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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


August 2017

August 30th

This has been a whirlwind of a month.

A chaotic, crazy, fun, exciting, amazing, brilliant month.

And at the center of it all, two book releases. So, Looking to cover a bit of ground today, we’ll begin there…

National Buy Bob’s Book Day

The annual event has come and gone for 2017, and I honestly don’t know how to fully express my gratitude. A terrific day… fantastic people… and a great time.

It’s attempted with humor. Self-promotion… yes, blatant, outright, without an apology self-promotion… but definitely offered in good humor.

I appreciate all of the texts, messages, comments, e-mails and more. You folks are wonderful, and far more generous with your thoughts, support and kindness than I could ever have expected.

Thank you.

And some of the celebrations this year were focused on two new releases…

Life Won’t Pass Me By


Designed and built for the Fourteenth Anniversary of the In My Backpack web site, these two collections were published in August. Both titles—as are all of my books—are available in print and Kindle editions.

We’ve begun confirming a strong run of events between September and December… for me and ComplemenTerry Designs.

Book signings… speaking engagements… author meet-and-greets… you can find my writing-based appearances in the Writing & Books section, on the Upcoming Events page.

For ComplemenTerry Designs, it’s almost that time… the holiday rush. And this year we’ve got a limited stretch for the annual tour. The Calendar of Events page has it all.

When we get to September, we’ll have more to share about all of these great events.

A Parkside View is just about ready for September. There is an outside chance it may not be released until the 4th or 5th of the month, but it is almost completed.

Local Friends for Local Business is finishing up for August... plenty of time to get out and enjoy some ice cream remains. That noted, the September event, running from the 1st to the 30th, will be Books. More details very soon.

And so... a bit of this... a bit of that... a few things remaining, but can wait for now... August is winding down. And a great month it has been.

As always, I am incredibly grateful for your visits, your time, and your support. Thank you!

August 20th

Today I want to point the camera at…

National Buy Bob’s Book Day

As some visitors to the site are quite likely aware, I am not so foolish as to believe there should be an all-out, fireworks display above an orchestra, everyone gets the day off from work, complete in every possible way celebration for my books. (Although, truth be told, I do like fireworks idea.)

I am completely aware of what making such a declaration can demonstrate, and would like everyone to know and understand I do it with tremendous humor intended. Goofy… silly… tremendous humor.

It’s a fun way that I promote my writing. Simple as that.

But it is an attempt to promote my writing, and I won’t shy away from that either. I would be thrilled to find out that it caught your eye, and you decided to check out the web site… ecstatic to hear about how seeing an announcement sent you off looking for our social media pages… and flat out euphoric to learn you purchased a copy or two (or more).

I’d be honored if you liked and followed social media pages. I would extend my best wishes upon thousands of shining stars if you shared details with family and friends.

Yes, it is shameless self-promotion.

Please… PLEASE… understand though, I place my event alongside ice cream sandwiches and flashlights and cupcakes and brandied fruit. All of those have national days of celebration. None of those are closing in on marching bands or time-and-a-half days of pay.

Since last year’s event, I’ve released four new titles. (Something Old, Something NewTitle TownLife Won’t Pass Me ByConversations) You can learn about all of my books, where to purchase them, and upcoming events in the Writing & Books are of the web site.

This year, as always, we celebrate National Buy Bob’s Book Day on August 26th. And I truly appreciate you taking a look around.

Personally, if we see Terminators running around again, I’m hoping for some fresh takes on it. And, that would mean likely starting with item number one as no Arnold. Nothing against him (or most of the work in the franchise). Just think that would be an initial point for something different. And yet… I read this article… which presents an intriguing option that could definitely allow us more Arnold.

August 18th

I’ve been away for a couple of days. Busy month. Crazy month. Slightly off balance, juggling moments, addressing things by the moment month.

