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How it works

I’m going to make this very simple… if you believe you’re helping the small and valuable businesses in your community… then I do as well.

It really is that easy.

No tricks.

Nothing complicated.

(Even if you come up with your own theme and step away from the challenge offered during any month.)

This effort is an attempt to recognize and support the diversity and value brought to a neighborhood, town, city, and so on, by a one-of-a-kind destination. It isn’t about judging what a person buys or where a person buys it.

To that end, if you feel your dollars are contributing to the local economy and business options because of the support given to a place you find brilliant and worthy, then they are. (Much applause for your time and support.)

Still… a few ground rules might be necessary for the effort. Let’s consider these not a strictly-to-be-adhered-to listing of do and do-not musts, but rather some advice in navigating the journey.



We begin with two overview concepts…

First – The business itself should be a unique property. We are not looking for national chains or franchises.

Second – The suggestion is to spend a few dollars on a purchase.

Need more on those? Ok…

I think it’s safe to say we can find room for the local owner that has two or three restaurants, even with the same name and menu… or even that grocery store of neighborhood legend that has several locations. You are making the final decisions about this. Remember, this is not a program to keep you away from any business. If you like a restaurant, eat there… if you enjoy a store, shop there. Just remember, when making your monthly Local Friends for Local Business selection though, I like thinking we’re bringing awareness and sales to places that can really benefit from the attention. And that means finding places that often don’t get noticed.

The spending target is a suggestion. Nothing more. If you can spend a fair amount… want to spend a significant amount… or develop some approach that raises the dollar value of your purchase, great. If you can only spend a dollar or two, that works. And if for now all you can do is visit the place, learn some things you never knew before, and potentially make plans to stop again in the future, that can be awesome as well. The ultimate idea is to bring business and attention to these locations that might not normally come through the door.

And now, the Local Friends for Local Business step-by-step guide…

(1) During the first few days of every month, we will announce a category and post it on the cover page and in the Local Friends History section. It will be a broad subject. For example – bakery… gardens… shoes… pizza… and even themes that allow for you to consider multiple options.

(2) Usually a challenge will be issued for the entire month -- allowing you plenty of time around your personal schedule to act on the challenge. In some cases, especially early on in the effort (and possible again in the future), a specific period of time will be announced. If you are away from home, apply the category to where you are during that stretch of time.

(3) Visit a local business that fits the outline of the program and the announced category for that month. If you can, spend a few dollars.

There you go. Easy.

Here’s an example, using the very first month of the program.

On January 1, 2012, the category announced was bakeries. And, the shopping bracket was set from Thursday, January 12th, until Monday, January 16th.

The challenge was to take some time to find a local bakery. Maybe you checked out an actual bakery… maybe to keep it local you decided on a coffee shop that sells muffins. Both work just fine.

On one of the dates between January 12th and January 16th, hopefully you went in to that bakery and bought something.

When in doubt, look over the notes here or check the About section for Local Friends for Local Business. Then apply your own judgment.

This is supposed to be something to assist the little places that make your home or travel special and different, while at the same time possibly introducing you to some new treasures as well.

Go have some fun!


If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at LocalFriends@inmybackpack.com