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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


July 2018

July 31st

Quick post today… bigger stuff heading down the road later this week, basically as August arrives.

Today is the LAST day of the Life Won’t Pass Me By offer. You can get the paperback edition, alone or paired with one of three other options, at a terrific price. Each book can be signed and personalized. AND, for most addresses in the United States, the price includes shipping.

This offer is only available here at In My Backpack. For more details, head to the Special Offers page.

Ok… August on the way. That means a new issue of A Parkside View… that means a new challenge for Local Friends for Local Business… that means…

It’s August, and time for the annual National Buy Bob’s Book Day!

July 30th

The final two days…

The Life Won’t Pass Me By packages

This month, we’ve been offering a very special deal here at In My Backpack. It involves Life Won’t Pass Me By.

Until the end of this month, you can order the paperback edition of Life Won’t Pass Me By from us for the terrific price of $12.50. That’s less than any online bookseller is offering the book for right now, plus… the book will be signed (and personalized if you wish), and, for most U.S. addresses the price includes shipping.

But that’s not all…

- -

You can also pair the book up with one of three options: Time Just Drifts Away, Thirty Days in November, or Conversations. Same idea… signed and quite likely shipped.

But you need to act NOW! This offer will be ending tomorrow. Check out all the details on the Special Offers page and send us an e-mail to get the order moving.

Mowgli is headed to Netflix instead of a widespread theatrical release.

Some information on the BBC about sharks that could be migrating toward England as water temperatures rise.

Finishing up with two new essays today…

Just burns my biscuits

Snack food blurbs show the society we’ve become

July 26th

We are ready to begin releasing a bit of information about the 2018 Holiday Tour for ComplemenTerry Designs.

This year, current plans are for us to be heading out on the road for just two events. Here are the dates, with both being held over two days:

November 24th and 25th

December 1st and 2nd

We in the process of finishing confirmation for the November event. The application process for the December event is in the early stages, and our participation is expected but not finalized at this time. Here’s what we can say today about our travels and efforts for this year…

  • Both of these events will be taking place in New York.
  • We do not anticipate adding other events in 2018. But, we are checking out possibilities, and are open to receiving information. If you are organizing a show or know of one you would like us to consider, please contact us at any of the e-mail addresses noted on this page or in the ComplemenTerry Designs section at the In My Backpack web site.)
  • We do anticipate once again working on fresh/live arrangements for this year’s holidays.
  • Our workshop will be opening soon, and we are available for special orders. (***Please note*** All of our pieces are handmade, which can often mean awkward sizes for packing and shipping. This, unfortunately, can mean additional shipping costs. Our fresh/live arrangements are not available for shipping.)

There will be more information coming soon.

The new Men in Black effort is putting together quite a cast, and it just added a significant piece to tie it together with the trilogy already released. Emma Thompson is apparently ready to return.

The Deadwood movie you’ve been waiting for finally seems to be a project in motion.

Frasier Crane may be making a return. Zero real news on the possibility though, meaning no information on cast or potential story setting.

Ok… to wrap things up today, a couple of recipes.

Yes. Yes, I said a couple of recipes.

Here’s the deal… I actually got e-mails asking about them when I released the essay earlier this week about the garden. So… here you go… “Beets and cucumbers and squash (Oh my)

July 22nd

Back at it today… with two essays to wrap things up.

First up… this month’s Special Offers

Featuring Life Won’t Pass Me By

For the month of July… which means there’s less than ten days left… we are offering deals on Life Won’t Pass Me By, on its own and as a package.

You can get the paperback edition at a special price. Or, you can pair it up with a paperback copy of Time Just Drifts Away, Conversations or Thirty Days in November.

- -

Each book will be signed and personalized. And, for most U.S. addresses, the prices listed includes shipping.

Check out the Special Offers page for more details, and keep in mind this offer is only available here at In My Backpack.

Next, Local Friends for Local Business

This month, Local Friends is focusing on the challenge of Cooling Things Off. The general idea is to look at those things you do to help enjoy the hot days of summer. Ice cream… barbecues… swimming… and all of the tremendous options the great weather provides.

Check out the businesses around you, and try to visit one or two you may not have checked out before.

Quick nod toward ComplemenTerry Designs

We’re beginning to wrap up arrangements for the 2018 Holiday Tour. It looks like everything will be based around two events, covering a total of four days. We expect to have some news to share soon, once we have things confirmed and finalized.

I remain amazingly skeptical of all things DC movie related. Still... Aquaman… trailer is out.

Goofy… seemingly geared towards kids… no clue why (other than it being a really different approach), but I’m liking what I see of Shazam.

