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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


June 2018

June 30th

Today is THE LAST DAY to enter our special contest.

The offer is based on A Parkside View, Bob’s monthly newsletter. It features his writing, along with content that makes assorted visits around The ‘ville. In addition to at least two essays in each issue, there are occasional trips into the Backpackville neighborhoods of ComplemenTerry Designs, Local Friends for Local Business and more.

The contest involves one of two things: (1) Signing up for the newsletter. (It’s free… distributed by e-mail… and earns one entry into the drawing.) (2) Helping spread the news by sharing and retweeting the posts about the contest on our social media pages. (One bonus entry per day… one entry for each share.)

Winners will be selected and announced as the July edition of A Parkside View is released. The July 2018 issue is celebrating the second anniversary of the effort… the twenty-fifth consecutive release. Two winners will receive a signed copy of Bob’s book, Life Won’t Pass Me By.

For more details, head over to the Special Offers page of the site.

And… as always… THANK YOU for your time and support.

We can only hope Wellington Paranormal makes it to the United States. (Of course… yes… it will eventually make it to the United States. Someone will add it to their services or channels. The question is more of when rather than if. That said, if you haven’t, check out What We Do in the Shadows. Great movie.)

BUSY July on the way…

June 27th

A few assorted things today…

I’ve started a new page in the Writing & Books area. In the future, at least for now, it will only be available by using a link on the home page of that section. On it, you’ll find a variety of reviews about my books.

Over the years, I’ve been proud to become associated with several writers as colleagues and friends. In recent weeks, many have been expressing thoughts about disappearing reviews from some web sites that offer their books for sale. Since most mentioned that they vanished without warning, I wanted to not only signify my appreciation for the reviews… I wanted to make sure they didn’t disappear forever without some record of them.

So… the Reviews of Bob’s Books.

Next up, the special contest involving A Parkside View.

Until June 30th, we’re running a contest. If you sign up to receive the monthly newsletter, you’ll receive an entry into a drawing. Each day of the event, we’re posting details on our social media pages. If you share or retweet any of these posts, you can earn bonus entries into the drawing.

In early July, timed to the release of the second anniversary edition of A Parkside View, two winners will be selected. Both will receive a signed copy of Life Won’t Pass Me By.

Moving right along, the June event of Local Friends for Local Business continues.

Today, Terry and I had the chance to stop at Pasta’s Daily Bread. This is a tremendous little bakery associated with the brilliant Syracuse restaurant, Pastabilities. We grabbed some food and headed off for a bit of an unplanned picnic… a true summer treasure kind of event.

The June challenge is The Sun Will Come Out. Idea is finding places that help you get ready to enjoy the gorgeous days of the summer season. Today, it was a picnic. You have until the end of June to find the places near you and be a part of the June Local Friends.

June 26th

Two years ago, I began a new project.

A monthly newsletter, A Parkside View was designed to celebrate pretty much everything In My Backpack. It included essays, announcements about books and events, details and information about ComplemenTerry Designs and Local Friends for Local Business, and—every so often—a bit more. It was a trip around the community… a walk around the neighborhood… a little bit from Backpackville.

Since that first edition in July of 2016, about five dozen essays have appeared in two dozen issues. That includes at least one new essay each month, available for the first time exclusively on its pages.

And now… until June 30th… we’re running a SPECIAL CONTEST involving the newsletter…

Have you signed up for A Parkside View? (If yes – THANK YOU! If no – WHY THE HECK NOT? It’s free and contains some pretty great material. Ok… ok… back to the contest…)

If you haven’t signed up for it, send us a message or an e-mail by June 30th to sign up. For that, you’ll get an entry into a special drawing.

Also, we’re putting up posts on our Facebook and Twitter social media pages. Share these posts each day… retweet them… and you can earn one bonus entry every day for sharing the announcements.

In early July, timed to the second anniversary release of A Parkside View, we’ll draw two winners from the entries. Each winner will receive a signed copy of Life Won’t Pass Me By.

For a few more details, head over to the Special Offers page of the web site. Then, make sure you sign up for A Parkside View (and retweet – share – retweet – share – retweet – share).

