There are two kinds


There are two kinds of people in the world…

You can actually finish that sentence with unlimited possibilities. I’ve had several in mind, some from experience, some I just thought might be funny, and a handful that include some universal truths. But the more you think about the idea, the more it expands and proves itself virtually limitless. Watch…

There are two kinds of people in the world, those that love dogs and those that love cats.

…those that drink coffee and those that drink tea.

…those that put the cap back on the toothpaste and those that don’t care.

…those that put mustard on their hot dogs and those that are wrong.

Everything from the contents of your refrigerator to the direction you set the roll when replacing toilet paper comes with a decision of some type and usually a personal preference. And the reality is, absolutely none of it matters.

Sure, I may question virtually everything about you and likely won’t be clearing my schedule that often for us to get together if you don’t love dogs. But that won’t raise either of our property taxes.

Your approach to toothpaste in your home does not make the grass grow more quickly in my yard. How you feel about coffee won’t improve my car’s miles-per-gallon.

And that’s where the weird things begin. See, toss aside the humor and keep the fundamentals in place… somehow there are things in the world that others do that never change my savings account, have no bearing on the yard work I’ll be dealing with, and in no way reflect upon me or change anything at all within the walls of my house. I’ve still got yellow and spicy brown as options from my fridge regardless of what you have in yours to put on your hot dog. Still…

People are getting angry and mad and bent out of shape. They emotionally turn the dog and cat debate into an us against them referendum on everything, taking issues to levels they consider sacred and significant.

Us against them.

Might just be the ugliest three words you can put together.

Sure, it’s fun when you have something like a sporting event. Your favorite team is playing for a championship, with your friend’s favorite team taking the field as the opponent. But realistically, even when you prefer Marvel movies and your significant other dives deep in loving the DC offerings, as a couple you can still go to see the films created by both. (And maybe even smile and enjoy them when you do. Stunning, I know.)

There are people out there that want to tell me I need to be more aware of what’s happening and less naïve. To that, I would say such folks need to shut up and get out of the way. Regardless of the significance, the reality remains… there are an awful lot of people that want to tell others what to do even though they have absolutely no reason to.

I’ll be honest, I may judge you up, down and sideways for not liking puppies. But if what you’re doing doesn’t change my life in any way… heck, chances are good I may not even know you’re doing it… that judgement should be polite, respectful, and just about always kept to myself.

That doesn’t mean we can’t share our opinions. Doesn’t mean we can’t attempt to exchange information and try to improve. That’s great stuff.

Instead, this us against them thing is dragging us in reverse and fueling hatred rather than moving us forward and improving our communities. There are more than two kinds of anything. Far more. And it’s pretty fantastic having those differences, those options, those unique features.

So, the next time something upsets you, do everyone a favor. Shut up. Take a deep breath. Think. If it’s not changing anything you need, experience or do, let it go. There are better things to spend your time on.

(Unless you’ve got a couple of hot dogs and you’re reaching for the ketchup. That’s just madness.)


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