The trailer raises some questions, but heck… it’s Godzilla. So, get ready for Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Ok… fine… you’re looking for a lot of details out of San Diego and Comic Con. Here’s a page that offers up a batch of different trailers.

And now the new efforts…

Garden of eating

Who, what, when…

July 17th

My first book, Time Just Drifts Away, is available in paperback and Kindle editions. And…

RIGHT NOW, in an offer the ends today, you can get the Kindle edition for free.

That’s it for now. Should be back with at least two new essays in the next few days.

July 15th

Time Just Drifts Away

…for FREE!

Today, tomorrow and Tuesday—July 15th, 16th and 17th—the Kindle edition of Time Just Drifts Away can be added to your e-book library for free.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get my first book at no cost. You can learn more about the effort here on its page on In My Backpack, over at Amazon, or by looking it up in the store on your Kindle or smartphone’s Kindle app.

I would be thrilled and honored to learn you took advantage of this opportunity and grabbed a copy of the book. And… should you happen to be so inspired… I would be incredibly grateful to hear you decided to add one or two of my other titles as well.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

July 14th

Been sporadic for the past eight or so weeks. (And sure, sporadic is being a bit generous.) We’ll wrap up today with a new essay. Second this week. Maybe we can pick up some speed over the remainder of the month.

A return (so to speak) for Zombieland? Yes… as of now it is.

And here’s the new piece… “That right there is a brand new box

July 10th

Quick little entry today… trying to get back on track around here…

The new issue of A Parkside View is out!

We’re celebrating two years of the newsletter with the July issue, which marks the twenty-fifth consecutive monthly release. As part of the festivities, this month we’ve got four essays, with two of them brand new.

If you haven’t signed up to receive it… SIGN UP NOW!

Each issue is free. We include a minimum of two essays every month, with one debuting exclusively on its pages. Just send us an e-mail (or a message on our social media pages) and we’ll get everything set up.

Closing things out with a new essay. Should be back soon with more… “Recognizing reviews for what they are

July 2nd

Got a new essay to wrap things up today. Only one note to make before we get there.

Are you ready for Toy Story Land? Here are some insights into the new area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

And, here’s the new effort… “Time marches on

July 1st

I want to kick things off this month with A Parkside View, for several reasons.

First and foremost, Happy Anniversary.

The monthly newsletter kicked off in July of 2016. That makes this month’s issue the twenty-fifth consecutive release and marks the second anniversary of publication.

The idea for it was based on a few things. I wanted to explore a new way of getting my writing delivered to people. I also wanted something that would let me move around the community the In My Backpack web site has become – for example by mentioning my writing efforts, noting any upcoming appearances and events, and occasionally nodding in the direction of efforts such as Local Friends for Local Business and providing details on ComplemenTerry Designs.

Since it’s release, roughly five dozen essays have appeared on the pages of A Parkside View. Each issue contains at least one essay debuting exclusively on its pages, with other material drawn from my archives and previously released efforts. And even though the majority of the pieces included are the From the Backpack variety, more than forty-percent of the essays to date have been new material.

In March of 2018, I released A Parkside View: Volumes 1 & 2. Using all of the essays from July 2016 to December 2017 (plus some bonus material found only in the title), the book offers more than forty essays.

In June, we ran a contest based on A Parkside View, offering two signed copies of Life Won’t Pass Me By as the prize. Winners will be announced later this week. And while it’s too late to enter the contest… it’s not too late to join our group…

Sign up to receive the newsletter. It’s FREE! It’s easy. Just send along an e-mail or a message on one of our social media pages. We’ll get back to you, confirm all the details, and set things up so that you’re receiving the latest and greatest A Parkside View has to offer.

Local Friends for Local Business is Cooling Things Off this month.

For July, the challenge is to do those things that help you enjoy the heat. Ice cream… swimming pools… a trip to the local lake… and essentially all of the businesses that offer ways for you to cool down when the terrific sunshine is warming things up.

And finally for today, a new Special Offer for the month of July.

- - -

Pick one of the following:

** A signed copy of Life Won’t Pass Me By, shipped to your door, for $12.50.

** Signed copies of Life Won’t Pass Me By and Time Just Drifts Away, with both books shipped for $22.

** Signed copies of Life Won’t Pass Me By and Thirty Days in November, with both books shipped for $22.

** Signed copies of Life Won’t Pass Me By and Conversations, with both books shipped for $22.

Please note, the costs may change for addresses requiring extra postage

This is a terrific opportunity to get one or two of my books, delivered to you, at a great price. These offers are ONLY available for order here at the In My Backpack web site.

Thanks for looking around. More coming tomorrow.


If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail us at Bob@inmybackpack.com