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I started this effort with absolutely no idea how it would be received.

It could very easily have turned out that from January of 2012 on, I was the only person in the world using this idea and exploring a local community for new experiences and supporting favorite destinations.

Over the years, I have learned I am not alone. Stories from friends, and suggestions of places to visit... comments and e-mails from people that participated... and basically more than I could have ever expected.

For now, it's still a small effort. Perhaps as time moves on… it catches on and expands.

(Perhaps. As I said, I can already say that I'm fortunate to have some fantastic feedback from people that are taking part and sharing business names. I have also seen several tremendous places I've visited close their doors. The program is not perfect.)

Back when I began sorting out the idea, it occurred to me that regardless of any level of participation from others, it certainly was possible someone may have a question… a thought… a contribution or more. And so… here it is… the way to contact us.

Now, understand… there will be some changes made and decisions to face along the way. The important thing is, if you have the time, I’d like to hear from you and about your experiences. If you act on this effort, I’m interested to learn about what you find.


This web site will contain the vast majority of information about the program. However, I continue to use Facebook and Twitter to post announcements, monthly categories, and other information.

At Facebook – Local Friends for Local Business

On Twitter – @FriendsLocal


If you have any comments or questions, please contact at LocalFriends@inmybackpack.com