Temporarily out of touch (and it’s not that bad)


My phone is out for repair. Should be back in about a week.

Apparently, the issue is a fairly common problem. Covered by warranty. So, for now it doesn’t appear to be costing me anything except the seven to ten days I don’t have my phone.

The strange thing is, I’m finding I don’t care.

Oh sure, that opinion might change a bit once I get my phone back and check my voice mails. But honestly, our calendar is clean… don’t have any appointments coming up and not expecting any major calls… and anyone that truly needs me has Terry’s phone numbers, our e-mail addresses, and other ways of connecting with us. End result… no real worries.

About the only thing that matters is a person I have never met but occasionally interact with on a gaming app. Honestly, not too concerned by that either. Quick message when my phone is back in my hands and we’ll be caught up.

Over the years, I’ve always believed I don’t rely on my phone all that much. I do use it for the convenience of things. Pictures… quick online searches… movie times… something to do when sitting in a waiting room waiting for the dentist… pretty generic stuff. But even the other day, when I needed to take some pictures, I grabbed my regular digital camera.

It’s even developed into a fairly standard joke between Terry and I. Basically, built on the idea that no one ever calls me. It’s funny (and perhaps a bit sad) because it’s true. Heck, even the kids respond to her texts within minutes and mine in about… well, I can’t give you an exact amount of time because they never respond to my texts.

As long as Terry can reach me when needed, all is good. And since she has a business phone she uses all the time and rarely needs her personal cell, we happen to have a phone I can use for now. If there was a problem, the problem would be solved.

Still, even with a phone to use, for the past couple of days I have been avoiding a few things. I haven’t been calling or texting friends and family. I told them I have Terry’s phone… they probably wouldn’t be stunned to see messages from me arriving from that number… but I don’t want to reach out from one phone, end up putting it down in a day or two, and then miss any response when I switch back.

Terry’s phone also doesn’t have many of the same apps that I use, and even the ones we have in common she has set in different places. I thought I didn’t rely on my phone that much, and would still contend that I don’t… but there I am, four or five times a day feeling lost when I try to use a free moment to check the weather or catch up on NFL news.

It’s been quiet around me as a result. No one calling me, and I’m not calling them. I’m only grabbing for Terry’s phone when I head to the car or need to have it nearby. And the really strange thing is… I’m not so sure of what will happen when I get my phone back.

See right now, it’s been pretty sweet having the peace and quiet… along with the excuse (or at least justification) that my phone is missing. But once it comes back, I’ll probably spend a day or two reconnecting with everyone by a text here, call there, and perhaps a game or two thrown in for good measure. Before long, regular patterns will resume, no one will be reaching out to me but they could, and my phone will be more or less a fixture in my pocket.

A few years ago, Terry and I made the decision to live without a landline. Like many of you have possibly experienced, the home phone just wasn’t doing much for us except produce a bill.

Cell phones were simply more convenient. For everything. Just the idea of portable voice mail produced a major leap beyond the counter-locked answering machine. Start adding in that my home phone didn’t offer an alarm clock, couldn’t be an emergency provider of directions while driving, and… and, yeah… was placing a strain on my checkbook that was becoming increasingly obvious I didn’t need.

So sure, I do need my cell phone.

But for these few days without it, I’m enjoying. (Although tomorrow I should probably call my mother.)


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