Would Jesus…


Originally posted in December of 2005, when revisiting it recently I had a bit of a problem with the list offered at the end of this essay. Basically, some of the links were horrendous when it was written… some of the links no longer were active… and some of the links were truly dated. Essentially, the list needed some dusting. So…

I tried to keep a few in place and add to it with some current offerings. It’s the thought that counts. (Also, the lingerie thing. I actually think Jesus is fine with lingerie overall. Just don’t believe he would want sexy nightgowns and $200 sets with “perfect little touches” to be matched up with Santa.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This whole “what would Jesus do” thing that started a few years ago was, and I suppose appropriately I should say still is, usually beyond me.

I don’t make my decisions based on what Jesus would or wouldn’t do in a given set of circumstances. And, since I accept myself for my failings and shortcomings, I don’t pretend to be perfect.

Those were essentially the words I included in a recent “Are you chewing gum?” posting. That little entry led to a rant about how on Friday morning, December 9th, I visited the CNN web site, and saw a link to a piece on whether or not Jesus would go see The Chronicles of Narnia.

Yes. Really. Jesus… his movie choices… The Chronicles of Narnia.

And, in my own personal response, I said yes. I thought he would.

If it was a quiet afternoon, he didn’t have anything scheduled, and perhaps there was a convenient matinee playing nearby, I think Jesus would take in a film or two on occasion.

The Chronicles of Narnia? Yeah. There are religious readings of the story. Accurate religious readings at that. Still. I think he might be interested in checking it out. I don’t know if he’d be big on seeing The Passion of the Christ. But, Narnia could be on his list. Perhaps the latest appearance of King Kong or the most recent installment of Harry Potter might be options as well.

Frankly though, the thought of Jesus and his interest in specific movies didn’t seem like much of an essay topic at all. I wasn’t going to mention it. Was just going to let it pass. Let’s not go messing with religion and movies and Jesus when we have all have our own concerns, beliefs and interests about the subject.

That decision lasted all of about two hours.

I was dabbling about the MSNBC web site and saw a different “Would Jeses” article. This one focused on if Jesus would shop at Walmart.

Jesus? Walmart? This is a joke, right?

A union… religious leaders… united in a Jesus-themed religious attack against Wal-Mart? (It sure sounds like something in need of a punchline to really drive it home.)


I’m not commenting on Walmart with this one. I shop there on occasion. I admit that. I also deliberately stay away from them at times and seek out other retail options. They can defend their company quite well without me helping out or piling on.

My whole difficulty was based on the religious fervor viewpoint. The Jesus part.

Would Jesus shop at Walmart? Well… I don’t know. But if a church committee expects money in collection plates they had better take a look around and recognize why people go to Walmart in the first place.

I decided to take some time, look around the internet, and see if I could find a few articles which, in this new holy light of Jesus, would be worthy of his time and consideration.

I bring to you… a brief list of Jesus would, Jesus would not…

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