We’ll close things up with a new essay. Enjoy!

Deciding why you care about politics

June 14th

This has been a wildly inconsistent—and very productive—month for me. Going to finish up today’s entry with two new essays.

Basically, my to-do list has been moving me all over the place. I am getting writing done… I have been busy with yardwork and more… and progress is being made on a ton of projects.

The trick swirling around in the middle of all of it is that no one single project has been able to take over and show tremendous results on its own. (And, it appears that this will continue for another week or two.)

For example… I have four books meandering from potential and note sketching into production. I know I won’t be able to finish them all this calendar year, but I have moved them into the plans I’m outlining for my schedule over the next 6-15 months. It is very possible I will have something to share on at least one of them soon. And yet, nothing really to show for this right now.

Also… the garden. I’m not out there harvesting peppers, eggplants and squash blossoms. Not yet. Still, putting in the time. (Every day.)

In the end, it means I haven’t been able to post around here every day. Sorry about that. But there is work steadily moving along, and it should mean more results are on the way in the not too distant (but still a bit distant) future.

We’ve got a contest running this month, and you can learn more about it in the Special Offers section.

Basically, it involves the monthly newsletter, A Parkside View. And, it runs until June 30, 2018.

If you haven’t signed up to join in on the fun, DO IT! It’s easy to sign up. (Send us an e-mail or a message on social media.) It’s free. (Yup. Free. No charge.) And it’s great stuff. (At least two essays each month, with one of them debuting exclusively on its pages.)

Signing up to receive A Parkside View earns you one entry into the contest.

Each day of the promotion, we’ll be posting announcements on Facebook and Twitter, primarily using our social media pages on those sites. (You can learn more about us on Facebook at Time Just Drifts Away and In My Backpack, and, on Twitter at @bobinmybackpack.) If you share or retweet those contest posts, you can earn one bonus entry per day.

Those entries will be part of a random drawing. We’re giving away two signed copies of Life Won’t Pass Me By.

Learn more about the contest… and sign up for A Parkside View.

I’m not crying. YOU’RE crying. (And Disney is at it again with the new Dumbo effort.)

And the new stuff…

The perfect temperature

Political chaos (or business as usual)

June 5th

Should have a new essay by the weekend. Add that to the ones from earlier this week and one today… not a bad start to the month after all. Depends on that wonderful combination of weather (outside projects to get done), e-mails (expecting a few responses to assorted items and may need to address a few of them), and other stuff around the house.

Coming soon… Ant-Man and The Wasp… July is closing in.

Mr. Rogers appreciated Frank Zappa and Bob Marley, but those stories didn’t make it to the documentary? Won’t You Be My Neighbor continues to sound better and better.

Conversions of lots to paid parking? Likely too early to say, but not a great sign for the future.

And another new effort… “Do you hear what I hear?

See you this weekend!

June 3rd

Two new essays today…

Hug them… call them… write a darn letter

A moment to consider

June 1st

I feel like this month is going to start off with a speed bump of sorts.

Just general stuff around the house still have me distracted at times. The first week of the month is going to be nutty if for no other reason than lawn and garden work.

And then. I’ve got several essays near completion… with a couple to be posted here on the web site by Sunday, and another ready for the new issue of A Parkside View. Just don’t know if any of them will be ready by the time I post this today.

Moving along to the assorted odds and ends in Backpackville, we have Local Friends for Local Business… which this month is offering up the challenge of The Sun Will Come Out.

It’s the fresh air and great outdoors during the summer season, and for June Local Friends is asking you to consider the things you do to prepare for enjoying it.

Maybe you’re planning on hosting some events and looking to get the grill ready for action.

You might like to travel, and some of your outdoor gear like kayaks and backpacks need to be readied.

Do you enjoy getting exercise? Some new sporting equipment could be a consideration.

From beach chairs to fire pits, there are all sorts of things that say summer fun to people, and this month Local Friends is asking you to look around your community and support the places that are helping you to enjoy the season.

Mentioned A Parkside View a few moments ago, and the June edition is just about ready. The issue should begin making its rounds by Monday or Tuesday. If you haven’t already, SIGN UP to receive it.


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