It’s raining again


Well… not necessarily again. Actually, the weather around here lately has been pretty good. But it’s turning.

This weekend the temperature is struggling to get past 60. (Which is kind of hysterical, since it was well clear of 90 with all sorts of weather advisories and heat warnings just three days before the high of the day registered as 62.)

But tomorrow… rain.

And not a maybe it will rain, maybe it won’t rain kind of day.

A steady, no chance it won’t fall, don’t worry about the garden today because tomorrow the flood warnings will be popping up later in the day rain. As an added bonus, it will also be a cold rain. A not making it to 60-degrees rain. You know… fun.

Chances are good I should have mowed the lawn today. I never really intended to. But remember that comment earlier? The one about good weather lately? Yeah… it’s been really good for the most part.

Not too much rain, but a day here and there. Sunny and in the 80s on most other days. Barely a hint of classic August where any real heat or humidity showed up. Perfect grass growing weather. Which, in turn, has meant that instead of wondering about mowing the lawn perhaps every week (while easily justifying a stretch to ten days because it has all but stopped growing), for weeks the lawn has been looking a bit shaggy after four or five days.

But I had other things on my mind, a few chores to sort out, and never really wanted to fire up the lawn mower since I would never be able to get the whole thing done before the rain arrived today, and… ok… hold on…

Mowing the lawn is kind of a pain around here. Drainage ditch out front. Fences to navigate. It isn’t a hop-on-the-ride-on while wrapping it up in under an hour kind of project. It’s a use the ride on for most of it, neaten things up with a couple of hours of a push mower, and then finish things off with plenty of need for the trimmer kind of project. Usually I stretch it over two days rather then staying outside for sunrise to sunset. And… I already told you… rain tomorrow.

Sounds like rain the day after. Then a few days of cloudy. Might be five or six days before the sun comes out and we enjoy our next day with no chance of rain. Lawn will definitely need to be mowed by then.

Fortunately for me, I’ve been navigating my schedule pretty well overall. The rain playing with the lawn mowing is about all I have to complain about as a cause and effect scenario of headache results, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t much of a headache at all.

But there have been days in the past where the weather has changed things around for me. And there will be days in the future. (Plus, with hurricanes in the Atlantic right now, my situations shouldn’t even be considered headache-worthy in comparison. I’m good.)

My old reliable joke about snowfall is simple enough: It’s beautiful, when viewed from inside with a cup of hot cocoa in your hand. The reality is a bit more detailed, but just as sincere…

First – heat – I really don’t care much about how hot it gets, unless I need to take a shower as soon as I step out of the shower.

Second – cold – I really don’t care much about how cold it gets, unless I need to wake up earlier on a work day to clear the driveway of snow so I can head in to the office without being late.

You see the basic pattern here. It’s about convenience (and maybe a little bit of that to-do list scheduling). If I can sit in the air-conditioning or relax with a glass of lemonade, a warm day isn’t all that much of a pain. If the fireplace is providing some atmosphere and a comforter is handy, a snowy day is hardly a bother.

Tomorrow I have some errands to run. In the rain. But as the saying goes… the sun will rise and the sun will set… and, every so often, the rain will fall.


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