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What it's all about

There are businesses -- within a mile… two miles… five miles… of your home -- that cannot be found any other place in the world.


Not another place exactly like it, no matter where you go.

Oh sure… you can get pizza… buy a cup of coffee… find trinkets like a palm tree with Christmas lights or a bear stuck in a tree… stumble upon a used book… shoes… muffins… and so on… just about any place you turn.

That Santa on a surfboard you found in Key West might be exactly the same as one in a shop around Cape Cod or in another near San Diego -- possibly even from the same supplier, differing only in the city name written on the surfboard. Heck, you probably even saw the same Santa ornament in three or four different Key West stores… never mind what is being sent to various points around the country.

As a reminder though: With this effort, I am not advocating in any way, shape or form that you avoid the franchises and chains and mega-warehouse-multi-location behemoths. They have their place.

Take dining out. There’s comfort in knowing a menu before you step into a restaurant. You might not be sampling the local cuisine at its most unique and finest by dining in a chain establishment… but knowing that a burger you’ll enjoy can be found… or using the gift card in your pocket to help pay the check… or any of a number of different possibilities may make it worth eating in a location that could be far from home but known so well.

Larger inventories, lower prices, and a number of other reasons add up to explain why shopping or dining at these places can make sense. Heck, it can be viewed as a responsible decision to frequent such business giants. Satisfy the family… quickly fulfill your needs… good for the checkbook.

This is not some attempt to wave a sword at a giant windmill of corporate greed and blah-blah-blah. They may not be perfect... they are not always evil.

Local places though are unique and special treasures, and they make your neighborhood unlike mine. They create a community that isn’t replicated at all in some other part of the country or at an international destination. And for what they do right, it is without question worth celebrating these places -- by experiencing what they have to offer, and perhaps even more importantly, by supporting them.

What Local Friends suggests is that on a single day each month, you deliberately give thought to your surroundings and hopefully purchase something from a small business owner.

That’s it.

That’s the foundation of Local Friends for Local Business.

We'll have a theme... a challenge idea... involved every month. Something to maybe point you in directions never previously considered or explored.

And from your efforts, you may find yourself rewarded with the introduction to great people, providing great service, and offering great products. (But unless you visit them, you can’t experience the wonders of these places.)

I believe every state… city… town… community… has outstanding surprises. You can likely name a couple close to you. And, there are certainly more you haven’t found.

Which brings us to the two main purposes of Local Friends for Local Business…

Number one – To introduce you to some places, or maybe a new way of surveying the landscape when you travel, that expands and enhances your experiences.

Number two – To step inside the door, spend a couple of dollars, and help keep these places operating.


If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at LocalFriends@inmybackpack.com