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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


November 2017

November 28th

About ten days ago, I mentioned it had been a crazy week. I was wrong. It’s been a crazy month… and that should probably read months, because it goes back into the summer.

Over just the past five or six weeks, writing and craft events covering hundreds of miles of driving and multiple states, with prep work involved for all of them… projects and such behind the scenes for both personal and professional reasons… and the list moves right along.

Let’s keep things simple for today…

First, a huge, HUGE, HUGE thank you to everyone that spent some time with us over the past weekend at Turning Stone Resort Casino in New York.

Amazing facility… terrific people. We caught up with several friends, and made some new ones. The community that develops around these things is unbelievable. We are grateful to be a part of it, and appreciate all of the wonderful people we’ve met along the way.

Next up for ComplemenTerry Designs is the final event of 2017… the Holiday Craft Show in New York Mills, NY. We’re returning to this event for two days. On December 2nd and 3rd, the fortieth annual show will be held. Times are 10am to 4pm on both days. And… we are planning to bring along live/fresh arrangements for this show.

I want to direct a light in the direction of A Parkside View for a moment. The December issue will be out later this week. If you are signed up to receive it… awesome… get ready for it. If you aren’t… why not? It’s easy, and free. Send us a message or e-mail and we’ll get things organized.

December is going to be fun. Get ready for a massive increase in activity here on the web site. I have at least one surprise that I think will be ready to announce. It’s never that quiet around The ‘ville.

November 18th

Been a crazy few weeks. Unexpected items needed to get done… which is, of course, the way life works. Also prepping for next week’s two-day event with ComplemenTerry Designs. Hopefully we can get back in the swing of things and cover a good amount of ground in the next week or so. I can say that I will have a lot going on around here in December. We’ll wrap things up today with a new piece.

I want to nod in the direction of Local Friends. Continuing until the end of the month, the November challenge is Toasty and Warm. The idea is to find those places and things that offer comfort on colder days and evenings. Cozy surroundings… great ways to start or spend a day… good food… quality ways to spend time.

New teaser out for Deadpool 2.

Additional details about Star Wars and Disney theme parks continues to be released (slowly).

Two Doctors… one massive regeneration… Doctor Who for Christmas.

The Incredibles 2… getting closer and closer.

And here’s the new essay… “Of manners and myths

November 13th

Quick entry today… at least in purpose…


I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to some great locations…

Killingly Public Library

Utica Public Library

Mystic & Noank Library

Liverpool Public Library

Yesterday I finished up a run of appearances that included all four of these tremendous libraries. We held sessions of A Writer’s Workshop to discuss publishing at most. We did a meet-and-greet at one. And we had a ton of fun at all.

I’ve been to each of these locations previously, and I am thrilled and honored to have been invited back. I absolutely hope to have the chance to visit them again in the future. Tremendous facilities… beautiful buildings (with great histories and a strong presence in their communities)… and, AWESOME teams staffing the properties.

And, we’re going to say it again…


This time for all of the people that came to the events. I saw some incredible friends, and it was wonderful to catch up with all of you. I made some new friends, and I can’t wait to hear from you soon and meet again.

I recognize that each and every one of you have important things going on and taking up your personal and professional lives. I am quite aware that you made a decision to invest some time in me, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed it and found it worthwhile.

The 2017 writing appearance schedule is finished. I already have ideas being discussed for 2018… which will find me heading out to some new places and, hopefully, making a return to some.

For now… to all of the people that provided time, efforts and an audience for me… I cannot say it enough…


November 11th

Tomorrow I’ll be in Liverpool, New York, from Noon to 2pm. It’s part of an author and artist meet-and-greet event at the Liverpool Public Library.

More than a dozen of us will be participating. We’ll be there to talk and answer questions, show off some of our latest efforts, and—if you wish—offer a signature or two.

As of right now, I’ll be featuring Life Won’t Pass Me By for this appearance. I’ll also have a few copies of several of my titles along with me…

- - - -

Life Won’t Pass Me By


Title Town (and other tangents)

Thirty Days in November

Time Just Drifts Away

If you can stop, I highly recommend this event. It’s free and open to the public. The library is quite nice. And the material involved covers a wide range of subjects and styles. Plus… books are great gifts!

This will be my final writing-based appearance in 2017. (I will be at all of the upcoming shows for ComplemenTerry Designs… which should be incredible, but as of this time will not include any of my published materials.)

November 8th

Sorry for the late start to the month. Chaos at play. Some material to cover today… some new material to post over the next few days… busy, busy, busy.

I’m going to be making my last writing appearance for 2017 this weekend. On Sunday, November 12th, I’ll be in Liverpool, New York. It’s an author and artist meet-and-greet at the Liverpool Public Library.

The event begins at Noon and runs until 2pm. This is a great opportunity to meet some fascinating people, perhaps buy a book or two (and get it signed), and visit a really nice community library.

The November issue of A Parkside View will be out by Sunday evening. If you aren’t receiving my monthly newsletter, send along an e-mail and sign up.

Local Friends for Local Business is running its November challenge…

Toasty and Warm

The idea here is built around noticing that the temperatures are dropping and winter is approaching.

So, what do you do to warm up? Is it a cup of cocoa? Using the fireplace? A comforter and good book?

Ok… that’s it… quick little start to the month. Give me a day or two, and we’ll get to more news, release A Parkside View, and maybe even have a new essay to share. For now, let’s end this post with a link I’ve had in my notes for a bit…

This is a fun read about a few things… mainly how they started, along with where they have and haven’t changed.


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