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June 2019

June 24th


Well… not much else to say… that really got away from me. Roughly six to eight weeks of stuff that needed my attention or took me away from the office.


Two months.


Have you ever seen log rolling competitions? Or maybe a person trying to get on or off of a moving treadmill? Something where a person tries to change directions or speeds, or move between a surface at a complete stop and one in motion. Those would be perfectly generalized concepts to use in beginning to describe how April moved into May and then into June for me (and, honestly, for both Terry and I).

We hopped on to a run of chores around the yard, visits to the kids, assorted work issues and more, thinking we knew what we had ahead of us and how the schedule would move.

The truth? We had an absolute blast. Quality time with quality people. Despite all of the rain and the lacking sun, the garden seems ok. But the reality was that things were moving at speeds we weren’t even close to prepared for, and suddenly… poof… here comes July.

So… final week of June… here’s what to expect around The ‘ville…

I’ve got the June issue of A Parkside View ready. It will be out soon. The July edition is actually being prepped and will follow next week.

Local Friends for Local Business for the month was announced on our social media pages. I’m wrapping up today’s entry with a summary of the June challenge just in case you missed it and would still like to play along.

I am now approaching July with a one-essay-per-day-average mentality, and the idea is to get things rolling again in a big way.

Ok. Phew. Lawn needs to be mowed. Sun has actually been out for almost four straight days. Time to get back to work. A few assorted notes…

I have zero clue what to say about this. A return of The Banana Splits? I mean… come on… AWESOME. That’s awesome. A scary slasher film? Part of me is shaking my head, and the other part is thinking it could be an incredible twist.

Disney is beginning to shake out and make announcements concerning theatrical releases in a post-Fox-merger world. There’s still plenty to come… Marvel, for instance, is expected to outline some specifics at upcoming Comic Con or Disney gatherings… but a few major moves are in place.

Let’s stay with Disney for a moment and move toward the character of Maleficent. First live action work on the tale did a nice job shifting the perspective and narrative of the story. Now we have Maleficent: Mistress of Evil on the horizon. Visually it looks good, but I have my fingers crossed they get the story right.

Loving the Toy Story movies and anxious about Toy Story 4? The wait is getting shorter. (And, actually, this line was written before the film was released. Which it was, a few days ago.)

One last big thing for today…

Local Friends for Local Business

In June, the challenge is based on Sharing the Love. And, it’s a bit of a twist on the usual Local Friends idea.

In this particular case, consider the places you would recommend to someone if you found out they were going to be heading to a certain city or town or location of any kind where you had some favorite destinations.

Is there a local bar you need to visit for live music when in town? How about a restaurant you immediately add to any plans when you head back to where you grew up? Is there an amazing tourist attraction or shop in a place you visited on vacation?

If the answer is yes, then share the love.

June wrapping up. (And all while The ‘ville is proving almost ready for May. Stay tuned.)



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