay tuned. One last piece of news...

Updates on a few things we can expect coming to Epcot in the next few years.

November 22nd

Definite shift in material this month. Lots of work going on for projects that don’t involve the web site, which means not as much being posted. Still… seven new essays so far this month… and I think we’ll have a couple (at least) to share next week.

ComplemenTerry Designs kicks off the 2018 events this weekend, with a two-day run in Verona, New York. Because things are a bit more difficult to adjust right away on the web site, look for any special announcements on our social media pages.

Amazon is offering free shipping on orders, regardless of purchase price total. I haven’t been able to sort out how long this will last, but it does apply to all ten of my books. So, head over to my Amazon author page, and enjoy. (And, thanks.)

November 20th

Told you unpredictable would be a good word for this month. New piece at the end.

Fan of Kingsman movies? We have a bit of clarity on the third movie. Which won’t be the third movie. (Well, yes it will be the third movie. But it’s not going to be the next in line by chronological dating, and instead seems to be an origin movie of sorts that will act a bit more like a prequel.)

It’s a PG-13 Deadpool movie. And, actually, the Once Upon a Deadpool trailer is pretty damn funny.

And to put a ribbon on today… “The ballad of the lone goose

November 16th

Got two new essays to wrap things up today… small treat for being patient…

ComplemenTerry Designs

The 2018 Holiday Tour is in our sights. Day one is Saturday, November 24th, when we’ll be in Verona, New York, for the start of the two-day Christmas & Crafts.

We’ll be bringing things to shows over two weekends, back-to-back, in upstate New York. The second begins on Saturday, December 1st, in New York Mills.

Unbelievable. I think I just got sucked in by Detective Pikachu.

They have done a brilliant job with A Series of Unfortunate Events so far, and now Netflix is preparing to release the third and final season.

Dumbo is getting closer to release.

Key and Peele… Woody and Buzz… Toy Story 4.

And the new…

Mowing the snow

Too good (not too good)

November 11th

Many of you know that this time of year becomes really strange around the web site. Unpredictable might be a better word for it. Basically, it’s all built upon a terrific combination of events that arrives in and around our home at more or less the same time each year…

Some of it is seasonal stuff. Got a snow fence to put in place. Some leaves to get picked up. That might show you there’s nothing too surprising to be found on the list. You probably have a few things of your own to get ready… ranging from getting snow shovels out and gutters cleaned to inflatable snowmen and strings of lights and extension cords and… yeah. Change of seasons. Stuff to take out. Stuff to put away.

A lot of it for us though is ComplemenTerry Designs. The two events for this year are approaching, with the first on November 24th and 25th, followed the very next weekend on December 1st and 2nd. Both of these are great events we have proudly attended previously.

End result is that the next few weeks really aren’t going to allow for me to say that I’ll be around tomorrow and know for certain that nothing will happen to prevent me from posting something tomorrow. More likely, I’ll be left taking whatever moment I can find and hoping I have something to post. (Yeah… unpredictable works.)

Anyway… check out the Calendar of Events for ComplemenTerry Designs, and hopefully we’ll see you at one of this year’s shows. Check back around the site soon, and I hope to have some new material to share.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle is offering a new take on a familiar tale… and it looks very interesting.

Disney is beginning the drive to Disney+, the new streaming effort. So far, the expected content is impressive.

November 4th

Ok… for the most part we’ve got things up and moving in November around here. And, we’re continuing the recent run of productivity with several new pieces ready to post. But after today, it may be mid-week before I’m back. That type of month is on the way…

The Disney-Fox deal is much more complex than people realize (and potentially rewarding for Disney). People love looking at the Marvel aspects of it, but there is A LOT beyond that. Consider Avatar. Recently, Disney opened a new section of the Animal Kingdom theme park built on the movie. Now, there are four more movies being mapped out and filmed, with release dates currently set between 2020 and 2025.

The tough part of some recent Doctor Who news may not be what you would expect. Apparently, with the first season of Jodie Whittaker playing the Doctor (and doing a brilliant job with it) winding down, the news is out that there will not be a Christmas episode this year. Instead, there will be a special themed to New Year’s. Now, the tough part, which is that apparently 2019 will be very quiet for Doctor Who, with no additional episodes planned until at least 2020.

To close off the day, three new essays…

The geographical oddities of exactly the same result

Temporarily out of touch (and it’s not that bad)

Daylight savings… not the biggest change

November 1st

Kicking off a new month, and we’ve got an essay to wrap up today’s entry.

A few things to start us off.

Usually every November and December, I try to bring you messages of hope and family and love and friends. This one will be no different…

Would Harry Chapin be proud?

I wrote this essay more than fifteen years ago. It’s one of those… roots going back to the 2003 first year of the web site, in kind of an original member type of arrangement… a founder of sorts.

In it, I asked for all of us to take just a moment and consider those that may be less fortunate than us at this time of year. Find a place where an old jacket might be an amazing donation… take some of your free time, find an organization doing something you believe in and give them some help… do something today, and maybe once or twice every day, to make the world just a little bit better than it was when you woke up.

If we all took just a few seconds to make eye contact with people, smile, and say hello… wow… just being friendly could mean more than you know to those around you.

Next up…


November 6th is Election Day here in the United States.

An amazingly ridiculous (and horrendously embarrassing) statistic is that if history repeats, more than half of those that can vote will decide they have better things to do that day. Yup… the past results offer up evidence that about 60% will pass on their opportunity to allow their voices to be heard.

Don’t be one of those idiots!

Yes… I do have some preferences, and I would love it if you voted to my way of thinking. But this isn’t about that. This isn’t a political statement from the perspective of think this, think that, agree with me. Instead…

Politicians pay people very well to study the numbers, and they are approaching things believing that the turnouts and patterns of yesterday can be used to get elected today (and tomorrow). In short, elections are a game, and they are making all of their moves in an attempt to win the game.

If you want to shake things up… if you want the government to listen… YOU HAVE TO VOTE!

One more thing…

Local Friends for Local Business

This month’s challenge is Pumpkin Pie.

We’ve crossed into the season of family gatherings and holiday events. So, this month, whether bringing people to your home or visiting others, give some consideration to a little treat and then look around your neighborhood to find a terrific place for it.

And a new piece… “Comfort food? …or, memorable meals?



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