A wedding to remember


The latest news on the next hey-everyone-look-over-here royal wedding includes details about Prince Charles getting frustrated with the media. (Or, I would imagine more accurately and likely, with a wing of the media… the paparazzi.)

I’ve been watching the news of the upcoming nuptials with an arched eyebrow. From questions about if the title of Queen will be an option for Camilla to the officially lodged objections, I’ve been taking it in.

And while I have mentioned some things a time or two on this web site, I’m not English and I don’t live in England. I’m finding it hard to gauge the truth and the emotion from that perspective.

Ahh… but I have some quality resources into the subject.

Yup… I know people.

Here you will find some information from Nick and Keris. I e-mailed them recently and asked them what they thought, which included my mentioning what I had heard of as a process where the time was coming for objections being due. I didn’t know such a thing existed… a way of registering formal objections and a deadline for doing so. Both of them got back to me with some great material, and with the wedding now less than a week away, I thought I’d share some of their thoughts with you.

Nick is my brother-in-law. He is English, but for more than the past ten years has spent some time living in the United States and most of his time living in Australia. He is currently in Australia with my sister and their family.

Keris currently lives in England. (Update… Keris had not participated in so much around In My Backpack as she has since this was originally written. Learn more about her in the Extras section.)

Nick ~ Not sure I can reply on behalf of the average Englishman having not lived there for so long, however I’m sure it is getting a fair amount of airtime over there.

There was something in the papers over here about it saying that legally, the marriage certificate can’t be issued until all objections have been heard. I guess for most people it is covered off with the question in the ceremony whether anyone has any objections. However, your average wedding doesn’t get quite as much press coverage. I understand that the objections are not required to be revealed but they could relate to any of the following:

A) Religious grounds. Divorce is allowable in the Church of England however some elements still disagree with it.
B) Legal grounds. Apparently, there is some ambiguity in the law where Royals are concerned but the smart money says it is legal.
C) Good taste (this could apply to both of them).
D) Somebody just trying to be a pain.

Charles is over here on a whirlwind visit. While he was in Alice Springs, one of the bars threw a bucks party in his honour even giving away free beer. They showed some clips on the TV and even though Charles failed to show, the guys there seemed to be having a great time.

Keris ~ I have no idea!

I haven’t yet spoken to anyone who cares one way or the other. I think most people think the past situation, i.e. Charles and Camilla ‘carrying on’ while he was married to Diana and their behaviour in relation to that, to be pretty despicable, and I haven’t actually met anyone who claims to like Camilla, but I don’t see how them getting married affects anyone, so… who cares?

As for the objections: I hadn’t heard about this. I think it might just be the same kind of thing as in the wedding service when it says something along the lines of anyone having any ‘just cause or impediment why these two should not wed’ (don’t you have that in the US service?). I didn’t think anyone ever really objected and the people who have objected are probably nutters.

As for the legal objections, they are based on specific points of law, but it’s all very petty and I don’t think it will get anywhere. It is a bit embarrassing that they’d arranged to marry in Windsor Castle and then had to change their plans when they realised that would mean us plebs would be able to marry there too! I think they just assumed that, since they’re royalty, they could do whatever they wanted. Ah, well.

Great stuff from both of them… insightful and pretty cool. I hadn’t given much thought to the old “speak now or forever hold their peace” and such idea surrounding the pretty standard objection portion of the wedding service, and yet both Nick and Keris pointed at it. Duh… kind of upset with myself for missing that. Both also indicated that the people filing the objections are probably more or less doing it just because they can… to be a pain… rather than to actually object for any real reason.

I thought Nick’s idea of someone objecting out of good taste was a great line… and you have to understand Nick and his fabulously dry British sense of humor to get the full flavor of that remark. Brilliant. I also really liked Keris pointing out that for a lot of people… and this is effectively for people around the world… the couple isn’t going to earn many nods of approval given the full history.

In any event, thanks to both of them for their help.

I think Keris sums it up the best… Nutters.

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