Have you already heard the punch line? (Let’s hope not.)


“The thing is, I honestly believe that there needs to be a certain amount of instinct and opinion brought into a conversation. Observational skills in action rather than just the black and white of numbers and research. I also believe that this little web site of mine is a constantly developing, at times learning and at others growing, place for expression. That sounds wonderfully poetic when it certainly shouldn’t be that classy. It just means that while I accept responsibility for my comments, I also know that I’m going to make some mistakes or just plain change my mind. What I want more than anything though is to start a conversation… play devil’s advocate… get some different thoughts and perspective involved when viewing the events taking place in the world.”

~ This one is from me… February 23, 2009

“But economists and advisers familiar with his strategy say Obama will argue next month that the financial crisis was worse than anyone thought at the time and say more stimulus is needed to make any real dent in the unemployment rate.”

~ Article at MSNBC web site credited to Reuters and August 25, 2011 (no longer active)

Ok… so we started off by sending you to an article of mine from 2009. Talked about observations. And then there’s a quote from 2011… a few days ahead of President Obama’s planned release of a job package to help America. Are you ready for a general observation offered without a ton of research? Because this essay of mine is an observation that stems from my quick reaction of “wait a second, I think I heard this before”... and it just so happens I did hear it before:

“Biden said: ‘The truth is, we and everybody else misread the economy... We misread just how bad the economy was.’”

~ Article from Reuters on July 5, 2009, which I noted in an article of my own about healthcare on August 20, 2009

And… I’ll just toss this in there… an article from me that was posted on this site on February 22, 2009. (I was going to quote a passage from it… but instead go and read the whole thing. Wait until you see some of the issues back in 2009… wait until you see how politicians explained the spending on money that would take place in 2010… yes, in 2010.)

The song was written for a completely different reason, but look at these six lines from a song called “Haven’t We Been Here Before” that was recorded by Styx and written by Tommy Shaw:

“You might think that it’s hopeless
Beyond our control
But that’s not necessarily so.
Can’t you see there’s a chance
For the daring young soul
Who’s finally learned to say no…”

See… here’s the thing. Eventually, things are going to get better. And, someone is going to take credit for that. But should they? Well… one last item… consider this one:

“The Federal Reserve has done all it can for now to get the U.S. economy back on track. Now it's time to simply wait for it to heal. That was the message delivered by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in a widely anticipated speech Friday to an annual gathering of bankers at Jackson Hole, Wyo.”

~ August 26, 2011 at MSNBC

What am I missing? What?

Two years ago (as I linked to a moment ago and will again here), I compared the economy to a cold. Do anything you want for a cold… if untreated, all evidence points to it lasting roughly a week … and, however treated, with rest or drugs or plenty of orange juice in any and all combinations, all evidence points to it lasting roughly a week.

I don’t have a destination in mind for this little essay. Instead, I’ll let the short comments I’ve made serve as connections between the other dots and stories and articles and opinions I’ve shared here.

I’m not saying that things will get better because they can’t get worse. Instead, I think we are at a point where people are fed up… are annoyed at seeing the same requests and self-serving leadership… and are definitely noticing that the new so far isn’t that much different than the old, and that for change to be made it has to be more than a campaign slogan.

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