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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


May 2019

May 5th

Took a couple of days longer than I expected, but we’re off and running for May. (Well… off and walking. Slowly.)

Two essays for today, and then we’ll pick it up again in the middle of the week…

A garden on the edge

Not a Peep

May 1st

Let’s get moving…

A Parkside View

New newsletter is out and making its rounds. If you aren’t signed up for it… send us a note and get signed up. If you are signed up for it… tell your friends to contact us so they can be a part of each issue.

Local Friends for Local Business

Two things…

First, May. Challenge for the month is Breakfast on the run.

Idea here is to celebrate the great local places offering tremendous starts to the day. Diners… coffee shops… bakeries… all the places where you grab a cup of coffee or a bagel or whatever.

Second, the area for the effort in The ‘ville.

One of the ideas in setting up pages for Local Friends was to divide up sections for what the program was about, how to participate and so on. Talking it over eventually led to the idea of saving a history of the program. From the challenges extended to the places visited and suggested. It has become quite a list.

A short time ago, we divided the history up by year. This month, we’re going to clean that up a bit, and get 2018 and 2019 lined up properly.

All this and more are part of the plans for May. We’ll be gone for a couple of days. Back over the weekend, and we’ll bring an essay or two along for the ride.



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