Catching up with... Christina Shaw


It has been a pleasure working with Christina on multiple projects for In My Backpack.

I had the opportunity to take pictures at several of her performances in Connecticut a few years ago. This material produced the shots included in Christinaís Photo Gallery on our site.

Then, in March of 2015, we completed Christinaís Interview project and got it posted here.

And now, she has been kind enough to answer a few questions for our March 2016 Anniversary ďCatching up withÖĒ segments.

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I know youíve been incredibly busy lately on stage and off. What are some of the things you have been doing recently? And, what parts have been the most fulfilling that many people may not be aware of but are very exciting for you?

Iíve recently added Taylor Swift to my list of artists that I impersonate. It really has been fun to impersonate her! I enjoy the fact that we both have long, skinny arms and similar body types, and itís fun to be awkward on stage like her! With Taylor I can wear anything of hers and feel confident that I am portraying the correct image and body type. Normally when I do Britney or Gaga I have to cover my body with long-sleeved costumes because Iím not shaped like them.

I also just got done performing on a cruise ship this past September-November. I performed as Lady Gaga and Christina in two different production shows. It has been a dream of mine to perform on a ship, so I am very blessed to have had the experience and would do it again.

As we noted during our interview, your tribute efforts feature some of the most incredible performers around. Do you find that demand varies depending on their specific activities and professional efforts such as a new release? Or, are they so well-known and woven into the fabric of entertainment that there is a balance in the requests regardless of who might be on TV or radio at the moment?

The demand for each of my artists comes and goes. Right now, Lady Gaga and Taylor are very popular. Faith Hill hasnít been in the spotlight in a few years, so unfortunately I havenít been getting calls for her. Christina Aguilera is on and off of The Voice, so that helps when sheís on the show. But she really hasnít had any new music out in years. Britney is always popular, but I donít resemble Britney as much as my other acts, so I prefer to be performing as Britney than doing meet and greet gigs as her.

What are some of the projects you are currently working on? (How can people find out more about them?)

Iíve been working a lot on booking acts as well as performing.

I had some great events this month at various locations booking dancers, models, impersonators, magicians and DJs. Most of the gigs I do in town are private events and corporate gigs, so itís really hard to invite my friends to come see me perform. But when I am performing somewhere public I always post it on my Facebook page.


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I want to express my appreciation to Christina for all of her assistance and support over the years. Iím honored that she includes some of our pictures on her web site, and even links back here to In My Backpack.

Thank you, Christina, you are amazing, and we appreciate your thoughts and kindness.

She mentioned her Facebook page as the primary way to find out information for her, and we can tell you that she is very active there and it works as the most likely source for getting current news, announcements, and anything that is some kind of immediate release. Having said that, she is incredibly active in social media, and maintains content on several sites. Please check some of them outÖ

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