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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


July 2021

July 30th

Likely the last entry for July… tons of fun going on behind the scenes, mainly setting up for August. I don’t anticipate making August a one-per-day-average month for new posts, but there will definitely be A LOT taking place…

New interview segments are being developed and should be ready to share. The Special Offer effort winds down at the end of August, and National Buy Bob’s Book Day is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

And that stuff just scratches the surface.

So… moving right along…

Jodie Whittaker - a TREMENDOUS Doctor - is leaving Doctor Who. It’s not an immediate action, with what is setting up as one more season and a handful of specials involved in wrapping up her run. Massive applause to Jodie, the cast and the crew. MASSIVE.

Annie Murphy is staying busy, and she’s doing so with a really interesting collection of projects. New addition is called Witness Protection.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is going out with one last ride. I hope Adrian Pimento will be making an appearance during the run. I will be enjoying the last episodes of a great series regardless.

Here’s a new piece…

You’re eligible

July 27th

Wrapping up the month of July over the next few days. And there are few things to share…

First – A Parkside View will be out roughly a week into the month. We’re hoping a new feature will be debuting, and need a handful of extra days to get things set and placed if it works out as we expect.

If you are getting the monthly newsletter, THANK YOU! We’re tremendously grateful for your support, and we hope you’re enjoying it.

If you haven’t signed up, why not? Each month comes with material debuting exclusively on its pages, plus it’s free. All you need to do is send an e-mail (or a message to any of our social media pages).

Second – National Buy Bob’s Book Day!

We’re celebrating the tenth annual National Buy Bob’s Book Day this year. The event will be held on August 26th.

As many of you know, the effort began with a complete intent to goof around a bit and offer it up as a funny, shameless attempt at promoting Bob’s published works. The idea came together when Bob was trying to promote his first release, Time Just Drifts Away. He noticed things like National Raspberry Cream Pie Day and National Ice Cream Sundae Day were getting attention, and the thoughts connected.

In his words, he basically began wondering: “If raspberry cream pie can have a day, why can’t my books?” And while we might be biased here in Backpackville, when accepted as silly and a bit off-balance, it sure seems like a fair question.

We’re putting together a few special ideas for the celebrations, which we hope to share as August begins.

Third – Efforts to send some support to two great cancer centers.

In an effort that has been taking place for a bit of time now, a portion from every sale of Bob’s books is being collected to send to Roswell Park in New York and Yale in Connecticut. This is being done with every book sale, including both print and Kindle editions, and continues until the end of August 2021.

The most important aspect of this is not the book sales, but understanding how many great places are in need of assistance. This is especially true in recent times. So, yes, we would be thrilled if you checked out the dozen titles Bob has released while making a purchase or two. And yes, we’d be honored if you purchased several titles and used them as gifts for friends. That said, what we truly hope is that you’ll check out these two great facilities, or turn an eye toward a cause that’s important to you. (And thank you for that if you do.)

Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short? Sure. Sounds like fun. I thought I’d likely tune in and check out Only Murders in the Building when I heard about it. Trailer has been released, and now I’m getting excited about the effort headed to Hulu.

What We Do in the Shadows has a new trailer out. (Am I reading too much into the lack of a reflection in the mirror?)

Finally closing in on a new season of Doctor Who. We should see episodes before the end of 2021.

One new essay to share today…

When a small town has it made

July 23rd

Aiming to introduce a few new things in August, though I’m not ready to announce them as definite. Might end up waiting until September… doubt it, but might.

Also getting ready to share the news about the 2021 National Buy Bob’s Book Day event… our annual fun and shameless attempt at self-promotion.

And we’re reaching the final weeks of the effort where a portion of all book sales is being set aside for two great cancer centers.

So, look around, and get ready for a bit of goofing off…

Word is out that Disney is already thinking about a sequel to the upcoming Jungle Cruise release. That, of course, makes sense in a way that seems kind of silly. OF COURSE they’re thinking sequel. It means the original was successful enough to justify it, plus there have to be benefits to at least considering the possibility of a second cruise out of the gate and having a few items in place. That said, with Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson on board, the project looks good.

With an absolutely loaded cast the upcoming release Dune is setting up nicely. Now there’s a trailer, and it’s definitely an intriguing production.

And wrapping things up, new material…

You are where you pee

Nothing a stop light and speed bump can’t fix

July 20th

Going to finish the day by sharing two new essays. One quick link first…

Jennifer Coolidge., Anthony Mackie and David Harbor are the start of a nicely stacked cast for the Netflix project We Have A Ghost.

Charging more to pay less

Brain freeze paper straw

July 17th

Has another year gone by?

(Yes, yes it has. Details coming soon.)

July 15th

Season three of What We Do in the Shadows is getting closer.

Loki is wrapping up its first season with an announcement that a second is on the way.

Turning Red on the way from Pixar.

Watch Gunpowder Milkshake. Good movie. Really enjoyable film. Was it a flawless masterpiece? No. Gunpowder Milkshake wasn’t perfect. What it did offer: A phenomenal cast delivering solid efforts. A really fun, packed beginning to end, visually interesting treat. I am definitely up for a second run from this crew.

More coming by the weekend… July edition of A Parkside View will be released tomorrow…

July 9th

Two big things to keep bringing up…

A Parkside View

The next issue of the monthly newsletter will be out in roughly 5-7 days. Possibly earlier, but that’s a good guess. This month, we’re celebrating five years with four essays – three new, one drawn from the archives.

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The current Special Offer continues…

In an effort that is in place until August 31st, a portion from every sale of Bob’s books is being set aside for two amazing cancer centers: Roswell Park in New York and Yale in Connecticut.

These two places are delivering phenomenal treatment and care. We’d love for you to make a purchase of Bob’s books, but we’d be extremely grateful if you simply took a few moments to learn more and perhaps make a direct donation to their efforts.

All twelve of his books, including both print and Kindle editions, are included. It applies to every purchase from several weeks ago to the end of August. Act now, and tell your friends. (Thank you.)

McCartney 3, 2, 1 – There are A LOT of great things on the way this year concerning The Beatles.

Red Notice is coming to Netflix in November, with Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds leading the way.

Rich blueberry flavor

July 1st

Thought we’d be kicking things off next week, then managed to create a bit of an opening. So, some links out to the web, and then two new essays.

You cannot say that Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi don’t stay busy. Word is out about a new project from the duo.

The Old Guard was a fantastic story. And now, news that the sequel is moving along.

Convenience store inconveniences

What I really need is a camera in the front

See you around here again in about a week or so…


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