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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


June 2021

June 23rd

Two new essays to post today. And with their arrival, we secure a month averaging an essay a day. Thirty new essays posted in June. (And there was much rejoicing.)

After today, things around here are going to be a bit off and on for the next several weeks. Likely will be a few posts and updates, and maybe even an essay here and there, but nothing solid until we get to the middle of July. Two big reminders:

First – A Parkside View – We are going to be adding another new feature in July, along with three or four essays. If you haven’t signed up for the monthly newsletter, stop missing out.

Second – Our special project – From now until the end of August, a portion from EVERY sale of Bob’s books is being set aside for two tremendous cancer centers: Roswell Park and Yale. Yes, we would love to have you purchase a copy or two (or twelve). They make great gifts. Treat yourself, treat you friends. But specifically, two great facilities that can absolutely use your support. So, even if you don’t buy a single book, please check out Roswell Park and Yale, and consider donating directly.

Closing in on The Suicide Squad, and things look better and better every day! CAN - NOT - WAIT!!!

It doesn’t look like Tom Hanks will be making an appearance when the new Turner & Hooch makes its way as an effort on Disney+.

Different types of standard things

I can’t find Junkyard Wars

June 22nd
June 21st

A few things have developed in the past couple of days, so we’re moving along with a string of posts that have several essays attached. The plan is to make it to at least thirty this month, reaching that challenge mark of a one-per-day average. Once we get to the middle of this week, however, we’re going to go dark around here for a bit to address those few things (so, after yesterday got us to twenty-two, the race is on to get at least eight more posted… I think we’re going to make it).

Quick note before we get to the essays…

Wellington Paranormal is closing in on U.S. broadcasts.

Ok… three to add…

Local treasures

How do you like your steak?

How does a bird remember its anniversary?

June 20th
June 18th

Turning the corner on the month, and I’m actually ahead of schedule in getting some essays posted. More links at the end of today’s entry.

Been slowly shifting a few things around, and the July issue of A Parkside View will contain another new feature or two on its pages. If you haven’t signed up to receive the monthly newsletter, it’s not too late… it comes with exclusive content, and it’s free. Just send along an e-mail (or message on social media) and we’ll get everything set up with you.

Want to send out a very special THANK YOU to everyone that has checked out the Special Offer on my books. Continuing from now until the end of August, a portion of every sale will head to two great cancer centers: Roswell Park and Yale.

The effort includes all twelve titles, and both print and Kindle editions. Pick up a couple of copies, help out an author, help out two great facilities, and get some great reading. It’s like a win, win, win scenario.

The plans to update the Jungle Cruise attraction in Disney theme parks has begun, and continues.

Annie Murphy’s next project is coming out soon... CAN - NOT - WAIT!!! This is a talented lady starring in what is looking like a tremendously different and creative effort. Look for her in Kevin Can F**k Himself soon. (And, whispers are that she may be joining the next season of Russian Doll, a great show you need to check out on Netflix.)

Really looking forward to Gunpowder Milkshake. The more I see, the closer it gets, the more it looks like a must.

The most prized possessions

I’d like to teach the world to…

I don’t recall when I first noticed

Powerful display

June 14th

When we wrapped things up with our last post, we were twelve days in and twelve essays had been posted. Right on pace. (Nice.) We’re adding to that today…

Your essentials

A perfect evening

We’re screwed

June 12th

Ryan Reynolds has a few projects slated for release this summer. Free Guy is looking like a fun one.

George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass is getting the new release with additional content treatment. This one sounds pretty exciting.

It’s yours

June 9th

A month like this, where I set off hoping to average an essay a day, comes with some interesting realizations.

One that has been on my mind recently is how experimental and strange my efforts around this web site can be. I’ll head off writing about setting up a garden on one day, and some random thoughts will creep in. Often, especially during a run where I’m focusing on hitting quantity, that sets off additional essays about watering cans, the spread of cucumbers, if you appreciate squash blossoms, and the brave chipmunks that invade my garden and make a mess out of the tomatoes.

In the end, none of the essays are perfect. I know that. And when reaching for streaks of productivity, good chunks could likely be shredded and then reassembled in a way that turns eleven random thoughts and interesting efforts into two solid essays.

And that’s the point. Here at In My Backpack the idea has always been to be creative, try new things, hopefully be productive, and offer a place where you can stop in and have some fun. I admit, the productivity part hasn’t always been steady. But I’d like to think we’re doing ok on the creative, new and fun portions.

Yesterday, we hit day eight and posted the ninth essay of the month. Two more today. We’ll be back in a couple of days. Enjoy!

The breaking points of cleaning

Saving a mouse pad

June 8th

A few links, then a new addition…

New effort coming to Disney+ that will explore the history and stories behind some of the attractions in its theme parks. Look for Behind the Attraction to debut in July.

Rob Zombie has made the whispers official. He’s working on The Munsters. This project is going to be very interesting to watch.

I admit it, I’ve made fun of Apple TV+ and some of the early content. Guilty. But they are moving ahead and adding some interesting/good stuff. Case in point, a new project focusing on Charles Schulz and Peanuts.

When do you get the house to yourself?

June 7th

Just two essays for today…

I didn’t see it

Garden shears and assorted obsolescence

June 6th

Took a few days off from posting to sort and organize some things, but the productivity continued. New essay links at the end of this post.

Big message for today is the ongoing effort that involves the sale of Bob’s books… from now until the end of August, a portion from every sale will be directed to the Roswell Park and Yale cancer centers.

These facilities are doing great work. Like many worthy organizations, especially in the current environment, they need your attention and support. Check out the Special Offers are for more.

Here at In My Backpack, we understand that everyone has worthy causes they believe in for a wide variety of reasons. Some of those reasons may be extremely personal and very strong. We are incredibly grateful for your consideration of Bob’s work (and especially thankful for your purchases). However, as we consider this effort over the next several weeks, what we truly would like—if you are able to do so—it to encourage you to take a few moments to find places needing support and do what you can.

i before e

Can we get unanimous agreement on anything?

A blade of grass

June 3rd

The fifth and final season of a brilliant show with a fantastic cast… and a brilliant show you may not be watching… has arrived on Netflix. Catch up on Kim’s Convenience.

Black Widow is about a month away, and everything so far is looking fantastic.

Dandy lion heaven

June 1st

Past few months have been a bit much behind the scenes. Several things needed attention, and not many writing projects were addressed. We’re looking to change that in June.

First up, one of the monthly challenges. An essay a day average, meaning the intention is for thirty new essays to hit the web site in June.

Next, a few special efforts are in development, and we hope to be able to share them this month, but they will definitely be making appearances no later than July.

And then there’s A Parkside View, which has the June edition just about ready to go. Look for the new issue before the weekend. If you haven’t signed up for it, make sure you do (and stop missing out).

Two essays to finish this post. More on the way tomorrow.

The wave

Because there’s an answer


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