A support for multiple universes


Many of you may be aware—marginally aware, not understanding any of the deeper science aware—of the idea that there are theories being proposed that involve multiple universes.

Some of you may be aware—marginally aware, I don’t know if there even is any deeper science aware—of the ideas that involve not just multiple universes, but multiple each of us living a different life in each different universe.

This past holiday season, I believe I may have lived inside of a whirlwind of proof that multiple universes do exist.

The central element of my proposed though untested theory is based on the multiple levels of holidays and holiday item sales. For instance…

One part of this could be understood by the example of Halloween and Valentine’s Day candy. If you are an incurable craver of peanut butter cups and don’t mind a peanut butter cup shaped like a pumpkin or a heart any day of the year, then November 1st and February 15th are quite literally two of the greatest dates for you on the calendar. For on those days, at stores across our great country (and likely around the world), there is a potentially unlimited supply of peanut butter cups available at a discount of 50% or more.

Much of this phenomenon is created because we’ve become quite an interesting society, often more inclined to dispose and give away rather than package and save. Stores would rather sell something at 80% off, get something for it and get it off their hands than take those boxes of plastic Easter eggs or Christmas ornaments and stack them somehow in a warehouse to sell at full price in ten or eleven months.

Anyway… level one… the day after sales… November 1st… December 26th… February 15th… you get the idea, yes? Good.

Level number two involves places like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore and so on. Craft stores. More specifically, the ability to decorate yourself stores.

Places in this level do indeed have some sales the day after a holiday, but more accurately they are always operating about one holiday ahead. Thanksgiving decorations are being broken down and Christmas put up around Halloween… Christmas decorations are being broken down and Valentine’s Day put up around Thanksgiving… Valentine’s Day decorations are being broken down and spring/Easter put up around Christmas… and can see the basic routine involved, even if the specifics are slightly adjusted from this.

And when it comes to the theory, think of it this way: You decorate your house for the holiday run in advance of it. By the time the calendar reflects something between December 10th and 15th, you’ve already finished decorating for Christmas. You aren’t looking for any more do-it-yourself craft projects. The wreaths are placed. The plastic Santa faces are lit.

So… level two… the day hasn’t arrived yet, but you’re done buying for it.

That’s pretty much enough for now. You can already see two vastly opposed ideas for the sale of holiday items. One is based on the day having passed, with inventory remaining. One is based on the day no longer generating sales, with retail inventory not being replaced.

There are more levels. There are those people heading out on December 24th to do their holiday shopping for gift giving. There are the massive circle the calendar days, such as for Friday after Thanksgiving sales. We could create a dozen or more solid arguments for a variety of levels. But the main two work for now.

Most of you know about ComplemenTerry Designs. That’s the craft stuff Terry and I do. (She’s the lead designer… I’m the spare hands assigned to portions of work that are less skilled and harder to mess up.)

When you do craft events over and over, year after year, you learn a certain rhythm about things. And that rhythm includes things like…

1 - Stopping in Michaels, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore and so on, repeatedly, to replenish bits of supplies as needed during the run of holiday events.

2 - Stopping in all sorts of places on December 26th and a few days after, to try and completely restock your shelves and inventory in a full preparation for the work you will be doing next year.

In other words… you are constantly moving between two separate levels of the holidays.

Now… this is where it gets fun.

This year I happened to notice the crossover between the universes. One time, I needed ribbon. A basic ribbon, either entirely red or at least with red as the major color. And store after store was sold out with no plans on bringing in more. This took place over the days following Thanksgiving.

It was still November, and there were problems finding Christmas ribbon.

Oh… I could find red. But… I didn’t need red with hearts. I didn’t need red with cute bows and arrows. I needed red Christmas. And the stores were cleaning up aisles as Christmas stock sold, shrinking the area that holiday occupied, and setting up the Valentine’s Day items to fill the void.

(Do you see it? One shrinking universe… one expanding universe… and all while headed toward the day after the holiday universe exploding and taking over everything.)

Yeah… the theory needs some work. I get that. But as we walk in a world where seeing inflatable decorations for every item noted in bold font on a calendar, where artificial Christmas trees go on sale before Labor Day, I truly believe there is a chance that our confusion and sighs of frustration are the reactions to various planes of reality. Dividing attention, blurring boundaries, shifting focus, and, apparently, next to impossible to reside in more than one at a time.

(Now if only I had more time to invest in working out the math and developing the theory. Instead, I need to go find some ribbon.)


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