No… not Tootsie Rolls!


The following essay was produced as part of my 2013 effort for the November National Novel Writing Month effort. As such, please understand that while I did give it a quick review, it has not gone through the same proofreading and editing I normally try to give all of the material posted on this site.

I always make some mistakes. There are errors to be found throughout this web site, and many exist despite dozens of attempts to correct problems. That said, ask that you approach this material in the spirit intended – a basic thought, slightly worked out and very informally researched, delivered in the hopes of writing more than 50,000 words by the end of November.

Thank you.

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I was reading an article the other day about Oreos. Seems as though someone did some research and is claiming that the cravings for Oreos are similar to those experienced by being addicted to cocaine.

(I’ll wait here while you wander off to do a search on that… go ahead… come back when you’re done.)

Recently, we had some candy in the house. Halloween and all of the other events of the season (such as supplies for handing out to children at craft fairs). One day, I noticed a bag of Tootsie Rolls on the counter.

And I was scared.

For some reason, Tootsie Rolls are dangerous items for me.

I don’t crave them in the true sense of the word or situation. Not like some people are looking for a bag of chips or an ice cold beer… not like those days when you just know exactly what you want for dinner and only Italian food will do (or, insert your own craving here). Not even like when you know you need candy, and the result had better involve peanut butter and chocolate in the answer.

No… I’m, not addicted to Tootsie Rolls, nor do I blindly just say things such as: “Hey, I think I’m going out to get some Tootsie Rolls. Want anything?”

I may go weeks… months… and usually, years, without having a single Tootsie Roll.

The problem is when I do have one.

Suddenly all bets are off.

I’ll wander into the kitchen and the open bag is just sitting there. So I grab a piece, and walk into the back yard. After unwrapping it and enjoying it, I enter the house and find myself thinking about the bag. And I grab a couple more as I head into the living room. Not long after, I find myself thinking the chocolate flavored treat. I do believe there were more in that bag… and off to the kitchen.

And it continues. Because sure, eventually the bag is empty and gone. But once you have one… they get into your mind… and you start thinking about getting more.

In the market…

In the convenience store…

In the pharmacy…

And you get the idea. These places where normally I would never be thinking about Tootsie Rolls… there I am, thinking about Tootsie Rolls.

Sometimes I wander in thinking specifically “Tootsie Rolls”… while others I walk in and start heading toward the milk, only to spot the candy aisle and immediately have “Tootsie Roll” trigger.

It really makes no sense.

And once the feeling is gone… it’s gone.

Tootsie Rolls have been around for well over one hundred years. Some of the material I found on it suggest that this was the first individually wrapped penny candy. Further research suggests that dozens of millions of pieces are made each day (as in, well over fifty million Tootsie Rolls of some version).


Other than writing this little essay, it’s been five days since I last picked up a wrapped, bite size Tootsie Roll. The taste is pretty much gone, and it will likely be quite some time before I have another.

And yet… it’s always there. Lingering in the background.

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