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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


December 2018

December 5th

Late start this month, and itís going to be a strange one for posting.

Got A LOT going on, from projects being addressed to catching up from craft fairs to seeking out family and friends over the holidays. For nowÖ

Over the river

Itís the December challenge for Local Friends for Local Business, running throughout the month.

The idea is based on looking beyond those streets you use every day. (And the naming comes from the holiday travels in the songÖ visiting family and friends and grandmothers, in a lovely excursion that involves a horse acting as your GPS.)

Could be for parties or shopping or any of a number of reasons. This month, when you travel, think about the small business treasures nearby.

Special Offers

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee holiday delivery. Donít let that stop you from enjoying two opportunities to add my books to your collection. These offers run for the rest of December.

Very excited about Captain Marvel. New trailer is out.



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