Catching up with... Suzi Quatro


Suzi Quatro is one of the most influential women in the history of music. This is true especially in rock… though it is equally true throughout many areas of the music and entertainment industries.

It has been her efforts in places dominated by men... often in places occupied only by men... that have shattered ceilings, knocked down doors, and paved the way for countless musicians that followed.

The “countless” benefitting from her hard work and accomplishments include both men and women. And, those efforts are still creating opportunities and changing the landscape today. (Yes, often Suzi’s influence and accomplishments are cited for what they have meant for women. But it’s more than that. Much more.)

Suzi brought to music... and I hope she’d approve of the description… what I’ve learned is pure Detroit – what you see is what you get. Authentic, served up with plenty of attitude.

Where there were women throughout the music industry in general, and within rock specifically… many accomplishing great things… Suzi was truly the first playing all of the positions: in the studio and on the stage, writing music and performing concerts, a strong musician and singer. She was never contained by any one category or definition.

Plus, Suzi was never trying to be a successful female. She was trying to be the very best rock and roll performer she could be. In short… she demanded respect as an artist, regardless of gender, and she was damn well talented enough to deserve it.

The success she has realized as a result is a testament to overcoming obstacles, and approaching the world with skill and tenacity.

These days she remains incredibly busy and in demand. She has been working in radio for many years, and continues to do so. A book of her poetry has been released and is receiving tremendous response from critics and readers. And, the music continues… not only with solo work, but also some projects that we had a chance to cover while developing this piece.

After working with me on an interview a few years ago, I was able to contact her recently to see about going over some of her efforts since we last exchanged news. I cannot overstate my appreciation to Suzi for helping out with this. A simply fantastic woman… and I am honored to have worked with her.

So now… let’s catch up with Suzi Quatro…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Since we spoke, you released In the Spotlight. This album was incredibly well-received, and featured two very ambitious and exciting efforts… “Singing with Angels” and “Strict Machine”. It seems like several aspects of this album were quite special, personal, and important to you. Can you share a bit about how the project developed and your thoughts on it?

This was the first actual studio album Mike Chapman and I worked together on since the 80s. We had always done the odd track, but not this. He put lots of stuff together… musicians… suggested covers… and it all worked very well. I have since used Nat Allison on 3 tours, including 1 in Japan and 1 in Australia. She is a very talented guitarist.

Between live concerts and shows, writings and books, television and radio, In the Spotlight, and more, the past five to ten years have held a pretty diverse selection of projects for you. And yet, the idea of you recording new music, getting on stage, and tackling a variety of acting opportunities is hardly new. You have always been a leader in grabbing the reins and trying new things. What attracts you to a project, or inspires you to investigate an opportunity? Because, quite frankly, on a professional level… going all the way back to the start of your career… you have been fearless, ambitious and groundbreaking.

I need to be intrigued by something. Needs to get my creative juices going. I am an ‘artiste’ to the Nth degree. I love to write songs, books, poetry. I love to perform. I love to do my radio shows. I love to act.

In fact, I ‘love’ entertaining people in whatever guise it takes.

What are some of the things you are working on now and what can we expect to see from you in the near future?

In 2014, Cherry Red released an 82 track, 4 CD, box set to celebrate my then 50 years in the business – The Girl from Detroit City. It is beautifully packaged and one of the nicest jobs I have ever seen.

I have already released my poetry book – Through My Eyes – just in Australia for my ‘final’ tour last year, but I am now in the process of releasing it worldwide. I am told it is my finest work!!!

Also… very exciting… Andy Scott (Sweet guitarist), Don Powell (Slade drummer) and myself have formed ‘Quatro, Scott and Powell’ and have recorded an album… half covers and half original. We hope to tour this act very soon. The results have been great with the three of us all coming from the same ballpark.

My radio show continues… Quatrophonic. Each week I choose a different theme.

And very exciting too… I am also working on a novel.

Phew… I’m tired just reading this.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I want to thank Suzi Quatro for participating in this effort. She is an amazing person, and over the years has been incredibly gracious and kind with her time. I appreciate everything she has worked on with me, and offered to these projects.

Suzi performs regularly and… as noted here… has a ton of great projects on the horizon. To learn more about her efforts, along with all of the most up to date details, check out her web site.

Suzi Quatro’s official web site

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Suzi was kind enough to join me a while back for an interview we conducted for the In My Backpack web site. Later, she approved for that interview to be published in my book, Time Just Drifts Away. If you would like to read that interview, or if you are interested in learning more about the book…

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