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February 2019

February 28th

Quick announcement, with more coming as we reach March…

Celebrating sixteen years of In My Backpack

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Time Just Drifts Away ~ March 7th to March 11th

Thirty Days in November ~ March 14th to March 18th

Conversations ~ March 21st to March 25th

This month, there will be three separate five-day runs where the Kindle editions of one of Bob’s books will be available as a free download. And remember… all ten published titles are available in paperback and Kindle editions…

Paperback titles can be found at a wide range of terrific online booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Right now, Amazon offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more, with all of Bob’s books qualifying.

Every Kindle edition is currently available for just 99-cents. That’s a terrific price, and makes it easy to add all of Bob’s books to your library.

For more details…

Bob’s author page at Amazon

Writing & Books area here at In My Backpack

Next up… A Parkside View

March edition will be out this weekend.

And we finish today off with a new essay… “The latest new thing

February 24th

I still can’t believe we have less than a week to go in February. It’s been a crazy month.

I feel like I’ve barely settled my feet and really started working on the month, and here comes March. Still… all the other stuff that has been keeping me away from the web site should bring me to a decent month of March for the web site. (We can only hope.) New essay to finish this entry.

I figured the combination of Michael Sheen and David Tennant in Good Omens was a powerful reason to watch this potentially awesome effort. Then we started hearing Frances McDormand playing the role of God, and… well, yeah. Now, Benedict Cumberbatch as Satan. Holy crap. The end of May can’t arrive quickly enough.

Getting more new material from Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

And not just one, but we’ve actually got two for the road… “Honey? Where’s the honey?

Happy wife, happy… wait… happy wife?

February 19th

Just a new essay… “I don’t understand television scheduling (but I am getting better)

February 16th

I wish I could explain, but I can’t. Lots of projects to address, and on most days every one of those projects has meant little time for the web site. Two more essays to post today, just so you know I haven’t disappeared completely…

Centering the cheese

Is it time for a new couch?

February 12th

Still trying to get up to speed. Two essays today. Two more by the end of the weekend.

Apparently, the hidden city is a thing

Another shutdown, another sign of the apocalypse

February 10th

It’s taken us a few days to get things moving this month. Most of it is a result of other projects needing attention. Still, it’s amazing what a full-blown cold, a quick out-of-state trip, and assorted timely battles with household needs will do to productivity, but there you go. You can expect us to get things moving around The ‘ville this week, and we’ll have some essays coming as part of that soon.

February 3rd
Umm… ok… here’s a story with some interesting twists. A 14-year old girl allegedly ordered some pizzas for delivery. Had them send to a neighbor’s house. When the driver got out and went to the door—and have a conversation with the occupants that didn’t order any pizza—our girl rushed from the bushes and stole the car. Evidently the plan was to visit her boyfriend.

Bud Light and Game of Thrones mix commercial was awesome. Finally—it feels like it’s been, like, years of nothing better than good ads—a great Super Bowl commercial.

February 1st

Starting to get the web site up for a new month, so just the basics today…

A Parkside View

It’s Volume 4, Issue 2. The monthly newsletter featuring all things from around Backpackville will be released soon with two essays (one new, one drawn From the Backpack).

As always, the newsletter is free. All you need to do is request it.

Local Friends for Local Business

Ice & Snow is the theme for this month’s challenge. The idea is to grab winter, look it in the eye, and enjoy.

What parts of the season do you have fun with, or, what items makes the weather easier to deal with? Curling up with a good book is one option, and having a great hat is another.

Whether it’s running out for some cocoa or picking up a blanket, use this month’s Local Friends as a reason to check out some of the shops and restaurants near you for the answer.

January 2019

Use the link to get to last month’s Now Playing section. More than thirty new essays were posted during the month, and you can find all of them in the daily entries.



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