And another project waiting patiently just off to the side of the stage, barely behind the curtain, is ready to go…

Interviews from The Backpack
March 2003 to March 2017

Earl Swift, Terry Fator, Keris Stainton, Chris VanDahl, Brigitte Valdez, Kelly Smith, Brian McCullough, Daryl Wagner, Scott Jordan, Christina Shaw and Brandon Evans. Plus, both of the “Harry Potter” efforts, which means more from Keris, plus the thoughts of Terry Hocking and Denise Alekseev.

That’s a pretty great run.

What? Kelly? Kelly Smith? You want to know about Kelly’s name being on that list, since her interview from the web site was in Time Just Drifts Away.

Good memory. And, thanks for noticing. The explanation starts with a description of the book…

Conversations is a collection of interviews, with consideration given to some of the first efforts to ever appear and moving along to the current day. I list the dates as March of 2003 to March of 2017. With several interviews from the site being included in Time Just Drifts Away, the majority of this new effort does come from the past few years.

One person immediately took the nod on having two segments included. Christina Shaw is represented by her original interview and then the “Catching up with…” segment we did later on.

In an effort to make things more special, I expanded the concept of including additional material beyond the contents of the posted material. I reached out to three people and asked if they would be willing to answer some new questions exclusively for the book.

Brian McCullough and Brigitte Valdez are part of that group. Both of them have special second chapters in the book, covered as “A Second Visit with…” offerings.

And then, we have Kelly Smith.

She’s a good friend, and we stay in contact, usually for the run of the mill general life stuff. At some point, a casual mention in one e-mail started us discussing a short segment for the new book. And the effort got rolling downhill, and picked up speed. She went way beyond anything I could have hoped, with us developing a complete new interview.

The contributions noted here from Brian, Brigitte and Kelly are only available on the pages of Conversations. That’s it. Super secret, extra special, exclusive, bonus material.

Conversations will be released next week, on August 22, 2017.

August 8th

Life Won’t Pass Me By
Observations from The Backpack
March 2003 to March 2017

The new book is now available!

August 7th

Life Won’t Pass Me By

Officially, my eighth book will be released tomorrow, August 8, 2017.

Unofficially… you can find it now…

Life Won’t Pass Me By at CreateSpace

Life Won’t Pass Me By at Amazon

Bob’s Author Page at Amazon

A collection of forty-four essays, Life Won’t Pass Me By is a celebration of the Fourteenth Anniversary of the In My Backpack web site. The material inside is based on postings to the site between its first days in March of 2003 all the way to March of 2017.

All of the essays have gone through a bit of editing. A few have undergone some serious overhauls. A handful are no longer posted at The ‘ville.

Some of the essays in place: “A round of tomato juice”… “I gat suit correct”… and “A Cutter”. Tributes and thoughts for Molly and Gus.

August 4th

New essay at the end… shameless self-promotion at the start…

National Buy Bob’s Book Day

The Sixth Annual National Buy Bob’s Book Day will be held on August 26, 2017. It’s become a bit of a tradition around here, and I offer it with the full recognition that a bit of comedy and absurdity needs to be understood when making such a declaration. Let’s start with some background…


I had just put the finishing touches on Time Just Drifts Away and was moving from writing/editing/designing production-based actions into promotional areas.

Around the same time, in some quieter moments… searching the web, looking around Facebook… I began seeing daily announcements. National Day of this… National Day of that… National Day of whatever… and then…

National Raspberry Cream Pie Day.

I swear. It’s true. National Raspberry Cream Pie Day. (August 1st for those of you wondering.)

In August alone, there is a National Day for things such as: ice cream sandwiches, frozen custard, julienne fries, and underwear.

It’s not just August. Because frozen custard has a day, I suppose, we need to allow for the frozen yogurt day that occurs at another point during the year.

One of my favorite quirks of the National Day calendar? Scallops… baked scallops get one National Day of celebration… fried scallops get another.

For a variety of reasons… not the least of which involved dreaming up attempts at some out-of-the-box attention-grabbing possibilities for a newly released book… Time Just Drifts Away and National Days of celebration and Raspberry Cream Pie were all swirling around in my thoughts, and they managed to come together in quite a light bulb moment.

