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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


July 2019

July 7th

Today we’re going to link to several new essays. Four additions is a pretty significant one-day run of new posts, but I want to get it done so we can get the foot moving away from the brake, turn the corner, and stomp on the gas.

More coming by Wednesday or Thursday, which will include more new essays.

.“Modern day game of telephone

Nothing but flowers (and weeds… there are weeds)

You’re not saving enough (not that you could)

The perfect job for me

July 3rd

Wanted to include a link here for the Now Playing sections that involve June 2019 and May 2019.

A ton of you are going to say there was no June update. Fair enough, since it wasn’t posted. But there was a bit written, the pages were updated in my files, and even though the two months combined for a whole lot of not much around here, there was a bit and I don’t want to simply pull up the covers and hide it away.

July 2nd

Quick announcement today…

As apple pie

That’s the challenge for Local Friends for Local Business this month.

The basic idea is to pick things celebration-related. So, if you live outside the United States and July 4th or summer fun don’t have the same impact, think about celebrations and vacations and so on.

Inside the United States—think the “…as American as apple pie” expression—we’re looking forward to celebrations this month, adding in a touch of summer fun, and swirling it all together for those things that seem exciting and definitely special.

Grilling in the yard with some friends before heading out to enjoy some fireworks… taking off for the annual family-driven, long-weekend, vacation to the beach… a shop in town and their celebrated red, white and blue event…

What are you doing for special moments? And, in many ways, what is everyone else doing? These are not the available every day activities. These are the campfires and reunions and destination wanderings to places you look forward to reaching whenever you can.

I expect to be back in the next day or two, but I’m working on getting some pages on the web site flipped to July, finishing the next edition of A Parkside View for release, and wrapping up a handful of essays to post. My goal is to have everything up to speed, including four or five new pieces in place, no later than the end of this weekend.

July 1st

And… that’s it. June is over.

If not the slowest month in the history of the web site, then combine it with May and it has easily been the slowest two-month run in the history of the web site. (Actually… don’t even try researching it… I’m certain it was the slowest month since we began.)

My initial thoughts revolved around apologies. But, there were a few problems with that…

Basically, the past two months have been ridiculously busy on several fronts. Some personal. Some professional. Many even involving writing. Tricky part was, based on priorities and necessity, item after item after item kept taking me away from Backpackville. Simply couldn’t produce material for the web site. Even got dragged to a complete stop when it came to the June edition of A Parkside View. (That came out yesterday. And, good news, the July edition will be out in a couple of days.)

All of this means I did feel bad, and wanted to apologize, but… since I couldn’t get to the computer to post things, I had a bit of time to reflect, and I realized two things…

First, there was nothing to apologize for. This was the tough one to accept. I hear from people looking for new material. Many visitors have become true friends over the years. It is amazing—and I am grateful for this—to have people that are looking forward to reading what I produce. So, I do appreciate that not getting material out there is in many ways a letdown. But when I think of what happened and what was accomplished, there was nothing that happened over the roughly eight weeks I’ve been sidelined from The ‘ville that I would have pushed back. It all needed to get done. Unfortunate break, yes. But a necessary break, and one that doesn’t require an apology. Which leads to…

Second, the best way to approach all of it is to use it as a bit of a reset. Deep breaths taken… other issues addressed… get back to it. And on that front, rather than saying sorry for weeks of downtime around In My Backpack, we’re going to move into a new wave of activity and production.

I expect to post a minimum of thirty new essays during the month of July. (Hoping to clear that mark easily, but that’s my bottom-line target.)

I have some new projects in development, including a few interviews. Not sure when they’ll be ready… hoping for one or two in July, but August might be more realistic for these to begin arriving… I am definitely excited about them.

And there’s more.

So… welcome to July here in Backpackville. Thanks for the support, and THANKS for stopping in. (See you again soon.)

Melissa McCarthy playing the role of Ursula in The Little Mermaid remake currently ramping up production? Ok. Sure. I could find myself very happy about that.

I was pleasantly surprised by Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. And now we are getting some clips and trailers and more for the sequel, Jumanji: The Next Level.



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