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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


May 2018

May 30th

Working on a garden at the house. Took us several years to try one here. We always felt it could be amazing considering the amount of sunlight our yard gets, but never had the timing down on our schedules to get it sorted out and planted.

Terry wanted raised beds in this garden. And, we needed to have some soil dropped off.

Basically… turned into one heck of a project. Fun. Looks good. Lots of rototilling and building and wheelbarrow loading and unloading and on and on. We’ll see how I feel when everything is ready to pick on the same day.

The garden? That happens to be one of the projects that have been keeping me busy.

Around here, as May winds down, we’re getting back on top of things. I think—stress THINK—that is going to mean a very productive June (and summer) around Backpackville. For now, I’m going to save the essays I have in progress. We’ll have two essays over the weekend, and the next issue of A Parkside View ready to go. Also prepping the announcement for the June Local Friends for Local Business challenge.

Ever wonder about your keyboard? The layout of letters… other patterns/designs for setting things up and placements… things like that? Here’s an article that goes over a huge chunk of ground when it comes to the keyboards we use (and the keyboards we don’t).

May 21st

Ok… back at it this week. Got several things coming up, which includes some plans that should translate to special projects (and maybe even announcements) in June.

The Local Friends challenge for this month is From the Garden. What do you need to build your garden, take care of it, and get the plants in place? Are there nurseries and stands nearby featuring items for you to grow or bring to your table?

Local Friends for Local Business continues to the end of May.

May 20th

I didn’t realize exactly how crazy this month had been until I tried to find time over the past few weeks to get some work done.


Just bonkers.

So… today and tomorrow are catch up days, and then hopefully we can ramp up some production to finish the month out.

Later this afternoon or first thing tomorrow, the May edition of A Parkside View will make the rounds. As a special thank you for putting up with the delay, this month’s issue contains four essays (with two of them brand new).

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We wrap things up for today’s post with a new essay. More coming tomorrow, here’s the new addition… “Tic Tac Park

May 9th

Finally have a few things in place and the web site moved into May.

The main reasons for the late start is thanks to a trip with Terry. (Nashville – Awesome!) Also had some other items that needed attention. In fact…

For the next day or two, I need to shift things over to getting the May edition of A Parkside View completed and distributed. So bear with me… I’ll be back by this weekend. For now…

What We Do In the Shadows is a tremendous film. Fun… creative… and, sure, stupid… but I offer stupid up as a description in the best of possible ways. Do yourself a huge favor and check out the original film. Then, consider the television show.

Some more stuff for Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Downey and Law returning as Holmes and Watson in 2020. Mixed feelings from me. Cumberbatch and crew have been, overall, brilliant with their work based on the characters. That has been difficult for me to keep separated. Still… worth watching the project develop.

And to finish up today… new essay… “Write me a letter

May 8th

Late start to the month… but in a day or two, we should have some new material in place. By the weekend, Backpackville should be moving along at full speed. Two quick things to get things moving…

Local Friends for Local Business…

From the Garden is the May challenge, which runs from the 1st to the 31st.

Yes… it is a bit similar to last month, as far as how being outside and gardens can be used. But there are a few differences. This one isn’t about working outside around the home. This is specifically about gardens and what they produce, along with the local shops and stands that deliver fruits and vegetables from farms and gardens. So…

Are you setting up a garden at your home? Where are you looking for your supplies? Stakes and fencing… plants and seeds… all of the materials involved in organizing and maintaining your garden.

Perhaps you support the gardens—or, often more accurately, farms—in your community by purchasing plants at nearby nurseries and stands. This month’s challenge also includes picking up fruits and vegetables that you bring into your home.

A Parkside View

The third volume of the effort continues with the May release. New issue should be out by Thursday or Friday this week. (Maybe Saturday… but let’s keep the fingers crossed for Friday.)

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That’s it for now. Check back tomorrow.


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