National Buy Bob’s Book Day.

Why not?

As I said a moment ago… comedy and absurdity. The general concept is filled with silliness, and I welcome that. I am not by any stretch of the imagination presenting such a day of celebration with no intent of humor or whimsy.

And yet…

I do need to point out that there is a bit of seriousness involved.

I really do hope that you’ll take a moment to look around the Writing & Books section of the web site… my author page at Amazon… and some of my social media pages.

I would be thrilled and grateful to learn that you purchased one of my releases… referred some people you know to check out my work… became a regular visitor.

I am organizing National Buy Bob’s Book Day to have some fun and goof around… and I do it because it is important to me.

And so… again… I thank you. For your patience, understanding, and attention… and also for your comments, suggestions, and support.

Six years later this month… and hopefully more to come.

Today’s new essay is… “South and north along the East Coast Bob and Terry on Tour 2016 – Best of South Carolina

That’s right… brand new travel piece… with more to come.

Back on Monday.

August 2nd

With a run of material involving books coming up, today I’m going to stick with some basics…

A Parkside View

This month’s issue is out. Released. Distributed.

Did you get your copy?

August featured a new essay—“The Big Sky”—along with a classic—“I gat suit correct”—on its pages. The classic was the updated version that appears in Life Won’t Pass Me By.

Also inside this month’s issue was coverage of the two book releases this month (Life Won’t Pass Me By and Conversations), along with a few details about upcoming appearances.

If you aren’t receiving A Parkside View each month, SIGN UP! Send along an e-mail. Go to one of our pages on social media and send us a message. We’ll get in touch with you, set things up, and make sure each edition is headed your way.

Local Friends for Local Business

I Scream You Scream

The August challenge runs for the full month, and it most definitely looks at ice cream for the theme.

Go just about any place across the country, and you’ll find seasonal stands open for business during the summer months. They offer some of the freshest local produce you’ll ever be able to find. They serve up incredible regional dishes such as terrific seafood. And… yeah… ice cream.

Cones and sundaes and shakes… chocolate covered and crunchy coatings and sprinkles… family and friends… there is just about nothing finer on a warm summer evening. Pretty much perfection, and the stuff at the heart of some very special memories.

From August 1st all the way to August 31st, Local Friends is looking for those incredible places serving the best ice cream. It might be that great place only open a few months each year. Maybe it’s a spot open all year.

Once we get the Christmas episode, Doctor Who will begin prepping for the new season. But… don’t go expecting it right away. Looks like late 2018.

An arrest has been made, but it comes with the warning that no convictions are yet in place. Why the disclaimer? Sit down, this is a good one: A woman was arrested at a Walmart in North Carolina. She was attempting to return some merchandise. That same merchandise had allegedly been stolen from that very store.

The Middle is preparing to say goodbye.

August 1st

Today is a crazy day… leading off a crazy month. So I just want to pass along a few quick things for now, and we can hit more details as the month moves along…


A Parkside View

The new issue is ready, and has begun making the rounds. With a new essay—“The Big Sky”—debuting exclusively in the August edition of A Parkside View.

If you’ve already signed up to receive it, awesome. Enjoy!

If you haven’t signed up to receive it… well… why not? Send us an e-mail (or a message on social media pages) and we’ll get everything set up.


Life Won’t Pass Me By and Conversations


Coming out on August 8th and 22nd respectively, the new books.


Local Friends for Local Business

The August challenge is I Scream You Scream.

And yes… it is a month-long effort to enjoy some ice cream.

Between August 1st and 31st, head on out and pick up a delicious treat.


National Buy Bob’s Book Day

You may be familiar with the fun… the event that began with the realization that if raspberry cream pie gets a day, my books can have one as well. On August 26, 2017, we are celebrating the Sixth Annual National Buy Bob’s Book Day.

I want to get things set up and moving for August, so that’s it for today. I know additional details for all of these subjects (and much, much more) will be coming in the next few days. I’ll be back tomorrow.


If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail me at Bob@inmybackpack.com