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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


April 2018

April 23rd

Just a new essay today… “Does it ever go as planned?

April 20th

Saw Mr. Holmes this week with Tigg.

Awesome. Highly recommended. Story is strong. Laura Linney is very good. Ian McKellen and Milo Parker are brilliant.

Next few days are going to be a bit strange. Hoping to have material for you, but keep finding myself addressing those other ideas and efforts I brought up yesterday.

The estate released a video for “Nothing Compares 2 U”, and if this is a sample that scratches the surface of what Prince’s vault contains, we may be in for an epic run of material.

New trailer… marked as a redband trailer… and likely the final trailer ahead of next month’s release… for Deadpool 2.

And… as promised (sort of)… we close things off today with a new effort. “Finding the right way to connect

April 19th

Hoping to be busy over the next few days around here. April has been a weird month, with several things crashing around at once. A lot of that isn’t going to let up for a bit (even into early May)… so working hard to have an essay or two (or, dare I dream, three) to share so that there is some material making it to the site.

Basically, most of the web site work came to a halt when—yes, really—six different writing projects needed attention. What kind of attention? Well… what I can share is that they actually morphed into seven projects.

Two of those projects I’m not ready to elaborate on, but actually hope to turn into efforts that will be completed and released in 2018. Another is a back-burner type of thing that might… big stress on might… develop into something this year.

Anyway… since I can’t give more on anything here today (or, even in the near future)… let’s just say that we’re moving in some interesting directions.

Couple of quick notes…

Local Friends for Local Business

The Bunny Trail is this month’s challenge. The idea is to find things that need to be done outside, including gardens and other landscaping, and use the resources around your neighborhood to help out.

A Parkside View: Volumes 1 & 2

Released last month, this collection features forty-five essays. It is available in Kindle and paperback editions.

A Parkside View

The source of material for the book release continues as a monthly newsletter, and it is heading toward the May issue. If you aren’t receiving it yet, SIGN UP NOW! It’s free, and each edition contains at least one essay debuting exclusively on its pages.

April 15th


Weird few days. I’ll fill you in a bit more over the next day or two. For now… new essay…

That time we met

April 9th

Latest issue of A Parkside View has hit the streets.

If you’ve signed up to receive it… you should have it.

If you haven’t signed up to receive it… WHY NOT?

Each monthly edition has at least two essays, often includes material from around The ‘ville, and comes at no cost. Free. Gratis. All you need to do is send along a message or e-mail to get signed up.

The upcoming run of movies is looking beyond amazing. Here’s the new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. (And honestly, that’s not even registering on my must-see list right now.)

Mom has been renewed. The interesting thing here involves Anna Faris and Allison Janney, since both are approaching levels of busy schedules and demand that make keeping them together quite an accomplishment.

And the new essay I promised… “April snow

April 8th

New essay coming tomorrow.

April edition of A Parkside View should be out later today, and definitely by tomorrow.

(And yes, been busy this month (and the past few weeks), and it’s about to show.)

*** BIG SIDE NOTE *** ACT NOW!!! ***

In March, we had several special offers in place. They were mainly around as part of the new book release (A Parkside View: Volumes 1 & 2 – AVAILABLE NOW in Kindle and paperback editions) and to celebrate the Fifteenth Anniversary of the In My Backpack web site.

One of those offers included lower prices on the paperback editions of my first nine efforts. From Time Just Drifts Away to Conversations, all of the books released in 2017 and earlier were reduced.

THIS OFFER IS ENDING SOON! Soon as in tomorrow, Monday, April 9th.

So… head over to my Amazon author page… check out the Where to buy area on this site… and learn more about these titles. Amazon includes them in their free shipping program (for orders over $25). And, THANK YOU for your support.

April 1st

Quick introduction to things today. In addition to several projects around the house, I’m making dinner for Terry and have a few things that need attention.

We start this entry with…

Thank you!

March of 2018 marked fifteen years for the In My Backpack web site. Those of you that have been visiting for a while know that there are a few recurring things around here. The use of nicknames like Backpackville and The ‘ville might be one you’ve seen. My repeated celebrations and recognition of somewhat off anniversaries would definitely be another. But then, on an almost normal length to celebrate something, this year…

Had a new book coming out… A Parkside View: Volumes 1 & 2.

Developed a few thoughts on Special Offers for my previously released titles. One was a free download of the Kindle edition of my first book, Time Just Drifts Away. That offer lasted for five straight days early in March and is no longer available. But… there is an offer that will be around for at least a couple more days…

The paperback editions of my first nine titles (Time Just Drifts Away to Conversations… basically every release from my first to those published in 2017) are available at a special price. And, with a few requests for it, we’re going to keep that going into next weekend. (So… ENJOY… and head over to my Amazon author page to check it out.)

Celebrations and a new book and special offers and… sure… the Fifteenth Anniversary!

And, with such a theme in place…


I haven’t cracked international bestseller lists. I am incredibly willing to sell out and offer some space for high advertising revenue (and… you’ll notice no ads yet in place). (We’ll get there.) What I do have is some incredible people that have worked on projects with me, amazing folks that have reached out to offer comments and feedback and support, and I am grateful.

For that… Thank you!

Next up… Local Friends for Local Business...

This month, the challenge is The Bunny Trail. It’s the time of year to start considering outside work, like gardens. So, for the Local Friends efforts, we’re asking you to think about some of the things you might be looking toward: vegetable gardens, flower boxes and more.

Looking to add some raised beds for your veggies this year? How about a few planters for some herbs? Have you been thinking about landscaping projects? Fruit trees? Perhaps some lilacs?

Local Friends is running the entire month of April, hopping down The Bunny Trail.

That’s it for today. Got some sorting to do… should be ready, with a new essay or two, by the middle of the week.


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